Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frampton Live in Detroit DVD Review


The video quality of this DVD is sharp, while the specific camera shots utilized ensure that viewers will be able to see every side of the fantastic Frampton live show. While recorded in 1999, the utilization of HD cameras ensure that this release shines on every home entertainment system. The entire effort resounds with booming volume and incredibly intricate arrangements; Frampton’s long-time backers John Regan and Bob Mayo make this into a once in a lifetime concert.

The tracklist of this concert is a perfect blend of time-tested classics (Show Me The Way, Baby I Love Your Way) and deeper pulls from the Frampton library (I Don’t Need No Doctor, If You Say Goodbye). For those long-term fans, I feel that each of the classic cuts that viewers encounter keep the spirit of the studio recordings alive while adding twists and turns that imbue the song with considerable vitality.

The Live in Detroit release contains a number of additional features; an interview with Frampton is a rare look into the performer in a more private setting, while a practice session of Boot It Up showcases the sheer talent of all involved. Check out the Eagle Rock website for more information regarding their 2013 slate of films; the sheer amount of styles and efforts that they will be releasing on Blu-Ray and DVD formats is astonishing. Frampton Live in Detroit can be purchased at any well-stocked music or vocal stores.

Rating: 7.7/10

Frampton Live in Detroit DVD Review / 2013 Eagle Rock / 135 Minutes / www.eaglerockent.com

Frampton Live in Detroit DVD Review

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