Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Javier Dunn Releases “Couple of Drinks”

Javier Dunn is thrilled to announce the release of “Couple of Drinks,” available  on Spotify and iTunes today. “Couple of Drinks” is the first single off Javier’s upcoming album “Trails.” Out on Red Parade Music on June 25th.

Javier Dunn started his music career playing open mics and small clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his late teens he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and attend college. His early years as a musician in Los Angeles saw him playing as solo artist, and playing bass and guitar in several jazz / funk / rap and rock groups. Shortly after college Javier met then unknown singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. The two became fast friends and Javier spent the next 8 years as Sara’s touring guitarist and co-wrote her song “Love on the Rocks” off of Sara’s platinum selling album “Little Voice.” In between tours and while on the road Javier has written, recorded, produced and distributed four EPs, two singles, and one full album.

Javier has always been influenced by an eclectic array of artists and sounds. He has also always had an affinity for computers and technology, but it wasn’t up until the last few years that the technology caught up to the compositions and sounds that Javier was hearing in his head. Up until last year Javier had almost solely focused on creating organic acoustic sounding songs, but in 2012 let go of the idea of having just “one sound.” He took in all the music he was listening to at the time that ran the gamut from Bob Dylan and Mumford and Sons to Kanye West and Frank Ocean, and started to develop beat-driven synth tracks, but with guitars, instruments, and vocals that maintained the vulnerability and honesty of his singer songwriter voice.

Couple of Drinks is the story that could take place in any bar, at any party on any given night of the week, when liquid courage takes over and distorts the truth of a romantic interaction. It’s relatable, universal and timeless.

“Trails” is the result of a year of immense personal change, both happy and sad. According to Javier “Trails are any set of markers or memories that lead you somewhere, or back from the place you came. Signals to follow. It could be sights, but it could be sounds, and these songs are a look back, and my trail forward.”

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