Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Belle Isles CD Review

Keep You has a retro flair that looks back at sixties pop and rock, while having a pointed and angular flair that is similar to Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. The melodies do well in worming their way into listener head, a trend that is continued with It’s Too Late. It’s Too Late has a funkiness that is built off the work of EDM and ska music, with sizzling horns acting in a way very supportive of the vocals. With another hit on their hands, Wild Belle are free to examine different styles and approaches.

Twisted has a more intricate set of arrangements; the time signature and tempo of the act provides further tools for Wild Belle to use. With the focuses taking up a more instrumental flair, what Twisted shows is that nothing is definite for Wild Belle. Happy Home is a late-disc track that has a brooding feel that belies the more sunny disposition created by the instrumental backdrop. Take Me Away is the final track on Isles, and it provides listeners with a microcosm of the styles and influences that were referenced through the album.

With another high point, Isles ends up being one of the most solid albums that we have reviewed so far in 2013. The slight fuzz that is present at all points during Isles is a wonderful hallmark and more firmly places Wild Belle into a sixties or seventies feel. Make sure to check out their website for more information about the band, their tour dates, and any new tracks that they may be releasing in the months to come.

Top Tracks: It’s Too Late, Love Like This

Rating: 8.7/10

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Wild Belle Isles CD Review

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