Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easy Money DVD Review


Easy Money is a film that provides viewers with a metric to compare American and Western crime with European crime. This title is based on Snabba Cash, a best-seller penned by Jens Lapidus. A business student at the beginning of eir career becomes smitten with a wealthy individual, falling into the seedy side of Stockholm. To ensure that ey is able to pay for the sheer excesses that this life prevails, JW (Joel Kinnaman) has to become a criminal. With the belief that ey can be made if ey can complete a massive shipment of cocaine, JW’s lifetakes a considerably darker turn. Hounded at every side by mafia, other criminals, and even a reluctant hitman, JW learns quickly whom to trust and that ey may have bitten more off than ey can chew.

Easy Money is an ironic title then; one gets a sense by the second half of the film that JW may have had much less of a problem in life if ey simply lived within eir means. Fans of Trainspotting or even of the dramatic element of shows like the Trailer Park Boys (in particular, their philosophy of conducting one big heist and leaving the criminal world behind. Make sure to watch the original Easy Money before Hollywood creates their own iteration of the film. Easy Money can be purchased at any well-stocked online retailer or at stores that specialize in providing their customer base with foreign film efforts. The video quality of Easy Money is absolutely stellar, showing precisely the break between the upper and lower classes in Scandinavia. Watch Easy Money at your earliest leisure.

Rating: 8.0/10

Easy Money DVD Review / 2013 Starz / Anchor Bay / 125 Minutes /

Easy Money DVD Review

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