Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Air Ambulance?

If someone asked you what areas a health insurance covers, then you would know that generally it includes maternity and some common illnesses that also include emergency services. But do you know if your health insurance includes Air ambulance services as well or not?

Considering the heavy expenses that are incurred on air ambulance services, it makes sense to check with your insurance provider to cover air ambulance in your insurance deal. After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the health of a family member to save some bucks.

Emergencies come un-knocked, so staying prepared for the worst but hoping for the best is the strategy you should follow. Here are the reasons why air ambulance services have become so popular and are constantly in demand with the insurance providers nowadays:

1.         Air Ambulance Provides Emergency Care in “Golden Hour”

Air ambulance is one of the most important aspects of emergency services. It makes use of aircrafts to get patients to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In extreme emergency cases, a land ambulance may fail to deliver a patient to the doctor’s care, in the crucial ‘golden hour’. The ‘golden hour’ is the term used, in medical circles, for the small window of time, when adequate medical services can be given to a patient to revive his life.

In such situations, an air ambulance can reach the patient, quickly. Such ambulances house paramedics, and other medical supplies, so that the patient maybe treated to some degree, before he reaches the proper medical center. In severe cases, such preliminary medical attention can bridge the fast shortening gap between a patient’s life and death.

2.         They Increase Survival Rate of Patients

The reason for the popularity of air ambulances is that since they help get the patient medical attention quickly, they increase the chances of survival.

3.         The Cost of Air Ambulance is a Lot More Expensive in Comparison to Land Ambulance

The conventional ground ambulance is very affordable, and most insurance companies cover its cost. On the other hand, the maintenance of an air ambulance requires heavy expenses. As a result, they are very costly, with bills running to the tune of several thousands of dollars.  Yet, considering the immense support that they can provide to a critically unwell patient, they can be the only option of survival for a patient.

Make sure that your health insurance covers air ambulance so that you not only get medical attention urgently but also so that you don’t have to pay too much out of your pocket for this medical attention. In case, the coverage appears insufficient to you, you may have to negotiate with your agent, and get a raise in coverage.

Read the fine print before you opt for a plan that comes closest to your expectations of air ambulance coverage. One common aspect that people tend to ignore, when they are getting health insurances done, relates to the clauses on ambulance services. Considering the increase in the number of cardiac arrests, roadside accidents, and other emergency health problems, the need for an ambulance can arise at any time.

If you are not well prepared, the charges for such ambulances can leave a deep dent in your pocket. For this reason, air ambulance coverage by your health insurance policy is absolutely essential. But not just ground ambulance, in the current scenario, air ambulance is also becoming a necessity.

People tend to go with market trends, and advice of friends, when they make their crucial health insurance choice. If you want air ambulance coverage, however, you need to make a more informed choice.

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Air Ambulance?

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