Friday, October 31, 2014

Summit Unchained #17 Harvest Fresh IPA

Summit Brewing has continually looked to innovate with the variety of beers that they release on a regular and rotating basis. One of our favorites that Summit releases is their Unchained beers, which provides the brew masters with ample room to try out a variety of different beer styles that are on the cutting edge of what is possible with beer. That’s IPA is freshly hopped meaning that there is a different array of flavors that is possible than if it was hopped in the traditional style.


Harvest Fresh IPA is something that has a little bit of additional oomph to it at 7.0% ABV – the beer goes down with a little kick providing an imbiber with an entire array of different bits and pieces, flavors and turns to this effort. The hop body is aggressive but tender at all of the right points. There is a slight bit of malt that can be tasted in the middle of each sip while the hop bite is moderated by a slight amount of sweetness. This effort has something for everyone and attempts to reinvent the wheel with each bottle. Make sure to visit the Summit Brewing website for more information about the entirety of their year – round offerings, the limited edition beers they release, and additional information about the Harvest Fresh IPA. This is a limited edition beer so make sure to pick up a 6 pack before it goes off of shelves. Check out the same shelves in a few months for another Unchained offering.

Rating: 8.7/10

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