Saturday, July 30, 2016

BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

We had an opportunity to stop at BurgerFi, one of the main tenants that have sprung up by the Giant Eagle Market District in the Cuyahoga Falls neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. We were treated to quick service, large portions, and a hands-on owner that made our experience a delightful one. 

BurgerFi is a fast-casual restaurant that attempts to inject a bit of the high-brow into an everyday meal. From the ability to receive whichever variant of soda they would like with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine or the sheer amount of toppings that one can include on their fries, visitors to BurgerFi will be able to receive the meal the way they desire.13892094_10104501297865024_2741547033108317049_n

We tried two of BurgerFi’s signature burgers – the Conflicted Burger ($7.47) and The CEO ($9.97). We were surprisingly pleased with the Conflicted Burger, which linked together angus beef with a veggie burger; the crunch of veggie patty provided a more substantive mouth feel when included alongside the beef burger. The BurgerFi sauce and white cheddar included on the burger tied these disparate elements together.13680742_10104501297341074_6979001401853512380_n

The CEO is a behemoth of a burger. The base of The CEO are two wagyu + brisket blended patties; an aged swiss adds an additional sharpness to the effort. A candied bacon-tomato jam is paired with a truffle aioli to add a smoky, nutty side to the burger. We shared a Cry + Fry ($5.47), a split order of BurgerFi’s onion rings and hand-cut fries. The onion rings are fried to perfection and are taken from the thicker outside of an onion, while the hand-cut fries shine when a topping – we got the Parmesan + herb, but the restaurant offers cajun and salt + vinegar toppings along with cheese, chili, or aioli options.13901308_10104501297450854_4074002050971124476_n

The restaurant allows individuals to create single ($4.47), double ($5.97), or triple ($7.47) hamburgers based on their desires. A wide array of condiments (relish, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, BurgerFi sauce) are available along with premium ingredients including grilled mushrooms, truffle aioli, bacon-tomato jam, and fried eggs.

BurgerFi also offers wagyu ($5.47), chicken ($4.97), and natural beef hot dogs ($3.97). We got our American-Style Kobe Beef Dog (the wagyu) done up in the Chicago style ($1/dog extra), which included diced onion, tomato, mustard, neon relish, sport peppers, pickle, and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. The crispness and light char of the hot dog was the perfect counterpoint for the traditional, doughy bun.13906853_10104501297535684_8454062140973883917_n Their Red Velvet Concrete ($5.57) is a multi-layered ice cream treat. Vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake, and even icing are all present at points before one finishes the dessert.

As fans of craft beer, we were quite impressed at the selection of beers that BurgerFi offered. During our visit, the restaurant promoted offerings from Stow/Kent’s MadCap brewery as well as Ohio City’s Platform Beer Co. To. The ability of BurgerFi to change out these taps means that there will always be a brew for the weather; during the 90-plus degree day we attended the restaurant, BurgerFi offered crisp and refreshing India Pale Ales along with a nice variety of chilled wine. 13886504_10104501297944864_4602008870803739588_n

BurgerFi is a warm and inviting restaurant that uses quality ingredients while keeping things affordable. A focus on recycling and upcycling (some furniture is made from recycled cans and palettes) makes the experience particularly fufilling.


BurgerFi / 2002 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 / 11AM-10PM / / /

BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Rod Melancon “Lights of Carencro”

Rod Melancon starts off Lights of Carencro with a spoken-word styling similar to the Drive-By Truckers classic, Three Great Alabama Icons as well as late-career Johnny Cash tracks. Where Melancon innovates comes in an intricate, deep instrumentation that brings a wave of distortion at all of the right points. Lights of Carencro’s guitar work is fantastic and nearly takes over the track before the narrative begins again. The narrative that is established here is more detailed that bands can craft over the course of an EP; Lights of Carencro possesses a tremendous amount of replay value. Ending before the four minute mark, this is one of the most unique efforts we have heard.

Rod Melancon “Lights of Carencro” / / /

Rod Melancon “Lights of Carencro”

Friday, July 29, 2016

ACT 1: Bourbon Coffee Porter

Good Nature Brewing (Hamilton, NY) has a new line of beers named Funk n’ Barrels. Their first effort in this line, ACT 1, a bourbon coffee porter, is one of the most delectable brews we can covered so far in 2016. 

ACT 1 Has a thicker mouth feel than many porters, allowing the slight bitterness contributed by the coffee along with the sharpness of the bourbon barrel aging (Good Nature chose 4 Roses barrels) a proper palette upon which to shine.  Hints of maple, vanilla, and amaretto are all immediately present. To counter some of the sweeter elements that are presented here, there is a considerable bitter side that shines through.

The Bourbon Coffee Porter is an eminently drinkable beer, and is a porter that goes down incredibly easy . The alcohol content of the beer is perfect to provide something strong that never once dwarfs the more delicate flavors that are presented. Each sip of ACT 1 is different than the others, yielding something that will have imbibers are eagerly drinking the effort as they were when they initially opened the bottle. The flavors are able to remain coherent and strong, even as Act 1 continues to reach room temperature. Well-balanced and without a weakness, Act 1 is one of those efforts that should be sought out; a depth of flavors, an easy drinkability, and something for anyone no matter whether they like porters, stouts, barleywines, or IPAs, makes this without fault.

For additional information concerning the full array of Good Nature beers, visit their domain. The brewery’s social media efforts are a great place to find the latest in new products and events that are being held. Good Nature’s Act 2 will be released to the public sometime in the later summer/early fall.

ACT 1: Bourbon Coffee Porter / Good Nature Brewing / 7.9% ABV / 80 IBU / / /

ACT 1: Bourbon Coffee Porter

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Killing Tyranny - Martyr

Who I Am is the introductory track on Southern California’s Killing Tyranny’s latest, Martyr. The single ties together furiuous guitar work, supersonic vocals, and complex drums and bass that will have  listeners on the edges of their seats.

God Bless The Child begins with a slower tempo, allowing Killing Tyranny ample opportunity to set the stage for a magnificent narrative. The act is able to create a number of twists and turns with this effort, which builds off of the framework of acts like Queensryche, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. The tender guitar line that plays through this effort works perfectly with the splashy drums and assertive storytelling of the vocals; the nearly six minute run time of this song goes by incredibly quickly.

You Can’t Save Me pairs the vocals and drums in an alluring fashion; the desire of Killing Tyranny to continually innovate at all stages of Martyr makes for an album that is strong from beginning to end. Control Freak is another strong effort on the second half of Martyr; the back and forth of the vocals is given a certain gravity through focused drums and on-point guitar riffs. The titular track on Martyr ties together the Dead Kennedys with a technical metal requiring fans to spin the track multiple times before hearing everything that the band has placed within.

Rule the Monkeys is a fun track as Killing Tyranny looks back to the days of Alice Cooper and pairs it with a pared-down, stripped-down metal style. Martyr closes with Weight of the World, an effort that links together the disparate twists and turns encountered by fans through the entirety of the disc while contributing greatly to the overall profile of the band.

Top Tracks: Who I Am , You Can’t Save Me

Killing Tyranny – Martyr / / /

Killing Tyranny - Martyr

The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go

What The Dead Daisies do on their latest single “Long Way To Go” is create something that will raise heart rates; the cut sizzles with the fury of a thousand suns. “Long Way To Go” is down and dirty hard rock with plenty of riffs that build off of the work of Guns ‘N Roses and Megadeth. The raw passion and talent of the vocals are a bridge between the work of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson with a more contemporary (Buckcherry, Seether) sound. The Dead Daisies are able to create some timeless hard rock that sounds as good to fans of 1980s metal as it does to fans of the current crop of bands. Some sick stuff right here.

The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go / / /


The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go

Julia Kahn Music - ALICE

Julia Kahn creates a hooky bit of pop-rock that ties together the singer-songwriter style of artists like Sheryl Crow with an impressive instrumentation that takes on hints of surf and psychedelic music. Together, these two elements combine to create something that is bouncy, fun, and stands up to repeat plays. Julia Kahn’s emotion and able to weave a cogent narrative are unmatched, making ALICE a track that is more robust than any other fare heard on radio or online streaming services. The tautness of the instrumental arrangements experienced here are exactly what is needed to push this track into the stratosphere.

Julia Kahn Music – ALICE / /

Julia Kahn Music - ALICE

Has modern digital art lost its artistry?

Has software taken away from artistic inspiration?

Digital Artist have created many stunning works over the years and pushed the boundary lines of what we accept as art.  From the artist which uses Corel or Painter to make a digital image with a traditional twist, to the 3D artist who uses Maya or 3D Studio max to compile their compositions, there is little doubt that the computer has affected our modern views of art. And while the age old question of “what constitutes art” is still subjective, one has to question whether or not this open policy has negatively affected the inspiration and artistry found in art.modern-abstract-art-with-warm-colors-matthias-hauser

The common factor

It is disturbing to see so many stock images recycled and claimed to be original works of art. Much like slapping a mustache on the Mona Lisa did not require much inspiration, using a stock image to compile a work of art does not take much effort. Granted, the artist may choose to add some unique features to the stock image or clip art, but the fact remains that it is common and that the probability that the selected stock image has been used before is quite likely. Should such be considered a work of art then? I would venture to say that unless the artwork is used in a way similar to This is not a pipe, it is not. Yes, it may be pretty, but one can hardly attribute inspiration to a work that is merely a composition of another person’s vision.

The uncommon factor

The reverse side of the argument is that digital art allows the artist to explore new boundaries which the traditional mediums would limit. For example: One can use the 3D modeling to create multiple views and renders of a composition with the push of a button where that same artist would have to repaint or redraw the image if using traditional methods. Additionally, one would argue that the digital artist can fix mistakes that he or she finds within their compositions without having to discard the painting or sculpture and start anew. In this regard, the digital artist is able to expound upon their inspirations without the limitations of running out of materials or losing their inspiration due to frustration.

As the software and advances in 3D continue to be developed, unique and uncommon works of art can emerge. Traditional artist can merge with digital opportunities and platforms to aid in such creations. In this aspect, digital artistry provides a means of inspiration rather than stifling it.

The differentiating factor

Perhaps the deciding factor is not in what can be created using digital software, but rather in the mentality behind using such software. Because there is a plethora of applications which can be applied and deemed as artistic, honing in on one such application would be biased at worst and unsubstantial to the argument at least. Therefore, in order to answer whether or not digital art has lost its inspiration, one has to look at the motivations of the individual creators of digital art. If the creator has used digital software to create a unique work of art which could only be accomplished through the use of such programs, then the answer would be “no” digital art has not diminished in its inspiration. However, if the computer and software is used as a crutch for the artist, meaning that the artist does not want to hone their craft but wants to bypass the need to learn the trade through the use of digital software, or if the artist relies upon the images, and works of others to makeup a dominate portion of the composition, then I would state that “yes” the inspiration of the art has diminished.

Where inspiration and modern technology meet.

One cannot abandon the precepts in which art was established. Traditional artistry will always have a place in the artistic world. Yet, we cannot be so blinded as to restrict art to the traditional medium. We are a culture that is saturated by technology and by social media. It would be rather naive to believe that the influences of our world would not impact, if only in part, the art which is produced by our current generation. While I frown upon those which would take the principles of artistry (such as form, color, positive and negative space, perspective, and emotion) and spit upon them in order to mass produce a work of “art” for profit, I would applaud the modern artist that uses modern technology to expand and expound upon their craft in order to create works of art which go far beyond what the imagination allows (such as with the creation of a sculpture in physical form through 3D printing

Has modern digital art lost its artistry?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Quality Of Mercury - Transmission

The Quality Of Mercury begin their new album Transmission with Deep Space, a microcosm of the styles and approaches that will come into greater focus on later cuts.

Breathe in Stereo is a powerful track that ranges from emotive rock (e.g. Death Cab For Cutie, The Appleseed Cast) and progressive rock. There are so many twists and turns that listeners will experience during their time with Breathe in Stereo that the much more grounded Deprivation Sickness seems boldly stark in comparison. The composition begins with little more than a guitar strumming before opening up into something much more tempestuous. The multiple layers that fans will experience during their time listening to the track require a number of spins before everything can be unpacked.

The Orion Ascension brings a heaviness to Transmission that is matched well by a more pensive and atmospheric sound. Hints of Ziggy Stardust as well as Blur can be discerned here, but the track’s longer run time gives The Quality of Mercury ample time to include a number of distinct movements.

Her Eyes Are The Stars is the magnum opus of this album, requiring listeners to sit down and focus into the sheer mass of guitar fuzz, splashy guitars, and emphatic vocals that they will experience. A more experimental approach is taken here for great effect; The Quality of Mercury is able to make something that will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats until the track’s closing notes.

Transmission concludes with an assertive one-two punch with Andromeda and Terminal Velocity. This fifteen-minute section of the disc contains some of the rawest and most ferocious segments we’ve heard, while containing some of the same finesse that has been peppered through the release. The breakneck speed of The Quality of Mercury during the final gasps of Terminal Velocity provides fans with an emphatic end to an impressive album.

Top Tracks:  The Orion Ascension, Her Eyes Are The Stars

Rating: 8.7/10

The Quality Of Mercury – Transmission / 2016 Self / 8 Tracks / /

The Quality Of Mercury - Transmission

The forming of a top 1% real estate broker

Anyone who has read through the Wall Street Journal real estate section may sometimes read about brokers. As we all know, across the country there are tens of thousands – but the WSJ has been able to identify the top 185 in the country. In that list, was Sandra Balan.

Not only that, but this statistic means that Balan is classed in the top 1% of brokers in the country. Considering the vast number of people who work within it, it’s certainly an impressive feat.

However, what is the formula behind the success of a top broker such as Balan? Here, we’ll take a closer look at her career to find out just how the very best real estate agents are made.

Who is Sandra Balan?

Before we delve into the makings of such a professional, let’s take a closer look at Balan’s career.

She is currently part of the hugely prestigious Brown Harris Stevens group and covers some of the highest-profile names in the world. We’re talking the likes of foreign dignitaries, celebrities and world-renowned financial experts.

Having been born and raised in New York, it should come as no surprise to see that the bulk of her experience comes in this state. Specifically, she focusses on luxurious Manhattan properties and she’s regarded as one of the best brokers in this area.

What is one of the ways a top 1% broker stays successful?

At this point, we probably don’t need to say the basic attributes that makes a top broker successful. We’re talking about the likes of keeping a property on the market for short time spans, whilst also maximizing the value that it is actually sold for. It should also go without saying that they manage to match buyers with utterly suitable homes that fulfill every need they specify.

However, if one delves deeper into their work, it’s clear they have a formula for remaining at the top of their game. In the case of Balan, the vast majority of her work comes through referrals and repeat business. As anyone involved in any industry will tell you – this is the best form of marketing. She manages to do this by staying in contact with her clients, meaning that they will regularly turn to her whenever they need assistance in either the buying or selling process. Ultimately, she has created her own network and in an industry as cut-throat as real estate – that is an invaluable asset to have.

What publications is Balan featured in?

It should also be interesting to see what sort of publications Balan, and her properties for that matter, are featured in. Again, it’s a good indicator of what separates the elite in the business.

She is regularly featured in the New York Times, New York Famly, New York Magazine and New York Post, whilst from a TV perspective she’s even appeared on HGTV. It means that she is almost a celebrity in her own right – which is probably the reason so many A-list names turn to her when the time arises.

The forming of a top 1% real estate broker

ALEXANDRA - Criminal

ALEXANDRA’S Criminal is a wholly unique entry into pop music, succeeding through a tremendous blend of hard rock, supersonic vocals, and a fury that is unparalleled in current music. The production of the track allows all of the distinct drums, guitars, and vocals to shine on their own and as a coherent entity. What ALEXANDRA does here on Criminal is build on the framework of acts like Evanescence and Paramore to make for something that can hang equally well on hard rock as well as alternative radio stations. The sheer depth of Criminal is such that fans will be able to play the song numerous times and hear new twists and turns to the composition.

ALEXANDRA – Criminal / /

ALEXANDRA - Criminal

Monday, July 25, 2016

GoldKay - Celebrate

GoldKay’s Celebrate is an infectious track that links together the best parts of Flo Rida, Akon, and T-Pain. Hints of reggae, pop, and EDM can all be heard here. A robust drum beat and thick, ropy bass snakes its way through Celebrate, providing considerable depth to a sunny summer single.

The hopeful sound presented here is something that will have listeners gleeful through the rest of the summer. GoldKay is able to create something that builds upon the pop-reggae of Sean Kingston and Shaggy before him, all while imbuing the resulting track with a rich sound that is purely his own.

GoldKay – Celebrate / /

GoldKay - Celebrate

K. - Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

Disoriented, from New York City’s K., immediately ramps up the momentum. Hard dance beats and ethereal vocals do a tremendous job in uniting 1990s and current forms of dance music, all while crafting a track in Disoriented (Close Your Eyes) that will get listeners out on the dance floor. Twinkling synths push K.’s vocals to a higher plateau; the effortless shifting from pop to dance and back again means that Disoriented should garner large amounts of radio/video play. The drop that splits the track allows for K. to build the energy back up while spinning the song in a slightly different fashion. Disoriented is an effort that we’ll be playing throughout the end of the year. / /


K. – Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

K. - Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

Shelita Burke - Five EP

Belong is the opening effort on Shelita Burke’s latest EP, Five. The track ties together 1990s dance, drum and bass, trip-hop, and pop into something that will immediately capture listeners’ attentions. Together is a trap-infused track that perfectly matches together bassy and deep instrumentation with a set of vocals that build off of the framework established by Bjork, Jess Glynne, and Ingrid Michaelson. The two distinct sides of Together create an incredibly deep composition that will require fans to spin the single numerous times before hearing every nuance that has been included. 

Waiting is a wonderfully upbeat composition that shines with vibrant synths, as hints of Tori Amos and Ellie Goulding make themselves known. The eclecticism of the songs on the Five EP is unmatched; fans of a wide array of styles will be able to find something that they can appreciate. An unspoken hero is the production here; the sheer depth of sounds experienced here would be downright chaotic if there wasn’t a masterful hand behind the dials. What results with the Five EP is nothing less than impressive. Over keeps fans interested as it includes a hint of R&B styling; the sleek, sultry sound of the cut will resound with listeners long after the EP has ceased to spin.

Words is the concluding statement on Shelita Burke’s Five EP, and it ends the release emphatically. There is a very intense and driven sound that is laced through the song, while Burke’s vocals provide fans with an additional bit of autobiography. Few EPs are able to tell such a detailed story, but as one moves into Words’ drop, one has to wonder if Burke has told every story. I am confident that there will be volumes more of this narrative that will be eagerly devoured by fans on follow-ups to the Five EP.

Top Tracks: Together, Waiting

Shelita Burke – Five EP / 2016 Self / 5 Tracks / / /

Shelita Burke - Five EP

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Moment with Liliana Martins

Hello, Liliana. What’s happening musically and culturally in Portugal this time of the year?

– Hello, in the summer we have many theme festivals about pop, rock, soul, jazz, and so on… but also we are starting to have a few festivals dedicated to Fado and traditional Portuguese music.

We receive many tourists who visit Lisbon and the main neighborhoods (Alfama and Bairro Alto) to listen do Fado in the traditional Fado Houses.

We have lots of concerts, events, festivals, fairs where the institutional entities are committed to culture and tourism as a mean to sell our products.


What is your creative process and what sources of inspiration (e.g. books, television, film) get your creative juices flowing? Is the process different between print and musical media?

– I have different sources of inspiration: traditional / classical and contemporary.

I try to search for old recordings of Fado, the basics and the themes played in very simple chords, where the singer has to style the melody and give his own personal touch.

Bu also I try to listen to some colleagues (fado singers) in the Fado houses, concerts, shows, etc…

Talking and discussing the themes and the lyrics (a very important thing in Fado, are the lyrics) with singers, composers, writers and other people who have known the ancient figures of Fado.

The process is different, when i’m searching for new themes I have to read and search in blogs, books and even old records, but when I need inspiration to sing or give another interpretation to a theme I have to listen, see videoclips  (good videos with stories, passion, soul in them, that can lead me to an imaginary story or novel).


You do a very traditional sort of music, fado, on your Corpo-Fado album. What about the style do you find interesting? How can the style speak to younger listeners that may not be familiar with fado?

– Yes  I find Fado very interesting for a variety of reasons, first the lyrics are very intense, passionate, soulful and nowadays Fado has become more complex musically, including other instruments besides Portuguese guitar and classical guitar, with many composers composing and arranging themes for Fado, including sonorities from traditional, popular, folk music, turning it more like world music genre.

That is why this new wave of Fado is attracting a younger audience, the people are more aware because of the lyrics that are starting to focus on another thematic and sound differently, the music is changing a little bit so like the singers who perform differently.


In a related fashion, are there specific standards that you would like to cover in the near future?

– I’ d like to have an experience with the sound of celtic music, using hornpipes and some other instruments than can relate to that kind of music, the folk/traditional music in Portugal can coexist with that sound I think, and would be a challenge to sing in portuguese, some melodies associated with this kind of sonority.


2016 is over half-way done. What sort of plans do you have (recording, touring) for the latter part of the year?

– I’m finishing my second original album that is programmed to be launched in the last quarter of this year. I hope people will like it because it has a more fresh approach to Fado and traditional music, with some twists in pop / soul / jazz sonorities that I think are very well connected.


Let’s talk technology. What does your current recording and music production set up look like? What sort of upgrades do you want to add in the future?

– I leave all the tech, setups, features in recording and music production to my great friend and producer  Valter Rolo who has accompanied me from the beginning (in my first record Corpo-Fado) and now responsible for  this second album, and he’s also the main composer of the original themes (in both records).


How can NeuFutur readers find samples of your music?

– You can find all about me and my music in my official website


Thanks for speaking with us tonight. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell those reading this interview?

– I thank NeuFutur for this opportunity to talk about me and my artistic work, I hope people will get curious about me, my music, Portuguese music and Fado.

Visit my website and find my Facebook page to know me better…

Thank you very much and best regards!

I appreciate your time.

A Moment with Liliana Martins

Fire To The Stars “Made Of Fire”

Fire To The Stars’ “Made Of Fire” is a powerful vocal-led track that shines not only from the sheer range achieved, but the dark, richly emotive arrangements that play in the background of the single. This effort is moored well to classical music traditions, but the ambiance of the song makes it easy for fans of trip-hop or indie-rock to find something that they will appreciate. Of particular note here has to be the strings that cut through the chaos of the composition, adding a secondary narrative to the work. Never has three and a half minutes resounded for long in listeners’ ears.

Fire To The Stars “Made Of Fire” / /

Fire To The Stars “Made Of Fire”

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Simon Kelly - The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones

Just A Ride begins The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones in an emotive and expansive way, allowing Simon Kelly ample space to create something unique. The track links together 1990s alternative rock, twee-pop, and a bit of pop to establish something that will take listeners on a memorable journey. A solid production allows the twinkling piano, on-point drums, and alluring vocals the opportunity to shine alone or as a cogent entity.

The Good Wife is a call back to Graceland-era Paul Simon and Deep Blue Something. The track is a favorite on this EP as it ferries some intense emotion in a deep arrangement. Fans will need to play this single numerous times before hearing every twist and turn that Kelly has included here.

Rubbish Radio showcases another stylistic change for Kelly; the duo of vocals, hopeful brass, and bit of ska/reggae sound here keeps things light and airy. Including a brief nod to Jason Mraz and Anthony Kiedis, Kelly is able to dovetail nicely into You Can Burn All The Flowers (You Can’t Stop The Spring). Virtually tied with Medicine for longest composition on this release, You Can Burn All The Flower shines by means of an eclectic set of styles that link together the 1980s works of Goo Goo Dolls and XTC.

It’s A Thing Called Supply And Demand shatters conceptions of proper time signature to keep things interesting at the penultimate position. Medicine represents the concluding statement on The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones. Here, a forceful guitar interacts with a slinky bass and drum line to rise and swell into a rock style that builds off of the framework of acts like Modest Mouse, The White Stripes and MGMT.

The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones, the latest work by Perth’s Simon Kelly is available on Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: You Can Burn All The Flowers (You Can’t Stop The Spring), It’s A Thing Called Supply And Demand

Simon Kelly – The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones  / 2015 Self / 6 Tracks / /

Simon Kelly - The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Agonist Releases "Five" 9/30

Agonist FiveTHE AGONIST is set to release their new album and Napalm Records debut Five on September 30th. Secondly the album’s artwork and track listing have been revealed.  In addition, the first single from Five “The Chain” is available for streaming in this brand new lyric video.

Pre-orders for Five, in various formats and exclusive bundle packages, are available now at The Napalm Records Webstore.

“We are so anxious to release this record to our fans and the rest of the world! This album represents another shift in the evolution of THE AGONIST! Vicky and I went even deeper into what makes a song really connect. I’m very proud of everyone’s hard work making this the most diverse and interesting record for us to date!  It was a great learning experience working with Mike Plotnikoff and fully immersing ourselves in the recording process 24/7. Just as much as we are excited to release this album we are psyched to get back out on the road and connect directly with our fans! Europe gets the first taste before we unleash on North America this November with Epica.”,says guitarist Danny Marino.

Vocalist Vicky Psarkis adds, “Being in THE AGONIST for over 2 years now and after releasing my debut album with the band and numerous tours, I can say that Five is the record where I believe that we finally found our sound! There’s a certain confidence that comes with experience and there’s something about being fully comfortable that can take your approach towards songwriting to a whole other level. Working on the lyrics and vocals on this album was an incredibly natural process. Halfway into the pre-production, we realized that a lot of our songs seemed to be telling a story and hearing the album in its entirety is like escaping into our world.”

Five Track Listing:

1. The Moment

2. The Chain

3. The Anchor and The Sail

4. The Game

5. The Ocean

6. The Hunt

7. The Raven Eyes

8. The Wake

9. The Resurrection

10. The Villain

11. The Pursuit of Emptiness

12. The Man Who Fell to Earth

13. The Trial

14. Take Me to Church (Hozier cover) (Bonus Edition Only)

THE AGONIST European Tour:

27.09.2016 – Fryshuset Klubben- Stockholm, Sweden

28.09.2016 – Sticky Fingers – Gothenburg, Sweden

30.09.2016 – Tube – Dusseldorf, Germany

01.10.2016 – Epic Metal Fest – Tilburg, Netherlands

02.10.2016 – De Kreun – Kortrijk, Belgium

04.10.2016 – Opera Concert Hall – St. Petersburg, Russia

05.10.2016 – Клуб Театръ – Moscow, Russia

07.10.2016 – Sala Becool – Barcelona, Spain

08.10.2016 – Sala la Burbuja – Castellon, Spain

09.10.2016 – Sala Maladar – Seville, Spain

11.10.2016 – Sala tbc – Lisboa, Portugal

12.10.2016 – Sala Lemon – Madrid, Spain

13.10.2016 – Sala Azkena – Bilbao, Spain

THE AGONIST W/XANDRIA, Epica and Fleshgod Apocalypse:

11/4: Quebec City, QC @ Imperial Theater

11/5: Montreal, QC @ Corona

11/6: Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Hall


THE AGONIST W/Arkona, Epica and Fleshgod Apocalypse:

11/8: Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall

11/9: Minneapolis. MN @ Cabooze

11/11: Saskatoon, SK @ Saskatoon Event Center

11/12: Calgary, AB @ Marquee

11/13: Edmonton, AB @ The Ranch

11/15: Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre

11/16: Seattle, WA @ Studio 7

11/18: San Francisco, CA @ Social Hall

11/19: Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent

11/20: Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel

11/22: Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall

11/23: Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater

11/25: Dallas. TX @ Gas Monkey Live

11/26: Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room

11/28: St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theater

11/29: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade

12/1: Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage

12/2: New York, NY @ Webster Hall

12/3: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium


THE AGONIST is a Canadian extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, formed in 2004. The current line up consists of guitarists Danny Marino and Pascal (Paco) Jobin, bassist Chris Kells, drummer Simon Mckay, and vocalist Vicky Psarakis, who joined in March 2014 following the departure of vocalist and founding member Alissa White-Gluz. Both Psarakis and White-Gluz use growled and clean vocals. To date, THE AGONIST has released four studio albums; the latest, “Eye of Providence”, was released in February 2015. Touring extensively since their first album, they have shared the stage with bands such as Arsonists Get All the Girls, Epica, the Faceless, Chelsea Grin, Kamelot and Visions of Atlantis.

For More Info Visit:


The Agonist Releases "Five" 9/30

Monday, July 18, 2016

Alaskan Brewing Hits Ohio

Beginning today (6/18), Alaskan Brewing is entering the competitive Ohio beer market. The brewery is striking out further east than it previously had been distributed with a core bottled lineup that includes their Amber (an alt), their session IPA Kicker, and their India Pale Ale, Icy Bay. Alaskan will be available anywhere that stocks craft beer, meaning that one’s local Kroger, Giant Eagle or ACME supermarkets should have a place for Alaskan offerings along with convenience stores and gas stations.

Alaskan is shooting to offer their beers in Ohio at an approachable price; while your local beer store has the ability to set prices, the brewery is shipping for around $10 for six-packs of their year-round offerings and $12 for their seasonal efforts (such as their imperial IPA Hopothermia, which is initially only present on draft). Alaskan has also created mixed packs to allow individuals the opportunity to check out a wider array of their offerings. Their sampler pack bundles together their Amber, Icy Bay IPA, White, and a rotating style while the Boundary Range hop pack is something that fans of pale ales and IPAs can appreciate; the aforementioned Hopothermia and Icy Bay are presented alongside Big Mountain, a pale ale and Freeride, an American Pale Ale.


Alaskan’s beers are available on draft and in bottles through the entirety of Ohio; for additional information about where one would be able to find Alaskan effort, visit your local distributor’s website. The main Alaskan website is a great resource to find out more about the beers that are currently available for purchase in Ohio along with the brewery’s seasonal efforts. We’re hoping to see the brewery’s legendary Smoked Porter available in our neck of the woods sometime in the next year. We’ve been lucky enough to cover Alaskan quite a few times over the years; HopothermiaWinter AleESB, and Stout all are highlights of their respective styles.

Alaskan Brewing Hits Ohio / / /

Alaskan Brewing Hits Ohio

Modern Music Promotion Methods Are More Important Than Traditional Techniques

The evolution of the internet changed everything, including how music is promoted. Artists that had no chance in the past are now becoming popular because they know how to spread their music around the world. We are no longer faced with local restrictions and the need to have huge investment budgets simply does not appear anymore. Since it is so simple these days to record music at home or in studios, the internet completes the experience and leads towards many new artists that we would have never heard of before.

The Power Of YouTube

If we were to talk about just one website that changed music promotion forever, it needs to be YouTube. Every single person in the world can open a channel and upload videos with them singing. Rod Stewart was discovered while he was singing for money in a subway station. Nowadays he would upload videos on YouTube. As an example, Liliana Martin’s Corpo Fado is better known by people from other countries because of the video site.

The great thing about this video sharing social network is the fact that it can also help artists that are well-known as it introduces them to a wider audience. While the disadvantage of such a website is the fact that people do not buy music albums anymore, the awareness created is more than enough to warrant concerts and get more people to see live performances. It is also helpful to showcase remixes and special features that would promote music albums and live gigs even faster.

Social Networks

The appearance of social networks like Facebook and Twitter played a huge role in modern music promotion. The simple fact that people can share the songs that they like on the social networks is enough to allow the appearance of a different audience. Friends of those that share will take a look at the songs and will want to see what the song is about when it is recommended. This is basically an advanced form of word of mouth marketing, one that requires literally no budget.

Music promotion companies, record labels and the artists themselves all have social network profiles. They arrange live interactive sessions with fans and so much more. It is not at all difficult to reach that brand new audience and increase the success of an album thanks to social networks. The large labels even run expensive marketing campaigns on the internet with a large social media component.

Mobile Gadget Use

Since there are app developers that can create anything you want in terms of bespoke software, record labels are now offering mobile phone access to people that want to listen to or buy new music. We also have many other apps that help you to discover music, making it easier to promote songs and albums to people while they are not even at home.

On the whole, modern music promotion no longer relies on TV ads and regular word of mouth marketing. The evolution of the internet made it so easy for people to be known.

Modern Music Promotion Methods Are More Important Than Traditional Techniques

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock)

Sour beers have not typically been perceived as a go-to drinking sort of beer, but Dry Dock’s Sour Apricot is something that can be enjoyed through the hottest days of summer. The sharpness of the tart element is immediately noticeable, but there is a solid amount of wheat that acts as a backdrop here. The presence of lactobacillus in this brew adds a more mild sour element than is typically present with a number of sour-themed efforts that we have received, and I feel that the decision to include this bacteria over other varietals adds a considerably unique flavor to Dry Dock’s latest.

What ultimately comes forth here is something that is thirst-quenching and palette-cleansing. The slight bit of hop bitterness that is included in Sour Apricot adds further dimensions to the brew; the bit of mouth-puckering aspect experienced here keeps things bright and lively from the beginning to the ending of a can. There is a certain depth to the flavors that are experienced here that make it incredibly easy to drink a few cans of Sour Apricot and continue to find different twists and turns that Dry Dock has included here. Sour Apricot is able to keep its overall flavor profile consistent from the beginning to the ending of each glass; the crispness and dryness of Sour Apricot makes it a great pairing with creamy cheeses and strongly-flavored cuisines.

For additional information about the full array of year-round and seasonal offerings, visit the main Dry Dock website. Further information about events and new product announcements can be located at the brewery’s social media profiles.

Dry Dock’s Sour Apricot is available year-round from the brewery on draft and in 12 ounce cans.

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock) / 5.0% ABV / 17 IBU / / / /

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock)

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

We have operated our health and fitness section at NeuFutur for a number o fyears but have not had a product that is equally able to benefit younger and older members of the family. While a great many strollers make it possible to bring young children on longer or more remote journeys, a number of them require that parents or caretakers have to take a more leisurely pace. Joovy has created a stroller – their ultralight Zoom 360 – that allows one the chance to exercise while bringing their children along.

The typical process to build a stroller that is safe and sturdy is a slightly daunting proposition, with a number of distinct parts and arcane instructions. The Joovy comes mostly built (only requiring that purchasers put the three tires on and place a cup carrying apparatus onto the stroller), meaning that one can have the Zoom 360 stroller completely built after about 15 minutes of work. Installing the back wheels is extremely easy, only requiring that one slide the pin of the wheel into the proper side of the stroller. Installing the front wheel is slightly more difficult, making one clip the wheel tight and tightening a bolt to a proper degree. When the Zoom 360 is completed, one will be able to place their infant/child into the stroller to properly adjust the straps for a tight (but comfortable) fit. The three-part clasp is one that is found in a number of higher-end devices, making it easy for one to firmly press the center button to remove the child from the stroller.

One has the ability to set the incline of the seat from horizontal to one in which the child would be sitting upright. The adjustable canopy allows for parents to keep their child away from the sunlight, while a clear vinyl portion at the top of this covering allows one to view their child without exposing them to the elements. The Zoom 360 Ultralight stroller is able to ferry children from their earliest days out until they hit the 75-pound mark. The floating third wheel allows one to move in any direction possible. Each of the wheels has a valve stem to allow for owners to inflate/deflate the tires to best address the terrain which they will operate the stroller. The stroller has an ample catch-all space below the stroller where toys, food, or other items can be stored. Other pockets and the aforementioned parent organizer further decrease the need to bring along a purse or diaper bag.

When one is ready to place the Zoom 360 Ultralight stroller back in their car, the process could not be any easier. One needs to press a lever and pull a cord to collapse the stroller into a size that will fit in even the smallest cars. Joovy offers an add-on part (a car seat adapter) that further decreases the amount of trouble that parents will have when moving their child from the car to the stroller. With a $300-dollar price tag, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller possesses tremendous value. A durable build quality makes this a must-have for any parent that is on the move, while the similarly-rugged tires makes this usable in the winter months.

Rating: 9.5/10

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller / / /

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Melody Federer - "Standing"

Standing is a tremendously effecting track; the rising and falling action of Melody Federer’s vocals will immediately pique listeners’ interests. The light instrumental trappings that are presented on the single are enough to highlight in all of the right places.

The two sides are able to combine and create something that will resound loudly with listeners long after the single ceases to play. Federer is able to create something that shines equally well in pop, singer-songwriter, and indie-rock circles. The depth of this effort means that fans will be able to play Standing through the rest of the summer nad into the early fall months.

Melody Federer – “Standing” / 2016 / / /


Melody Federer - "Standing"

Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth - Darlin Darlin

Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth’s Darlin Darlin is a powerful piece of Americana / country that establishes a powerful set of vocals and immersive instrumentation. The track builds off of the framework of the classic Sheryl Crow track “Strong Enough” while adding robust piano line and on-point percussion.

The warmth brought to the single by Eaton’s vocals are matched only by the aforementioned piano roll and Eagles-esque guitar solo that lead listeners to the final minute of the track. Darlin Darlin is a single that could easily break it big on pop, country, or alternative radio stations.

Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth – Darlin Darlin / / /

Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth - Darlin Darlin

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blackbeard's Breakfast (Heavy Seas)

Heavy Seas has continually innovated and created beers that are world class in their respective style while having them pegged at a price point that is approachable for the average person. Blackbeard’s Breakfast, their Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Porter, may just be the best Heavy Seas effort we have tasted. The brewery utilizes coffee from Chesapeake Bay Roasters to add a further layer of depth to Blackbeard’s Breakfast; the initial sip is able to showcase roasted malt, strong coffee and chocolate undertones, and a bit of sharpness from the time spent in bourbon barrels. The porter pours with a dark-brown to black coloration and with a fair amount of tannish head that sticks around for a decent length of time. 

As one continues their Blackbeard’s Breakfast experience, additional flavors are picked up. This means that bits of molasses, vanilla, licorice, and espresso all add to the considerable chorus of tastes that initially are showcased. The high ABV and good malt presence means that the beer is tremendously stable as it approaches room temperature; Blackbeard’s Breakfast may conclude in a very different place than where it began, but the stability of the porter remains. This is neat, orderly, and goes down in an easy fashion.

We have reviewed a few Heavy Seas efforts in the past, including Red Sky at Morning ,  Smooth SailBlack CannonWinter Storm and The Great’er Pumpkin . Check out their main domain for more information about the full year-round and seasonal offerings from Heavy Seas, while a visit over to their social media profiles showcases new product releases and vents. For a limited time, check your local beer store and pick up your own 22 ounce bottle of Blackbeard’s Breakfast. It goes down as easy as your beginning meal of the day.

Rating: 9.8/10

(Heavy Seas) / 10% ABV / / / / / /

Blackbeard's Breakfast (Heavy Seas)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top benefits of making use of payroll software

The innovation of payroll software has brought about a lot of positive changes to companies, firms, and organizations that are making use of it. in recent times, there have been various kinds of payroll software from different manufacturers, with different enhanced and advanced features in existence; this could be as a result of the increased needs of them by a lot of companies, firms, and organizations. Payroll 1099 software ETC is one of the payroll software still existing in the market today. Payroll software such as payroll 1099 software ETC offers numerous advantages – for the company, employees, and the user.

This article is prepared with the purpose of revealing some of the top benefits one should/will enjoy when making use of payroll software; the benefits below are the most obvious ones:

  • Tax updates

It is possible for one to miss latest tax updates whenever they arrive; this is where payroll software proves its competence and efficiency. Payroll software will always assist you by notifying you anytime any kind of tax update arrives; with the presence of good and efficiently working payroll software, it will be hard to miss any of the tax updates that arrives.

  • Employee calendar

This is a feature that is not included in a lot of payroll software, however, some of the newly designed and created payroll software posses the feature. This feature provides one – an easy way of managing a sick leave, overtime, and absences. In essence, the employee calendar will help you in knowing how long an employee has been away, what kind of leave an employee is on, the kind of leave an employee is entitled to, etc. Unarguably, this makes planning a lot stress-free.

  • Saves money

It is often expensive hiring a professional service for the management of the payroll of your firm, company, or organization. You don’t need to spend more money on professional services anymore once you can make use of the payroll software efficiently. Taking control of the software will help save you some money.

  • Saves time

One thing is obvious when it comes to managing the payroll of a company or an organization; it takes extra resources and time for a proper management of the payroll of an organization, firm, or company. But with a range of automated features in payroll software, the software helps to speed up the payroll processes; with that in place, it has saved some time for the user.

  • Absence of mistakes

You and I can never, and will never deny that there is a high tendency that there will be lots of mistakes when we try to manage some aspects of payroll manually. The truth is that, with the presence of good and efficiently working payroll software, it becomes so difficult for mistakes to occur. Some of the enhanced and advanced features included in the payroll software will help to stop one from making entries of the wrong information.

Top benefits of making use of payroll software

Monday, July 11, 2016

The NaveBlues - Sexy Kiss

Sexy Kiss is an effort from The NaveBlues that ties together a wide variety of styles. Hints of Devo, the Talking Heads, and Tom Petty can all be discerned here. The unique approach that the band takes during Sexy Kiss makes for something incredibly infectious. The blues / surf dynamic established here is made all the better through a sizzling guitar line and emotive and raw harmonica lines. The slinky vocals that are found here make for another layer that listeners need to unravel; Sexy Kiss is an effort that individuals will have to play multiple times before hearing every twist and turn that The NaveBlues have inserted.

The NaveBlues – Sexy Kiss / /


The NaveBlues - Sexy Kiss

Liliana Martins - Corpo-Fado

Liliana Martins begins her Corpo-Fado with Tango de um amor proibido, a composition which is timeless, drawing inspiration from the initial wave of fado singers while creating something that will appease fans of classical, Broadway, and even pop singers like Shakira. The raw passion and ability of Martins here creates something that will resound loudly in fans’ ears long after Corpo-Fado has ceased to play. Há uma voz que me acorda is more moored in the classic fado style, with Martins building off of the foundations of storied fado artists like Mafalda Arnauth and Amália Rodrigues. The deliberate instrumental arrangements provide proper highlighting to Martin’s vocals; the effort gradually rises and swells into a touching sound.

Como nos romances de cordel is one of our favorite tracks on Corpo-Fado; Liliana’s vocals are able to contribute considerably to the overall harmony of the composition. The instrumentation here is able to add to the overall narrative established to the track. Como nos romances de cordel does a good job in calling forth hints of Rosemary Clooney and Patti Page.

Deste-me o teu corpo slows down the quicker tempo established through the rest of Corpo-Fado, giving fans a look into the wide range of styles that Martins is able to utilize.

Ninguém nos faz naufragar! is a testament to Liliana’s capability to glide effortlessly up and down vocal scales, while Esta Lisboa que eu amo is one of the most dense and fulfilling track that listeners will encounter on Corpo-Fado; this late-album effort will require a number of plays before one will hear every nuance and idiosyncrasy presented on this track. Corpo-Fado is a timeless album that refreshes the fado style nearly 200 years after the first performers laid down the foundations of the genre.

Top Tracks: Ninguém nos faz naufragar!, Tango de um amor proibido

Rating: 8.4/10

Liliana Martins – Corpo-Fado / 2014 Self / 14 Tracks / /

Liliana Martins - Corpo-Fado

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Australian SmartDNS Service to expand your TV

It seems that global video and music streaming services are rapidly becoming the norm in this industry. In fact, many traditional cable subscribers have canceled their accounts in favor of online streaming TV services and digital channels. However, there are still subscriptions that need to be maintained in order to access literally thousands of global channels and networks. With this in mind, Australian smart DNS services are designed to expand your television horizons at cost-affordable rates. These services utilize DNS technologies to bypass geo-blocking and connect users to countless digital and online entertainment portals.

Understanding the Process

Whether in Australia, New Zealand, or others parts of the world – smart DNS services offer access to all the latest movies, TV series, documentaries, and even games. Users are also able to sync access across a myriad of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and more. The process involved in expanding your TV revolves around your IP address. In fact, most streaming services utilize a technique called geo-blocking, which restricts access to services in certain countries. This is done by pinpointing the country of origin of your IP address.

Smart DNS bypasses these restrictions by simply re-routing certain connections via domestic or remote servers. For example: a person in Australia wishing to see American television channels can utilize DNS services to override any restrictions. The DNS servers will show a phantom IP address based in the U.S., which then allows the connections to secure broadcasting since they think the user is based in America.

What to Look for In DNS TV Services

There are several factors that come into play when looking for the right Australian DNS TV server. For one, your Internet speed should be fast enough to facilitate broad-based connections across the board. Secondly, your system must entail the right components and hardware to accommodate DNS server acceleration. This basically means that your ISP speed will determine how fast or slow your system can connect to the DNS servers. Lastly, you need a service that serves as the middleman or link between your system and the DNS servers. There are several services available online you can review and determine which one best meets your needs.


DNS is more reliable than VPN, and allows users to access the following:

  • Thousands of global streaming services from all over the world.

  • Customizing connections to certain regions of the world with popular streaming services.

  • User-friendly Smart DNS technologies and online tools.

  • Free VPN accounts with paid subscriptions (optional).

  • 24/7 online and traditional phone support.

  • Uniformity, consistency, and synching with all remote, wireless, and digital devices.

  • Low monthly subscription plans – cancel at any time.

  • Free trials without the use of credit cards.

The best part of smart DNS services is that your Internet browsing and privacy settings will always remain protected. For more information, simply check the Web for leading providers in Australia and Oceania.

Australian SmartDNS Service to expand your TV

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Miller's Toll (Raleigh Brewing)

The Miller’s Toll is one of the best stouts we’ve ever reviewed. The ABV of this effort is high, but the density of flavors that exist here in this imperial oatmeal stout means that any sort of alcohol sharpness is hidden masterfully. The beer pours with a dark brown to nearly blackish color with a fair amount of dark-brown/tannish head that gradually dissipates. Nutty and coffee-heavy notes are immediately present, with bits of roasted malt and oak coming through in subsequent sips. At points, dark fruits including figs and prunes bubble up, making for a wholly different experience with each pull from the brew. Other elements round out the overall flavor profile, including molasses and bits of vanilla.

Each can of The Miller’s Toll is able to keep its overall flavor profile nicely, with the bold tastes that initially present themselves staying in focus until the final few sips of the beer. The Miller’s Toll would be paired well with strongly-flavored meats and cuisines, providing a bold counterpoint to anything with a robust taste. Two or three cans of this imperial oatmeal stout would suffice over the course of the night; there are enough twists and turns present here that individuals will be as interested in the final pulls from the last can as they were when they opened up the initial offering.

For more information about the entire line-up of Raleigh Brewing efforts, visit their main domain. Further events and information can be located at their social media profiles. Keep an eye out for the next canning of the Bourbon Barrel-Aged variant of The Miller’s Toll, which last hit stores in the waning days of 2015. If The Miller’s Toll is indicative of Raleigh Brewing’s overall quality, one should actively search out any of their brews.

Rating: 9.5/10

The Miller’s Toll (Raleigh Brewing) / 10.5% ABV /

The Miller's Toll (Raleigh Brewing)

Carolyn Marie - Surrender

Surrender is a track that succeeds based on Carolyn Marie’s desire to blend together disparate styles. Tying together a current style of pop (Katy Perry, Shakira), R&B, and earlier (1990s) type of dance with bits of dubstep and trap, Surrender is a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after it ceases. The number of twists and turns that one will experience when listening to Surrender is substantial, but a skilled production and a high momentum ensures that the track stays cogent from beginning to end.One can easily see Surrender burning up the charts through the summer.

Carolyn Marie – Surrender / / /


Carolyn Marie - Surrender

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sweet Sweet - In Tandem

To The Stars is the first track on Sweet Sweet’s In Tandem, and immediately showcases such a wide array of styles and approaches that fans will eagerly anticipate the songs to follow. Hints of artists like The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men can be picked out, but what Sweet Sweet do is unparalleled in music. This means that there are hints of folk, alternative, and even pop-rock that filter through during this introductory effort. Daylight is another catchy effort. During this song, Sweet Sweet slow things down and takes listeners on a journey ferried by Jeremy’s vocals and Kerrine’s cello. The warmth of In Tandem’s production is inviting, eliciting comparisons to a close venue or fireplace-lit cabin.  Remind Me is a shuffling effort and shifts things into a retrofied sound. The dynamic established between the punchy percussion and leisurely cello lines works as the track ends with a twinkling, sunny feeling.

Cellars and Closets has hints of the Goo Goo Dolls and Jason Mraz; the equal portions instrumentation and vocals heard here works amazingly well.  Lost Kids has a certain weight to it that gradually rises as the track moves into its second half. There is a secondary narrative that is created during this finishing effort that will resound loudly with listeners long after the album ceases.

Sweet Sweet is an act that skillfully sails between rock and alternative styles in the creation of their own unique sound. The act is able to deliver what sounds like a very close grouping of tracks on In Tandem, but subsequent listeners will clue fans in regarding the sheer breadth of each track that the band has committed to the release. In Tandem will be released in September, 2016.

Top Tracks: To The Stars, Cellars and Closets

Rating: 8.5/10

Sweet Sweet – In Tandem / 2016 Self / 5 Tracks / /

Sweet Sweet - In Tandem

Eddy Bayes - Motionless

Motionless, the latest single by Nashville’s Eddy Bayes, immediately draws listeners in. The intimate opening gradually opens up into a folk and Americana-inspired sound. Bayes is able to make a deep and voluminous composition with little more than his vocals and guitar.

Motionless is a track that builds off of the work of Dave Matthews and John Mayer while keep listeners interested through a raw passion that is weaved effortlessly through the narrative. Instrumental and lyrical sides unite to make one of the most effecting tracks we have heard this year. An equally-adept production to Motionless means that the disparate elements of the composition unite to make something greater than the sum of their constituent parts while continuing to impress when fans place a critical eye on each unit.

Eddy Bayes’ Motionless is a song that opens up more with subsequent listens. While fans will be able to enjoy the effort driving around or allowing it to play in the background, those that can strap on a good pair of headphones will be able to pick out so many additional twists and turns on their third, fifth, or even tenth listen. It is this dedication to detail that separates Eddy Bayes from the rest of the performers attempting to break it big with a singer-songwriter approach. Making something that works equally well no matter where one may be in life or what music they may appreciate, Bayes is a bright spot in a genre that is stuffed with hundreds of performers. We’ll be awaiting more music from Eddy; I hope a full-length album will showcase the same sort of brilliant instrumentation and desire to shatter genre constraints as this introductory effort does. For more information about this performer, give his main domain or Facebook a spin; samples of his music can be located at his Bandcamp and SoundCloud profiles.

Eddy Bayes – Motionless / / /

Eddy Bayes - Motionless

Johnnyswim Releases Georgica Pond 9/30

Georgica Pond, the highly anticipated new album from the beloved singing-songwriting duo JOHNNYSWIM, will be released September 30 on Big Picnic Records. The new music follows their 2014 Top 10 debut Diamonds which received widespread critical acclaim—Billboard hailed, “We fell in love with them musically, personally, everything” while People furthered, “…an intimate interplay their marriage of pop and folk…”

Georgica Pond was produced by JOHNNYSWIM’s Abner Ramirez and recorded at the couple’s home studio in Los Angeles, with bass and drum parts added at the Castle in Nashville. JOHNNYSWIM teamed up with a few different songwriters and collaborators, including longtime collaborator Britten Newbill, violinist/composer Anton Patzner, Nashville-based songwriters Natalie Hemby and Chris DeStefano, as well as country music icon Vince Gill, to create a listening experience that spans a range of tones and emotions.

Of their process, Ramirez explains, “Any fear we had on album one has completely evaporated. We know the people that come to JOHNNYSWIM shows. We know it matters to them what we have to say. We realize that, much like ourselves, our fans appreciate honesty. We wanted that to be the cornerstone of this album.” Amanda Sudano Ramirez further highlights the themes on the album: “love, legacy, the past and the future all put into this bittersweet mixture that makes you fully appreciate the present.”

To support the release, the duo will take their family on the road this fall. Tour dates to be announced soon.

Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez make up JOHNNYSWIM. The pair met in Nashville in 2005, instituting a songwriting partnership not long afterward. They clicked together musically and personally, beginning a romantic relationship along with their creative connection. The couple married in 2009 and relocated to Los Angeles. In addition to their 2014 debut full-length, they’ve released three EPs, as well as a Christmas EP and a live album. They’ve performed on various television shows including VH1’s “You Oughta Know Concert,” “The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Today Show,” “Live with Kelly & Michael,” and provided the theme song on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” The duo has also toured extensively, including major U.S. festival appearances.


1. Welcome to Georgica Pond

2. Hummingbird

3. Summertime Romance

4. Villains

5. Touching Heaven

6. Georgica Pond

7. Let It Matter

8. First Try

9. In My Arms

10. Lonely Night in Georgia (feat. Vince Gill)

11. Drunks

12. Say Goodnight Instead

13. Rescue You (Bonus Track)

14. Wicked Game (Bonus Track)

Johnnyswim Releases Georgica Pond 9/30

Monday, July 4, 2016

Aunt Sally (Lagunitas)

Aunt Sally pours with a light yellow to golden coloration with a fair amount of whitish head that remains sitting on top of the beer. Aunt Sally’s note showcases a good amount of piney hop elements, while the initial sip of the beer will yield tart elements that work in tandem with the hop snap. 

As Aunt Sally continues to reach room temperature, the tart and sour elements that initially made themselves known fade back into the periphery. Hints of wheat and malt are picked up during the second half of each 12 ounce bottle; Aunt Sally has transformed. The sweet, malt, and grain elements make this into a solid drinking effort for bonfires or after long days of work outdoors. The initial sharpness of the beer is a solid palette cleanser, making it quite easy for an individual to drink a sixer over the course of a night.

This means that the hoppy side is matched with a sweeter element, making for something that is fairly unique in beer. Lagunitas has created something that is out in left field but possesses a dense enough palette to keep individuals interested from the beginning to the end of the beer. While it does not fit nicely into the India Pale Ale or sour style, I feel that Aunt Sally has more than enough to be had here to impress even the most dour fans of each approach. The fact that the beer ends in such a different place from where it started is further testament to the quality of Aunt Sally.

We reviewed Lagunitas’ Cappucino Stout a few months back. For additional information about the entirety of the brewery’s year-round and seasonal offerings, check out their social media and main domain. Pick up Lagunitas’ offerings at your local beer store.

Rating: 8.1/10

Aunt Sally / 5.7% ABV / / /

Aunt Sally (Lagunitas)

JeremyBeGood Interview

What’s your story? How’d you fall into rap?

To pretty summarize everything, I was really was into poetry growing up as a kid. Growing up in my neighborhood you either were selling drugs, your body, or you were involved with church and community service. I was always the “inbetweener” because I would raised with one of the most religious woman in the area and one a well known drug dealer. So I would just write my experience and I would create stories with my experience as if they were other people. No matter what the situation would be I would be writing. Especially during class and just ignoring the lesson that was being taught. Who knew a kid could get suspended for writing. Anyways, one day I ended up coming up with music group back in high school who were all also writers. We literally spent days changing all of writings and sh*t into songs. We all just thought that if anyone was going to listen to our stuff then it would have to be with a beat going on in the back. And rap is acronym for, “rhythm and poetry” so I rap was going be something I knew for sure I could pursue and be successful in.

Who are you listening to right now?

Honestly, I am so all over the place with who I’m listening to when I plug my phone to aux cord in my car, or through my headphones when I am writing. But, artists I normally listen to is Goldlink, Melanie Martinez, Alessia Cara,Flatbush Zombies and Nas. A lot of love for the east coast.

What differences in terms of lifestyle, music, or anything have you seen between the Bay Area and the other areas that you have visited?

Well, even though my music style and interest is very east coast oriented, my heart remains in the Bay Area. Reppin’ the Bay until I die. But, I lived on the East Coast, and the South. Honestly, it’s like a worlds or dimension that run on parallels but, are significant in their own way. Back when in the day in California, Dr. Dre had that “boom-bap” sound that modern artists like YG use on tracks which are just dope. You would get gritty, and hardcore lyrics with a beat that would just be so sick that you just had to play in your 64’ Impala. But that’s just LA. The Bay will forever be in Hyphy Movement. That sh*t just runs like blood in veins and air in lungs. And the East Coast always been on that smooth vibe. Something that could just be hypnotizing and just having your body groovin without even knowing it. Three different areas that all shared the same story but, each had their own way of writing and sharing it.

Are drugs/alcohol good or bad for rap or is are the presence of those things just something based out of real life?

It’s all about where you are from and what you have been exposed to. A lot of sht in this world we expose and usually a 110% never wanted to be exposed to those things such as, substance abuse and so on. But its life. Especially being an artist and people who look up to you, you just gotta keep it real. Drugs and an alcohol has always been iconic. Pssy too. It all sells and n*ggas would say anything of those three things just to get some profit in their pockets. I most likely sound hypocritical but, as long as an artist isn’t applying unnecessary content to something that is already malignant, then by all means, speak your part.

How have you gotten more of your fans – social media (e.g. Snapchat, IG, Facebook, Twitter) or traditional word of mouth? Have you noticed anything different between these types of fans?

I have gotten a big and slow increase of fans. It’s crazy. After, this EP I am going to release later on this year I already know that is going to bring in more fans. I like my Instagram fans the most because they contact me the most on there. Either talking to me about how my music has impact their lives, just sentimental stuff. A couple people challenging me on rap battles or,  just Playstation. And, occasionally some grade A nudes…my girlfriend hates those fan mail the most.

Who else in the rap scene have you met and who is out there right now that you would like to collaborate with?

Rayven Justice is someone I would like to collaborate with. Especially after being an opener for one of performances in Oakland. I would actually enjoy to work on a project with him. There is even this group I met at a Showcase in Oakland called 50/50. Just a dope ass group.

How should people find your music? Are there any singles or mixtapes coming out that they should look into buying?

My soundcloud is a good place to start. I upload pretty much everything there first so fans or those who want to catch up or here some new tracks then this would be the best place to go. (Search up and add JeremyBeGood) I have an EP that I have been working on since Spring and I hoping to release either the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall.

What else should we know ?

Be on the lookout for DYFYANT: The Journey Through Inferno EP that is going to be dropped this year. And, overall just thank you to all my friends and family and the fans that had been here with me through my whole ride and new fans who are going to be coming with me through this journey.


JeremyBeGood Interview