Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweetwater Happy Ending 2014 Beer Review

The beer pours with a very dark coloration, and a solid tannish head. This beer has a considerable amount of sweetness, which is moderated by the inclusion of malt elements. The sugar and toasty elements provide additional variation, as does coffee and smoke notes. This considerable array of flavors ensures that an individual will have a considerably different constellation of elements each time that they open up a bottle of the Happy Ending.  SweetWater has made one of the most fulfilling and inviting imperial stouts that we have reviewed, all while giving those who buy a bottle a powerful wallop.

There are hints of prunes and dark fruits, which dissipate quickly and provide imbibers with a good alcohol bite. The 9.0% ABV of this effort is hidden well with the bold flavors and complex array of interactions that are present in the Happy Ending. Make sure to visit the Sweetwater website for more information about the company’s year-round and seasonal efforts.

Rating: 8.8/10

SweetWater Happy Ending 2014 / Imperial Stout / 9.0 ABV /