Sunday, April 20, 2014

NorthPointe Hotel and Conference Center Review

The NorthPointe Hotel and Conference Center is one lush area, seeming more like an early twentieth-century university than a hotel. This quaint and timeless touch is paralleled by tremendous amounts of customer service and a slew of additional activities that will keep guests interested. For those that are looking to rest and relax at NorthPointe, the rooms are much more close to an apartment than a furnished hole in the wall.if-no-video


Our suite allowed for sleeping and watching television due to the room’s construction. Free wireless internet was without reproach – the process to keep on the server was incredibly easy, while the signal was strong enough to allow for normal internet viewing. The bed and couch were incredibly comfortable, while the shower’s water pressure was appreciable rather than being a trickle.  The room contained a decent-sized refrigerator and microwave, while the breakfast buffet was absolutely stellar. The sheer amount of fresh fruit, bread, and meat options that were present ensure that visitors will not need to stop for food until lunch-time. The Pub matched the breakfast buffet in terms of beer and alcohol selection. For those fans of microbrews, NorthPointe ensured that one need not settle. Another strength of the Pub was the ability to have food delivered from the restaurant – NorthPointe’s utter devotion to the happiness of those that utilize their services is what separates this hotel from the rest of the lodging arrangements in Columbus. The amenities of NorthPointe are further bolstered with a workout center that has a tremendous amount of free-weights and machines, making it incredibly easy to fit in a substantive workout no matter whether one likes cardio or strength training.


The NorthPointe Hotel and Conference Center is perfect for those individuals that have an extended stay in the Columbus area. This means that there are events throughout the week that keep things lively – an example week includes a grocery and drug store run, a $5 movie night, shopping at the world-renowned Polaris mall, and bowling.

The property is great for businesses in the area to hold meetings; a state of the art conference center and attached restaurant facilities means that workers can be brought up to date about current policies in style. Different meeting packages make it easy for business owners to set up a full or a half-day session at the NorthPointe Hotel and Conference Center while keeping budgets under control. NorthPointe would be a perfect spot for those that are looking to have large weddings in the summer and fall months (to say nothing about the rest of 2014 and first few months of 2015).


Rating: 8.8/10

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