Thursday, April 17, 2014

ANNISOKAY Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV/Steamhammer

ANNISOKAY – the up and coming post-hardcore 5-piece from Halle/Germany has signed a worldwide deal (excl. Japan) with SPV/ Steamhammer. Their debut album “The Lucid Dream[er]“ is mastered by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria) and will be released on May 27th in N.America (Digital only) and June 2nd in UK & Europe.

As veterans to the live scene ANNISOKAY captures the essence of their audience by delivering an unrelenting performance that never leads to a dull moment. They push every limit to create a musical energy that brings themselves closer to their fans, on and off the stage and they one day hope to share that same energy with the world. Within the last years ANNISOKAY shared the stage with amazing bands like GHOST INSIDE, SILENT SCREAMS, UPON THIS DAWNING, ESKIMO CALLBOY, HEART IN HAND, LIONHEART or HIS STATUE FALLS.

On their debut album “The Lucid Dream[er]“ the band took the concepts of nightmares and lucid dreaming and explored the depths of the human mind by applying these dream metaphors to everyday situations in life. See and hear the perfect example of this in their music video of the track entitled “Sky”. The song received a huge positive resonance from their fan base and got over 270.000 views on YouTube by now. The release of their stunning music video for “Monstercrazy”, directed by the guitarist and singer of the band, brought them even more attention overseas. ANNISOKAY is a team of musical workaholics, so they recently released an intense interpretation of Miley Cyrus’ number one hit “Wrecking Ball” (over 350.000 clicks on youtube by now), while they are already writing on their next release.




and a cover version of Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” 

Track Listing:

1 The Final Round 03:53

2 Sky 03:45

3 Anniversary 03:32

4 Firewalk 04:04

5 Monstercrazy 04:26

6 Who Am I 03:25

7 The Believer 02:43

8 Insanity 03:31

9 Ghost Of Me 03:21

10 By The Time 03:09

11 Where Do I Start 03:51

Bonus Tracks

12 Day To Day Tragedy 03:44

13 Wasted & Useful 03:42

14 The Final Round (HoppiTronic Remix) 04:57

Line Up:

Dave Grunewald – Shouts

Christoph Wieczorek – clean Vocals/Guitar

Norbert Rose – Bass

Daniel Herrmann – Drums

Philipp Kretzschmar – Guitar


Label – SPV / Steamhammer (A&R Niko Tsagarakis, PM Manuel Schönfeld)

Managment – Monster Artists

Booking – KingStar

Publishing – SPV / BMG Rights

Merchandising – SPV / Impericon

More information at: