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DownTown Mystic Turn Around and Go Single Review

The hard rock style that DownTown Mystic create on their latest single, Turn Around and Go touches upon the seventies, eighties, and nineties. There is a vibrancy to this composition that will have fans of a wide stripe of genres bouncing their heads to the track. By having such an eclectic set of influences fueling the song, DownTown Mystic are able to speak directly to listeners of any related style. The production on Turn Around and Go makes this an easy choice for rock rotation as the vocals, guitars, and drums are able to shine alone and as a cohesive unit. While the track’s easy-going sound can be enjoyed easily, additional listens will provide fans with some insight about the sheer depth and intricacies that have been placed deep into the DNA of Turn Around and Go.

The slightly gritty vocals of Robert during Turn Around and Go hearken back to the days of REO Speedwagon and Bruce Springsteen, even as the more layered dynamic of guitars and drums take on a R.E.M. meets Dishwalla approach. It is the charisma of Allen’s vocals that make this track a success, with lyrics and arrangements that will be bouncing around listeners’ heads well after the song has ceased to spin. Make sure to visit DownTown Mystic’s website for the latest in information about the band, DownTown Mystic’s store, and videos culled from the act’s career. Keep an ear firmly to the ground concerning the new DTM album. If Turn Around and Go is any indication of the overall sound of this release, it will be DownTown Mystic’s best album to date. Check out our previous coverage here and here.

Rating: 8.9/10

DownTown Mystic Turn Around and Go Single Review / 2015 Sha-La Music / 1 Track / www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fkcr18Oaj8 / www.shala.com

Rebel Rouser IPA

Rebel Rouser pours with a dark yellow to gold coloration and a tannish / off-white head that results in lacing along the glass as one continues to drink the beer. The nose is a little bit hoppy, a little bit sweet, while one’s initial sip of Rebel Rouser will yield a more astringent hop bite along with hints of grass and a slightly-sweet ending. The flavors will dissipate in imbibers’ mouths quickly, acting as a refresher for palettes before one takes the next quaff. As Rebel Rouser continues to warm up, a different constellation of flavors takes over. It is this flexability that makes Rebel Rouser such a hit.sam-adams

A sweetness begins to blossom as the hoppy elements poke through at points, with the slightest grassy notes providing further variety and depth to the beer. There is considerable balance to Rebel Rouser that is not typically present in the double/imperial IPA format; the ability of the beer to showcase strong flavors and hop elements while being crisp and eminently drinkable makes this the perfect purchase for those looking for a good drinking beer.

Rebel Rouser has been rolled out nationally and should be available at your local beer store. Visit the Samuel Adams website for additional information about their year-round and seasonal offerings.

Rating: 8.5/10

Rebel Rouser IPA / Samuel Adams / 8.4% ABV / www.samueladams.com/

Lapalux Releases Puzzle, Lustmore Out 4/7

With Lapalux’ new album Lustmore arriving in under two weeks on April 7th, the artist has shared a third track for fans – “Puzzle”. The track, featuring Andreya Triana is available under the jump, so prepare to be taken away on some seriously trippy tuneage.

The artist (aka Stuart Howard) writes, “it’s a very visual song for me, searching for something more lustful and fleeting. It’s about a sort of seedy, underground desire, like an old bar that used to have class, getting slowly seedier, to keep up with the demand for exploitation and filth. I think it sums up the whole feel and mood of the record, that kind of sultry, seedy undertone and the pieces of the puzzle not fitting together properly, as if in a state of limbo where you don’t know where you are, but there’s something strangely comforting about it.

Out April 7th, Lapalux’ Lustmore draws from the idea of hypnagogia, or the limbo of consciousness between being awake and asleep. He drew from a sound palette that emphasizes the retro-futuristic and otherworldly, and took inspiration from old film soundtracks. Drawing from this intersection of film and music, Lapalux’ intent is rooted in making the record an imaginary visual experience, incorporating imagery, characters, storyline and emotion.

Fans who pre-order Lustmore on iTunes and Ninja Tune will receive instant downloads of “Closure” and “Don’t Mean A Thing,” and can hear the whole album on April 7th.


Lustmore Tracklisting

(April 7th, 2015 | Brainfeeder)


  1. U Never Know (feat. Andreya Triana)

  2. Sum Body

  3. Closure (feat. Szjerdene)

  4. MidnightPeelers

  5. Push N’ Spun

  6. We Lost

  7. Autumn (Tape Interlude)

  8. Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)

  9. Bud

  10. Don’t Mean A Thing

  11. 1004

  12. Make Money

  13. Funny Games


Shattered Sun Announce The Ultimate Lyric Video

Wednesday, April 1st, marks the first date of the most crushing heavy metal tour to hit North America this year, the “Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour”, in which SHATTERED SUN will be performing alongside heavy metal greats TESTAMENT and EXODUS.



“We couldn’t be more ready to represent and show the world what we are all about!  We have been anticipating getting out there and playing songs from our new album Hope Within Hatred, coming April 21st.”


TESTAMENT, EXODUS and SHATTERED SUN “Dark Roots of Thrash II” Dates:

4/01/15   Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA

4/02/15   House Of Blues – Hollywood, CA

4/03/15   Livewire – Scottsdale, AZ

4/04/15   Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM

4/06/15   Aztec Theater – San Antonio, TX

4/07/15   House Of Blues – Houston, TX

4/08/15   House Of Blues – Dallas, TX

4/10/15   Pop’s – Sauget, IL

4/11/15   Mojoes – Joliet, IL

4/12/15   Harpo’s – Detroit, MI

4/13/15   The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

4/15/15   Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON – CANADA

4/16/15   Rapids Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY

4/17/15   Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ

4/18/15   The Palladium – Worcester, MA – New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

4/19/15   The Paramount – Huntington, NY

4/21/15   Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY

4/22/15   Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN

4/23/15   Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

4/24/15   The International – Knoxville, TN

4/26/15   Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4/28/15   The Filmore – Silver Spring, MD

4/29/15   The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY

4/30/15   Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA

5/02/15   Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH

5/24/15   AT&T Center – San Antonio, TX – River City Rockfest


Additional dates will be announced soon.


Additional information on SHATTERED SUN:

“Hope Within Hatred” Lyric Video

Shattered Sun at Victory Records

Shattered Sun on Facebook

Shattered Sun on Twitter

The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1)

Having a titular character represent a set of traits by virtue of his name has been done through a considerable portion of literary history, and Kevin Debler has called back to that tradition with his latest work, The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1).  Ero must band together with a set of like-minded travelers to unseat a powerful evil, Prince Karthas. On this journey, tremendous dangerous and larger than life foes threaten to lay waste to everything that Ero holds dear. There is a rapid pace that is present here that rivals works like The Brothers War series or Larry Niven’s Known Space universe; the motivations of characters are wel thought-out and make sense given their dire situations. The villains are strong evil forces but are not cartoonish in their aims, making it easy for readers to fit into their shoes.

The style of writing is extremely deep without adding in unnecessary words; rich description is commonplace ubt there is always a reason for what is being discussed on the page. The tale that is weaved through Debler’s title will have readers focused in from beginning to end. I would like to see how Kevin’s style expands and changes from the initial title to subsequent releases, but I feel that The Adventures of Ero Unsughn is a solid introduction to the characters, setting, and overall world that is created in this introductory tome.

The title can be read in three or four hours, making the book a perfect companion during a series of long baths or on a rainy day. If you would like to read any other of Debler’s works, visit his Hubpages profile (below). Keep an ear firmly to the ground concerning the additional releases in the Ero Unsughn mythos.

Rating: 9.0/10

The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1) / Kevin Debler / 2013 / 166 Pages / kevindebler.hubpages.com/

Angels of Hope: An Angelic Compilation CD

This compilation links together some of the most airy and serene creations in the Real Music catalog, ensuring that Angels of Hope is a title chock-full of the biggest names in new age music. Kevin Kern, Omar Akram, Sacred Earth, Gandalf, and Liquid Mind are all represented. Despite the sheer differences in styles, this album works.


And the Light is Forever is a brief but wholly immersive composition by Kevin Kern, representing a delicate arrangement that will have listeners hanging on every note. The track leaves as quickly as it starts, allowing for Peter Kater to move into the eight-minute Heaven’s Window. The composition may have a slower tempo than the previous tracks on Angels of Hope, but the sheer breadth of the track is impressive. This track conforms nicely to the compilation’s theme as hints of choral music can be heard among the ethereal arrangements. A call and response is used to great impact during Heaven’s Window, ushering in the next segment of the disc. The disc is able to stay strong with Danny Wright’s Angel Voices. Angel Voices will require listeners to play the song multiple times to hear the numerous things that are occurring at any point; the track may only be four minutes but occupies such a larger space on Angels of Hope.

Gandalf’s In the Presence of Angels has a delicious blend of the organic and the electronic through a heartbeat-like beat initiating the effort. The track opens up to include a flamenco-like approach and a softly sang phrase that repeats the title. The track works well with the more traditional types of compositions included on Angels of Hope, but Gandalf created something in this composition that could garner airplay in a fashion similar to Enigma or Enya. Angels of Hope is a must-have compilation for anyone that needs a pick-me-up for the weariness of life.

Top Tracks: And the Light is Forever / Kevin Kern, In the Presence of Angels / Gandalf

Rating: 8.9/10

Angels of Hope: An Angelic Compilation CD / 2015 Real Music / 12 Tracks / 60:24  / www.realmusic.com


Rajendra Teredesai with Bluemonk Crosswinds CD Review

The Road to Byblos is the introduction to Crossroads, providing listeners with a timeless composition that could be heard in the dusty plains of Egypt as well as a hot yoga session in New York. The soundscape that is crtafted during this composition is continually shifting and changing, a step that not only keeps things interesting from beginning to end but bolsters the cohesion of the early pasrts of the album.


Jaisalmer Moon has a darker, more richly emotive sound that tells more in thirty seconds than most tracks can do in three or four minutes. The nine minutes of the composition seem nearly too short as the different movements are bursting at the seams with interesting interplay, deep detail, and a polished veneer that is calming and fulfilling.

Crosswinds hits its stride with a triad of compositions – Twilight by Lake Manasarovar, Meditation at Mount Kailash, and The Flower Maiden of Bali – that indicate that the Teredesai / BLuemonk duo are producing something that is decidedly greater than their constituent parts. This twenty-one minute journey is tremendously effecting; while it is possible for listeners to focus on chores or work and listen to the music, they will be missing the multiple layers of interactions and instrumental relationships that are fostered here. Crosswinds concludes with Farewell to Waheeda, a massive twelve-plus minute composition that is deftly crafted by the coupling;  .

Make sure to visit RealMusic.com for additional information about Crosswinds and the entirety of the Real Music discography. The title will be released on April 28th and will be available at a wide selection of brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers.

Top Tracks: Twilight by Lake Manasarovar, The Flower Maiden of Bali

Rating: 8.7/10

Rajendra Teredesai with Bluemonk Crosswinds CD Review / 2015 Real Music / 9 Tracks / 73:53 / www.realmusic.com

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Manett – Stigma-Style EP Review

A New View is an introduction that deftly ties together the eighties new romantic movement, nineties alternative, and a more contemporary indie / twee sound. The Birds (for Paulo) is a dissonant effort that blends organic and electric in a fashion that is shambling, brash, and will ultimately coalesce into something unified and effecting.


There is a delicate type of indie rock that is created through Treehouse that provides a solid ending to a triad of tracks. Listeners will have a good sense of who Manett is and what they will do on subsequent albums.

Rating: 8.4/10

Manett – Stigma-Style EP Review / 2015 Self / 3 Tracks / manett.bandcamp.com/album/stigma-style-ep / facebook.com/whoismanett / manett.tumblr.com/

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Mipow Power Cube 4500 Battery

The Mipow Power Cube battery is flat and very low profile, ensuring that one can stick the device in their purse, bag, or car without giving up valuable real estate. The Mipow Power Cube battery charges to full quickly, making sure that one will be able to charge their devices from empty to possessing a complete charge without having to re-charge the battery. After the Power Cube has been drained, sticking the device on a charge for around 4 to 5 hours seems to be sufficient to bring it back to full power. The company claims that the 4500 can be ran down and re-charged 500 times before the battery starts to lose its holding potential.


The reversible cord that is provided with the Mipow Power Cube makes it a cinch to charge any microUSB device (the company also offers an iPhone / iPad cord at their website). One can actively use their device while it is being charged; while the battery level will stay at the same when doing intensive activities like surfing the web or playing video games, one will be given the little boost that they need. The 4500 man version of the Mipow Power Cube is substantive enough to fully charge a smartphone or small tablet fully. When a tablet or smartphone is lucky to have a battery that will last two hours, making sure to have a battery around you is essential if one is out at a festival or other long-term/ all day event. Make it a point to visit the Mipow website to find the battery that would be large enough for your power desires. Here is to hoping that Mipow will continue to increase their battery sizes on the Power Cube line – the larger, the better.

Rating: 9.2/10

Mipow Power Cube 4500 BatteryPL08 / 4500mAh / $49.99 / 2.4 A / www.mipow.com/ / www.mipow.com/en/product/power-cube-4500-portable-mobile-battery-charger-for-iphone-6.html

Evaemon Discovering Atlantis Review

Discovering Atlantis is an album that takes on a variety of styles and showcases Evaemon as a performer that is talented enough to make everything work together. Pillars Of Hercules / The Gate introduces listeners to the complex instrumentation and darkly emotive electronic music of Evaemon, all while a cogent narrative is being weaved through the composition.


The dissonance and fuzz that surrounds the various elements of the track is skillfully controlled, allowing Evaemon to move into Positive Vibes with a high amount of momentum. While there are not traditional vocals present as a considerable portion of Discovering Atlantis, the trip that Evaemon will take listeners on is as well thought-out and as complex as any theme album.

One of our favorite tracks on Discovering Atlantis is Paradox By Janelle (A Castaway); the stretched-out and echoing vocals that soar above the twinkling arrangements make for a must-listen that will bounce around listeners’ ears long after the album has ceased spinning. Dream Painted Blue breaks the trend of musicians putting their weakest efforts in the latter half of the album. The funk of this track unites the emotive pop-rock of Fall Out Boy, eighties dance, nineties R&B and creates something that is wholly Evaemon. The array of styles and approaches that are taken during this release are substantial, but Evaemon’s talent as a performer creates a story that deserves an encore. Visit Evaemon’s Soundcloud for samples of the music on Discovering Atlantis, and add him on Facebook for the latest in information about this performer. One can download the Discovering Atlantis mixtape from Datpiff; keep an ear firmly to the ground as this debt is one of the best of the year so far.

Top Tracks: Pillars Of Hercules / The Gate, Paradox By Janelle (A Castaway)

Rating: 9.0/10

Evaemon Discovering Atlantis Review / 2015 Self / 14 Tracks / soundcloud.com/evaemon / www.facebook.com/EvaemonMusic

Nic Nassuet She Rides Moonlight Single Review

She Rides Moonlight is a tender track that touches upon an earlier musical tradition even as Nic Nassuet and featured vocalist Catrina Grimm create something that speaks to current styles of music. The deliberate composition that begins this track will have fans on the edges of their seats, making them eager to hear the narrative that Nassuet weaves through the composition.



The dynamic between the instrumental and the vocal elements during She Rides Moonlight pushes each into a higher plateau; the fluidity of this track makes for a much more compelling composition. The journey which Nic sends listeners is a fulfilling one; there are twists and turns taken here that will take a number of listens to fully appreciate. The ability to listen to She Rides Moonlight as an innocuous composition or as something deep and dense is up to the listeners and makes for a considerably different experience. It is precisely this quality that makes Nassuet such a compelling performer; the track’s mastering is sharp enough to make either decision a fulfilling one.

Perhaps the most impressive part of She Rides Moonlight has to be the vocal range expressed by Nic; from lows to highs, the Jim Morrison meets Geoff Tate aural finesse will stick with listeners long after the track ceases.

For the latest in information about Nassuet, make it a point to visit his Facebook; samples of She Rides Moonlight and his other tracks are available at his ReverbNation. Check NeuFutur in the following weeks to hear more about this unique and otherworldly singer, and visit our interview to be provided with a more detailed look into this performer.

Rating: 8.8/10

Nic Nassuet She Rides Moonlight Single Review / 2015 Self / 1 Track / www.reverbnation.com/nicnassuet/ / www.facebook.com/nassuet / www.nicnassuet.com/ / www.imdb.com/name/nm2302936/

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Lawson Garrett Language of Love Single Review

Lawson Garrett has created a style of music that is deeply emotive and honest. The rich sounds that issue forth during Language of Love tie together James Taylor and Randy Newman, adding hints of CCR and even blues legends like Ray Charles into the mix. The rich production of this track makes it ready for radio rotation, while there are enough twists and turns here to keep the interest high from beginning to end.



The fact that Garrett is able to link together a wide range of music from the fifties to the seventies and beyond is testament to his tremendous ability. The track shines brightest through the dynamic created between the instrumental and vocal elements. Where there is a very pop-friendly sound created by Language of Love, listeners will hear thoughtful and deep arrangements hidden amongst the track’s sunny demeanor. The multiple vocals could easily hamstring the track, but both parts are able to join together to create something that is much greater than the sum of the parts.

Language of Love is a beautiful track that will uplift a listener’s mood, a fact made all the more impressive considering that the track closes up shop at three and a half minutes. The replay value of Language of Love is considerable as there has been so much placed into this run time; this is a six-course meal done in a time that artists struggle to make a cogent statement.

Make sure to visit Lawson’s domain or ReverbNation for additional information about this eclectic and unique performer; there are full length tracks, live tour dates, and much more available at www.lawsongarrett.com/ . He will be releasing his latest album, Whole Earth Volume 2 sometime in 2015.

Rating: 8.6/10

Lawson Garrett Language of Love Single Review / 2015 Self / www.reverbnation.com/lawsongarrett / www.lawsongarrett.com/

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle S/T EP Review

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle’s Double Down Boogie is a track that blends together blues with a down and dirty rock style. The sizzling guitars that open this track will immediately draw listeners in, while the lush production of the track makes this cut ready for rock rotation. There is a certain emotional intensity to this opening composition that requires no vocals; the interplay between the guitars, drums, and bass is more than enough to whet listeners’ appetites.


In fact, I feel that the instrumental tack taken by Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle during this opening salvo provides fans with a sense that the band is completely able to create a song that is rocking from beginning to end.

Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead throws some reggae influence into the style with a guitar/vocal call and response section threaded through the whole of the track. Let’s Let Love allows the bass ample time to shine; the dynamic that the ropy lines possess with the guitars and drums makes for something wholly different than had been heard on the track, while the vocals keep the composition chugging along with a high momentum.

While the music on the latest Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle release takes the form of a wide variety of stylers and sounds, the constancy of the band’s compositions and sheer fun espoused in each of the disc’s four cuts should give listeners more than enough of a reason to continue to listen in. Add Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle on Soundcloud for samples of their music and Facebook for the latest in information about this band.

Top Tracks: Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead, Let’s Let Love

Rating: 9.0/10

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle S/T EP Review / 2015 Self / 4 Tracks / www.facebook.com/pages/Lazy-J-The-Dirty-Shuffle/40374642672 / soundcloud.com/lazyjandthedirtyshuffle /

Joe Holywood Casa Blue

Trust Me is a track from Casa Blue, Joe Holywood’s new EP that ties together fifties and sixties crooners, seventies country, and a full compliment of The Smiths to create something wholly unique. Over the course of two and a half minutes, Holywood is able to create a track that will stick with listeners long after Casa Blue has ceased to spin. Take It All In is a high-water mark for Casa Blue, as the soft touch created by the synthesizer and guitars allows Holywood’s vocals to properly shine.


There is considerable range exhibited on this track, with the twists and turns taken during the four-plus minutes of Take It All In providing the EP with the momentum that it needs to end strongly. The Golden Boys has Holywood’s vocals pulling double-duty in that they weave a cogent and coherent narrative while adding something substantive to the overall instrumental dynamic. Of particular note during this composition has to be the rapidly increasing tempo that builds until that moment when the instrumentation drops out. This allows listeners to be draw back to Joe’s inimitable voice.

The six tracks on Casa Blue showcase different sides to this eclectic performer, giving listeners a story that is much more fulfilling than a great many albums that are currently on the market. Make it a point to visit Holywood’s Facebook for additional information about the performer, samples from Casa Blue, and the latest in news.

The EP can be bought from Holywood’s Bandcamp joeholywood.bandcamp.com/album/casa-blue for $5 AUD; here’s to hoping that Holywood is able to build and expand in the years to come; imagine Casa Blue as the musical (and serious) equivalent of Danger 5 and you will have a good idea about what to expect on the variety of tracks here.

Top Tracks: Take It All In, The Golden Boys

Rating: 8.6/10

Joe Holywood Casa Blue / 2015 Self / 6 Tracks / joeholywood.bandcamp.com/album/casa-blue / www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNqfG2ut8ogQrI7KvqwXgg /

Ransom Price Interview

We sat down today with Mike Ransom of Ransom Price. My Kidnap Money is his latest album, and is due out on April 7th. What was the recording process like for the disc?

Ransom Price is essentially a studio project, so we didn’t face the usual deadlines of trying to get an album finished up prior to a tour or anything like that.  Additionally, My Kidnap Money is being released on Unable Records, which I run, and so I didn’t have any pressure from a label or other outside parties.  As a result, the recording process for this album was a lot more relaxed than it otherwise would have been.rp-mykidnapmoney


We began tracking drums very late in 2013, and knocked those out fairly quickly because the drummer (Chris Mazure) was moving to Florida.  So I think we finished drums in 3 consecutive days.  After that though, it was a very laid back process.  We were recording at 0x1 Sound Studio, which is a sister company of Unable Records, and both the studio and label were very busy with other projects.  Since we didn’t have any deadlines or pressure to get the Ransom Price album done, we just took our time, worked on it when we could, and wrapped up tracking in July 2014.

My Kidnap Money is broadly thematic. What story do the tracks on the album tell?

The album was written during, and about, a very dark time in my life a number of years ago.  I suppose it was caused by a combination of things:  realizing that I’d grown up, depression, anger, a really rocky period in my marriage, the stress of raising small children, work, and the death of some friends.  Anyway, things were pretty bad then, but I wrote almost continuously during that period and just after.  I found that writing was a great outlet for me, and that it allowed me to step outside of my problems for a bit; to put my issues into perspective.  A lot of those times it helped me feel better.  That’s what My Kidnap Money is; it’s my journey through the hardest time in my life and the emergence on the other side.  My writing is very simple, not at all complex or pretentious, and fairly straight-to-the-point.  I think the main reason for this is because when I was writing these, I was writing for myself; not for anyone else, not even for the purpose of writing a song in most cases.  I was just writing to get my thoughts on paper, in a way that felt comfortable and natural to me.  This is what came out.

What are the biggest influences that shine through on My Kidnap Money?

Musically, I’m very heavily influenced by bands like Screeching Weasel, Green Day, The Bouncing Souls, and The Queers, among others.  That’s what I grew up listening to, and it’s what I listen to today, mostly.  When I write, I write for myself.  I write songs that I enjoy playing and that I enjoy listening to, which is why I stay pretty much within my comfort zone.  I like straight forward and simple punk rock.

Lyrically, I’m influenced by what is happening in my life when I write a particular song.  I wouldn’t say that I draw lyrical inspiration from anywhere else really.

What dynamic does Amanda bring to the table on Enough is Enough and Drink?

This was the first time that my wife and I collaborated musically, and I love the result.  I hadn’t really planned on doing it, but it just sort of happened.  “Drink” was our first song together, and it’s about the night on which it was written.  We had put the kids to bed after one particularly trying evening, and decided to have a drink.  We have these shot glasses that are made out of salt, so we grabbed a bottle of Patron and sat down at the kitchen table and started doing tequila shots.  We talked and got drunk; hashing out everything that had transpired over the last few years.  We realized that both us were saddled with huge amounts of guilt, but for different reasons; whether it’s the shitty person that I had been or because we felt we didn’t have enough time with the kids, or whatever.  At some point I grabbed a note book and started writing.  Amanda would throw out a line, I’d throw out a line; we’d both do some editing or rearranging, and in very short order we had “Drink” as it is today:  a documentary of that night.  It’s funny how sometimes, even after being married for 10 years, it takes one of those nights to really learn more about someone.  We both learned a lot about each other that night, had a ton of fun, killed a full 750 of Patron, and wrote a great song.

“Enough is Enough” was totally different because we set out to write that one together, after we realized that we enjoyed writing together.  I had numerous lyrical lines, scattered throughout several notebooks, that I was trying to bring together to tell the story of “Enough is Enough”.  I wanted to write a song about my inner struggle, about my desire to push myself to get into a better frame of mind.  I brought these fragments together and added a few new lines, but then handed it off to Amanda.  She knows me better than anyone else, and she knew exactly what I was trying to convey.  She made a ton of edits; moving lines, rewriting lines, deleting lines.  She just went.  She was on a roll.  When she handed the notebook back to me, I read what she had done, and I knew that we had it.  “Enough is Enough” was completed; she nailed it and I didn’t change a thing after that.

The east and west coasts have traditionally had different sounds to their punk. How do you reconcile and update the sounds from each?

To be honest, I’ve never really paid much attention to the east coast/west coast thing.  My favorite bands, and biggest influences, have come from scenes in different parts of the country (Screeching Weasel from Chicago, The Queers from Boston, Bouncing Souls from New Jersey, and Green Day from Berkeley).  What matters to me is whether or not I develop an emotional connection to the music.  I don’t really pay attention to, or care, if a song has elements of west coast punk or east coast punk.  I just listen to, and write, what sounds appealing to me at that particular time.  Traditions, expectations, whatever you want to call it, mean very little to me.

What did your recording set up look like for My Kidnap Money?

We recorded the album at the 0x1 Sound Studio in Cherry Hill, NJ.  It was produced and engineered by Jason Ruch, who is without a doubt the most talented engineer I’ve ever known.  We used an analog front end that fed to our Pro Tools HD system.  The front end consisted of all-tube gear from world class companies such as Neve, API, Universal Audio, Vintec and Avalon.  Our approach to recording the whole album was to get a nice, clean sound without being over edited.  The drums were 100% natural, without samples added or the drums quantized.  We were going for that live, raw punk rock sound and feel.  We took this approach every step of the way really.

For bass recording we both a Sans Amp RBI and an Ampeg SVT.  For the guitars, we tracked each rhythm guitar 4 times.  We tracked a hard-panned left and right take using a vintage BlackFace Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, and a mid-pan left and right take using a Kemper profiling amp.  The tone we chose was a fat, thick, overdriven sound.  We used a Mesa 4×12 oversized cabinet, miked with a Sure Sm57.  100% of the sound was just a loud amp in a live room.

We took an old school approach to recording this album; just real people playing in a room.  No punches and crafty editing.  Just straight up punk rock with a modern sound and old school heart.  It certainly isn’t the most polished recording to ever come out of 0x1 Sound, but we did it that way on purpose.  I wanted this to be an honest album, and I felt that taking a “leave it alone” attitude in the studio would go a long way towards capturing and retaining that honesty.  In fact, “The Departed” was recorded in one take, vocals and guitar simultaneously.  To do it any other way just wouldn’t feel right.

How can individuals hear samples of the new album?

People should visit UnableRecords.com/RansomPrice to hear samples and buy the CD.  After April 7th, My Kidnap Money will also be available from all major online retailers.  It’d be awesome if they’d get it directly from us though, at UnableRecords.com.

What goals do you have for Ransom Price in 2015?  Before you retire?

Before I retire I would love to take Ransom Price beyond the studio and go on tour.  When I started this project I had no intention of ever making this more than a studio project, but now that the album is just about out and the early feedback is good, I’ve kinda been “bitten by the bug” again.  It’s been 15 years since I’ve played a live show (I was in the NJ punk band Point Blank back in the late 1990s), but I think it would be really cool to get out there and do it again.  I’d wait until my kids are a bit older though, so they could come along if they wanted.  I’m starting them early.  Last summer, when they were 6 and 4, we got them some ear protection and took them to a Bouncing Souls show in Asbury Park; they both thought it was amazing.

As for the goals for the rest of this year; I’m just going to focus on spreading the word about this album.  I really want people to hear this record, to hear my story.

Finally, do you have any final thoughts for our readers?

Thank you for reading this interview and thanks for checking out my album!  Thanks for supporting independent music!  There are tons of amazing artists and bands out there, grinding away under the radar, that need support.  The “streaming music model” is killing independent music, due to the cannibalization of sales (physical and downloads).  Yes, streaming is convenient and cheap, and provides incredible access to huge libraries; but it pays so little to independent musicians that most cannot sustain their music careers.  Please, if you enjoy an artist’s music and really want to support them, buy a CD or an album download.  Leave the streaming for “music discovery”, otherwise we will see really talented bands and artists begin to call it quits.

Thank you so much for your time.

Friday, March 27, 2015

LEX: Electro-Pop Group Premiere First Single “Mystery Boy”

The Los Angeles-based foursome–ALEXIS (vocals, synthesizers), LP (synthesizers), LICIA (bass, synthesizers) and J (drums)–create their modern electro-pop sounds by using all analog vintage synthesizers, and everything is executed live during their performance–with no backing tracks or computers onstage.Catch the group on their west coast tour which kicks off this weekend (dates below).


“Mystery Boy” is one of the five songs featured on LEX’s self-titled debut EP, out Tuesday, May 5 and produced by longtime Daft Punk collaborator Peter Franco. Franco–who engineered Random Access Memories (2013) and won the 2014 Grammy Award for “Best Engineered Album” as well as “Record of The Year” for “Get Lucky”– helped hone their synth-heavy sound with old school disco beats.


For the visual elements of their live show, Daft Punk lighting designers Martin Phillips and John McGuire (Daft Punk, Kanye West, deadmau5 and Prince) are collaborating with the group. LEX will launch a west coast club tour on Sunday, March 29 in Seattle, then hit Portland and Eugene, OR as well as San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA (dates below).


Watch the LEX live teaser:



Following is the tracklisting for the self-titled debut EP from LEX:


1) Beam

2) Mystery Boy

3) Stare

4) Hall

5) Ready


LEX spring 2015 west coast tour:

SUN3/29Seattle, WAEl Corazon Loungetinyurl.com/qhxfkau
MON3/30Portland, ORPeter’s Roomtinyurl.com/oh6moyo
TUE3/31Eugene, ORThe Wow Halltinyurl.com/ojq5tfw
WED4/1San Francisco, CAPianoFightwww.pianofight.com/
THU4/2San Diego, CAThe Hideoutwww.thehideoutsd.com/
SAT5/30Los Angeles, CASpace 15 Twentywww.space15twenty.com/





Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pfarmers Debut Album Gunnera Out May 12 via Jurassic Pop Records

Danny and Bryan have been friends since The National and Menomena toured together in the early 2000s. Their paths crossed several times since then, most recently backstage at a festival, where Bryan showed Danny some severely damaged, synth-affected drumbeats he had recorded with his friend Dave, who was currently playing horns in David Byrne’s band. Shortly after, Pfarmers was born.

According to Seim, “The record is about a dream I had where I’m reluctantly accepting a fear of drowning by focusing on being reincarnated as a giant Gunnera plant, which thrive on the banks of rivers (specifically the Jordan River i.e. the Biblical promised land) after I paint myself gold and sink to the bottom like the El Dorado of South American folklore.”

Pfarmers is the new project from Danny Seim (Menomena, Lackthereof), Bryan Devendorf (The National), and Dave Nelson (David Byrne & St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens).

Gunnera, out May 12, 2015 on Jurassic Pop Records, will be available on a variety of formats including CD, Digital, Cassette (limited to 100), Black 12″ VinylGreen/Blue Color-in-Color 12″ Vinyl (limited to 200) and an Ultra Limited Collector’s Edition (limited to 50) that comes with a hand made Pfarmers themed seed bomb sculpture by Chicago artist Edward Cabral.

A seed bomb is compressed soil/clay/ceramics containing live vegetation. When left outside in a field or garden they will dissolve and grow. Edward Cabral has sculpted these functional seed bombs into unique gold-leafed art pieces resembling the folk art of El Dorado and filled with real Gunnera seeds.

All formats are available to pre-order from Jurassic Pop’s webstore: store.jurassicpoprecords.com

Passion Pit's "Lifted Up (1985)" Video Debuts

The video for Passion Pit’s “Lifted Up (1985),” the first track from the highly-anticipated forthcoming album Kindred, debuts today. Watch the video, with concept by Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos and directed by Phil Andelman below.


Kindred is out April 21 on Columbia Records.

The band is fresh from a string of shows at SXSW, the worldwide live debut of Kindred. Of the shows, the Austin American Statesman’s Austin 360 says, “All hail Michael Angelakos, king of the electropop rock stars…the Massachusetts band’s still got some kind of lightning in a bleepy-bloopy bottle,” while The Philadelphia Inquirer praises, “musically effusive, and catchy as ever.”

In celebration of the release of Kindred the band will tour North America this spring, playing intimate venues in the U.S. and Canada. The band will make stops including Big Guava Music Festival, Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre, two nights at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club and many more. Tickets are available now via www.kindredthealbum.com/

Listen to Kindred track “Where The Sky Hangs” via passionpitmusic.com and pre-order the album with the two tracks as instant downloads here.

Critical praise for Passion Pit:

“Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos makes Technicolor electro-pop with monster hooks. But his songs are sturdy, versatile things…”—NPR Music

“Shiny, happy sounds define the music of Passion Pit…dizzying electronic stutters, wavery manipulated voices, chiming glockenspiels, stately pianos, female backup singers, twittering woodwinds and elegiac string sections. It’s larger and much cleaner than life—that is, until Mr. Angelakos’s lyrics sink in.”—The New York Times

“Michael Angelakos’ records don’t always sound human. The track-upon-track production mixes keyboards, guitars and orchestral instruments until it’s sometimes little more than a bundle of luminous accouterments. Yet below the ultra-modern glisten are little diaries of tough times and hard living, all of them graced with emotive, soul falsettos…”—Los Angeles Times

Kindred was written by Passion Pit creative force and frontman Michael Angelakos and recorded in New York City. The album was produced by Angelakos alongside longtime collaborators and co-producers Chris Zane and Alex Aldi, as well as Benny Blanco.

Angelakos’ songwriting process for Passion Pit has always been to filter and reshape. Many sounds on Kindred that one would assume are synths are actually Angelakos’ voice, manipulated by computers and pedals. Angelakos frequently repurposes sound: using Top 40 signifiers for outrĂ© ends, crushing weird natural and synthetic detritus together into pop (Brent Katz, liner notes, 2015).

Kindred follows Passion Pit’s 2012 hit Gossamer, which found the band selling out Madison Square Garden, appearing on “Saturday Night Live” and a special “Live on Letterman” performance, and playing at major festivals including Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Outside Lands and more.


March 27                                                     Phoenix, AZ           McDowell Mountain Music Festival

April 16                                                       London, UK                                         Electric Ballroom

April 17                                                          Paris, FR                                            La Maroquinerie

April 26                                                       Norfolk, VA                                                   The Norva

April 29                                                       Toronto, ON                                   Danforth Music Hall

May 1                                                      State College, PA                                   Movin On Festival

May 2                                                        Richmond, VA                                            Big Field Day

May 5                                                     Washington, D.C.                                                9:30 Club

May 6                                                     Washington, D.C.                                                9:30 Club

May 8                                                           Tampa, FL                             Big Guava Music Festival

May 10                                                        Camden, NJ                           Susquehanna Bank Center

May 11                                                       Brooklyn, NY                                             Kings Theatre

May 13                                                         Chicago, IL                                                   Thalia Hall

May 14                                                         Chicago, IL                                                   Thalia Hall

May 17                                                      San Diego, CA                            Observatory North Park

May 19                                                        Seattle, WA                                Showbox at the Market

May 20                                                        Seattle, WA                                Showbox at the Market

May 22                                                   Salt Lake City, UT             Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre

May 22-24                                                   El Paso, TX                         Neon Desert Music Festival

May 26                                                        Denver, CO                                             Ogden Theatre

May 29                                                          Reno, NV                      Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

May 30                                                          Napa, CA                                        BottleRock Festival

July 19                                                        Portland, OR                                               Project Pabst

July 24-26                                              Oro-Medonte, ON                      WayHome Music Festival

Aug 15-16                                                     Tokyo, JP                                                SummerSonic


  1. Lifted Up (1985)

    2. Whole Life Story

    3. Where the Sky Hangs

    4. All I Want

    5. Five Foot Ten (I)

    6. Dancing on the Grave

    7. Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)

    8. Looks Like Rain

    9. My Brother Taught Me How To Swim

    10. Ten Feet Tall (II)

Biana Kovic One Perfect Moment Single Review

Biana Kovic’s One Perfect Moment is a dynamic track that takes listeners on a journey through a wide variety of different styles and approaches. The track is produced well enough to allow for each note to resound clearly as well as to create a cohesive and coherent style that is substantially greater than the constituent elements. There is a certain timelessness to this composition; this style of music would shine brightly no matter whether Kovic was dropped in the 1800s, 1900s, or today. There is a dynamism to One Perfect Moment that keeps things fresh for fans of current music. Nods to folk, blues, and classical music ensure that listeners of a wide array of musical styles will find something that they can appreciate.

bianakovicA deliberate pace is taken by Kovic that allows listeners the opportunity to explore each movement; the arrangements heard in One Perfect Moment are meant to be enjoyed in much the same way as visiting a museum. The track will go by in the blink of an eye, a feat made all the more impressive considering that the composition nearly hits the seven-minute mark.

Biana’s website possesses all the information that one would need regarding her music, latest updates, and further information about the array of other interests and influences that this inspirational musician possesses. Her domain ( bianakovic.com ) allows visitors to hear the entirety of One Perfect Moment along with other tracks and versions of her singles. Keep an eye out for our coverage of Freed next week on NeuFutur, and make it a point to familiarize yourself with this compelling and talented cellist and composer as she continues to craft inimitable music.

Rating: 8.7/10

Biana Kovic One Perfect Moment Single Review / 2014 Self / 1 Track / www.bianakovic.com/