Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top 5 Strategies to Save Money Vaporizing

The sheer amount of different websites and physical locations that offer e-juice and vaporizer accessories and products for sale is mind-numbing. However, the price for vaporizers and e-liquid bottles vary considerably. It is incredibly important to do comparison shopping, but with the hundreds of locations the process becomes immeasurably difficult. There are a few strategies for making the best purchases for your money.
1.       Make sure to have the UPCs / SKUs of the products you would like. The way to describe disposable e-Ccgs varies dependent on what the shop owner named the item in their inventory, but the UPC is consistent through locations. Use Google and Bing to search the UPC and visit each hit on the first three or four pages of search results.
2.       Attempt to locate synonyms for the device you are using. For example, the NEwhere vape starter kit may be found under “NEwhere kit”, “NEwhere vaporizer”, or “NEwhere starter kit”. By only using one or two search terms, one may be unnecessarily paying more for the item than they need.
3.       Check online auction sites. While there are some restrictions on what an individual may buy off of eBay, a number of vaporization parts can easily be found on these services. Some of these auctions will allow the buyer to send the seller an offer, which could lead to substantial discounts on each purchase.

With the hundreds of different websites that are selling vaporization products, parts, and devices, there is no good reason beyond immediate gratification to visit a physical store. Think about it logically – a brick and mortar retailer has to pay for their mall kiosk or slot in a strip mall, while online-only retailers may be able to maintain their stock in a house or a storage unit. By taking a few extra minutes, one can save a considerable amount of money.

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