Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rajendra Teredesai with Bluemonk Crosswinds CD Review

The Road to Byblos is the introduction to Crossroads, providing listeners with a timeless composition that could be heard in the dusty plains of Egypt as well as a hot yoga session in New York. The soundscape that is crtafted during this composition is continually shifting and changing, a step that not only keeps things interesting from beginning to end but bolsters the cohesion of the early pasrts of the album.


Jaisalmer Moon has a darker, more richly emotive sound that tells more in thirty seconds than most tracks can do in three or four minutes. The nine minutes of the composition seem nearly too short as the different movements are bursting at the seams with interesting interplay, deep detail, and a polished veneer that is calming and fulfilling.

Crosswinds hits its stride with a triad of compositions – Twilight by Lake Manasarovar, Meditation at Mount Kailash, and The Flower Maiden of Bali – that indicate that the Teredesai / BLuemonk duo are producing something that is decidedly greater than their constituent parts. This twenty-one minute journey is tremendously effecting; while it is possible for listeners to focus on chores or work and listen to the music, they will be missing the multiple layers of interactions and instrumental relationships that are fostered here. Crosswinds concludes with Farewell to Waheeda, a massive twelve-plus minute composition that is deftly crafted by the coupling;  .

Make sure to visit RealMusic.com for additional information about Crosswinds and the entirety of the Real Music discography. The title will be released on April 28th and will be available at a wide selection of brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers.

Top Tracks: Twilight by Lake Manasarovar, The Flower Maiden of Bali

Rating: 8.7/10

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