Sunday, March 22, 2015

Don Puglisi and Fall Down Pretty Bubbles of Light EP Review

Bubbles of Light begins with Ricochet Girl, a track that links together the alternative rock of the nineties with a more traditional rock (Tom Petty, Warren Zevon) sound. The production allows each element of the composition to shine separately as well as contributing to the track. The track has a hooky, catchy beat that will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. Don’s vocals during this introductory track are sharp and focused as they pull double-duty as narration and contributing to the overall harmony of the cut.


Bubbles of Light has a rich blend of styles that weaves together late-nineties U2 and Placebo, building upon this pop-techno in a fashion that makes it a tremendous hit in the current EDM-heavy arena. Summer Ends slows things down to showcase a much more emotive and introspective Puglisi; there is a Dylan meets Lennon tenor to Don’s vocals that is ratcheted up into an impassioned and intense tenor by the conclusion of the track.

Goodbye New York (remix) concludes Bubbles of Light in an emphatic fashion. This rock track is given a hint of desert rock by the spaced-out guitar arrangements. The dynamic between the vocal and instrumental efforts during this track pushes each to a higher plateau. The nods to a variety of towns during this concluding track will provide listeners with a sense that Puglisi is speaking to them. The placement of this track as the conclusion of the EP winds things down  nicely, while stoking listeners’ desires for more tracks from Don.

Bubbles of Light is available from Amazon and iTunes. To hear samples of the Bubbles of Lights EP, visit Puglisi’s ReverbNation.

Top Tracks: Bubbles of Light, Goodbye New York (remix)

Rating: 8.8/10

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