Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1)

Having a titular character represent a set of traits by virtue of his name has been done through a considerable portion of literary history, and Kevin Debler has called back to that tradition with his latest work, The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1).  Ero must band together with a set of like-minded travelers to unseat a powerful evil, Prince Karthas. On this journey, tremendous dangerous and larger than life foes threaten to lay waste to everything that Ero holds dear. There is a rapid pace that is present here that rivals works like The Brothers War series or Larry Niven’s Known Space universe; the motivations of characters are wel thought-out and make sense given their dire situations. The villains are strong evil forces but are not cartoonish in their aims, making it easy for readers to fit into their shoes.

The style of writing is extremely deep without adding in unnecessary words; rich description is commonplace ubt there is always a reason for what is being discussed on the page. The tale that is weaved through Debler’s title will have readers focused in from beginning to end. I would like to see how Kevin’s style expands and changes from the initial title to subsequent releases, but I feel that The Adventures of Ero Unsughn is a solid introduction to the characters, setting, and overall world that is created in this introductory tome.

The title can be read in three or four hours, making the book a perfect companion during a series of long baths or on a rainy day. If you would like to read any other of Debler’s works, visit his Hubpages profile (below). Keep an ear firmly to the ground concerning the additional releases in the Ero Unsughn mythos.

Rating: 9.0/10

The Adventures of Ero Unsughn: The Silver Band (Volume 1) / Kevin Debler / 2013 / 166 Pages / kevindebler.hubpages.com/