Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ATH-PG1 Premium Gaming Headset

audio-technica has released a new product, the ATH-PG1, that sets a high bar for subsequent headset or headphone releases. The durable build quality ensures that users will be comfortable with the fit and comfortability for years. The padding on the cup and outer covering allow for a tight fit that has enough play to allow the ATH-PG1s to be worn for marathon gaming sessions.



The removable cord makes the untangling process simple, a major benefit for those that has a mass of wired or an otherwise cluttered gaming area. The one head of the cable contains the microphone, which can be adjusted with the flexible wire. A simple on/off switch mutes this microphone, allowing players to stay in full-screen mode when needing to flip on or off the microphone.

Voices are captured crisply and cleanly with the mic, making it easy to provide directions or converse using the ATH-PG1. The 44 mm drivers are similarly versatile, allowing users to watch movies or listen to music with an accurate and full-bodied response. The head set can also be used in tandem with a smartphone, providing purchasers with a better quality microphone and speakers when compared to those in their cellular devices. With either playback or a more interactive function (call, guild/squad conversation), the ATH-PG1 headset can be tuned to decently loud levels. Finally, the length of the cords allow individuals to move further away from their gaming devices; the only thing that we would like to see in subsequent audio-technica headsets would be a coil cord rather than the straight cord that is used here.

The ATH-PG1 headset is available from online and brick and mortar retailers for around $200; the device has a two-year limited warranty.

Rating: 9.3/10

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