Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soulganic Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1 CD Review

Soulganic’s third album, Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1, showcases a wide array of styles and an evolution of the band’s style over 2010’s From The Storm to the Sun. Spaces Between / In Time Spaces Between / In Time is a compelling composition that will draw listeners in, allowing the constituent elements of the band ample time to shine. The rich tapestry that is created through the distinct elements of the act is a hallmark that is continually referred to during the later compositions on the album.a2066855972_2

Till the Streetlights Came On is a track that begins and ends before a minute has passed, but is integral in giving Soulganic an additional tool to utilize throughout the remainder of Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1. This Gift is a radio-friendly track, tying together the laid-back production of a J. Dilla with a classic R&B sound. While this track could easily work in the seventies, there is a contemporary coolness that will have fans continuing to sing along long after the effort has ceased to spin.

The Story She Tells is a late-disc track that absolutely sizzles. Complex, jazz-infused arrangements create a varied backdrop for impassioned vocals to build off of. The track is surprisingly deep, with much to provide on subsequent spins. Neon Crepuscule / Out of Time inserts a decent dollop of reggae into the Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1 spirit without going too far afield from what listeners have already heard. I like the transitory feel of the composition, as it provides an emphatic end to what listeners have heard and presents them with a hint for where Soulganic may go in the years t come. Make it a point to visit the band’s domain and Twitter for music samples and the latest news from Soulganic.

Top Tracks: This Gift, The Story She Tells

Rating: 8.6/10


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