Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bonefish Grill - In + On Bar Bites

Bonefish Grill has added a number of offerings to their menu with their In + On Bar Bites promotion. Taken together, these small plates are the perfect way for an individual (or a party) to taste the wide variety of Bonefish Grille’s specialties, all without breaking the bank. Bonefish’s take on a Moscow Mule, The Mule ($7.5) ties together a strong, assertive ginger element with a more moderate mint element. The drink utilizes locally sourced ginger beer to provide a refreshing zip.


The Dim Sum Style Sliders ($8) are a perfect blend of Asian and American cuisine; the plate uses a flattened, steamed bun to hold deftly-cooked barbecued Pork (the plate also comes in a chipotle shrimp variety). Bonefish Grill has a number of options for oyster lovers; the oyster shooter ($4) ties together a more salty seafood element with a sharp and neat vodka place, while the restaurant’s take on Oysters Rockefeller ($2.5) are nuanced with hints of spinach, cheese, and bacon. The Oysters Rockefellers go down extremely easy, with the distinct elements of the plate working together in harmony.

The Mac + cheese bites ($5) are priced perfectly for an appetizer, while the plate itself is a must-have because of the rich cheese used and the golden coloration that the bites receive while in the fryer. The tower that is Bonefish’s ahi tuna tartare ($7) tostada will feed two comfortably, with the tartare and the tostada representing a great blend of soft and crispy. For those that want a more encapsulated experience, the ahi tuna tartare street taco (2 for $7) is a small plate with big aims. Finally, the lamb lollipop chops have a tremendous amount of meat per chop, grilled and given a caramelized coating that is decadent and rich. The In + On Bar Bites promotion contains a number of martinis (pomegranate, raspberry, and a mango/lemon/jalapeno blend) that are bold, fun, and with just enough alcohol presence to complete things. The new Bonefish Grill menu is something to experience; visit for a full listing of their plates on the In + On Bar Bites promotion.

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