Saturday, August 31, 2013

PayAnywhere Review

With the increasing interconnectedness of the world, it is important to be on the cutting edge of technology. This means to keep an ear firmly to the ground about the latest apps for how to accept credit cards. There is the simple fact that most people do not carry physical cash any more. If you have a small business, it is integral to accept credit cards in this day and age. PayAnywhere is an application and reader that is ultimately customizable, and provides business owners with the opportunity to take payments at any time of the day, as long as individuals have cell phone service.

PayAnywhere will send an individual a card reader for free. For those that are concerned about the cut that the company takes – don’t fear – it represents 2.69% of a transaction. This is a rate that is far lower than other competing programs. When one installs the app, the straight-forward design ensures that one will be active shortly after. There are no arcane functions, and the shortcuts that are provided further shave off the time that it will taker to process a sale and get people on their way. The designer team that is present on PayAnywhere listens to the feedback of those that are using the program, ensuring that it is at the peak of utility.

No matter whether the type of business that one runs, PayAnywhere will be a welcome addition. I would venture that taking on an online payment application will increase sales to a considerable degree. Whenever I go to a festival, I just see so many signs that say that cash is accepted only; I feel that these businesses are losing out on so many sales that would allow their business to grow and otherwise expand. If you run a company that takes payments, PayAnywhere should be your first choice for a program.