Monday, August 12, 2013

MacBubba Scotch Ale Review


The Scotch Ale style blends the bitterness of hops with the fullness of malt. The MacBubba hits all of the high notes of the style while providing enough unique flavor to make it a go-to beer. The amber / brown pour provides a nice cream colored head, while the initial sip yields hints of caramel, raisin, molasses and just enough burn to keep things lively. The inclusion of peated malt into MacBubba may be the x-factor here; I feel that the more earthy tones are able to push this effort into a higher plateau than similar efforts. The mouthfeel of MacBubba is very smooth and creamy, hiding the 6.5% ABV well. I do like that the CB Brewing Company has not added large amounts of sugar to MacBubba, which allows the beer to have a slight sweetness alongside a panoply of hoppier and maltier flavors. Taken together, these constituent elements make for a constantly-changing and always invigorating beer.

Visit the CB Brewing Company’s website for more information about CB’s Brewing Company and their year-round and seasonal efforts. Mate MacBubba with cheese or red meat; the beverage and the plates will bring out entirely new sides to the experience.

Rating: 9.4/10

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