Monday, May 25, 2015

Profezia Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem Reissued

Rare and out of print for many years now, PROFEZIA’s Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem debut is finally back in print via MORIBUND RECORDS, available as a limited-edition A5 digibook. Originally released in 2008, Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem introduced this Italian black metal cult to the international scene, and soon was spoken of with quiet reverence.

Back then, the duo of Kvasir and Vidharr created an extremely cold, resolutely purist form of black metal that breathed the same icy fire that the ancient gods of the early ’90s did. And although PROFEZIA’s lust for pushing boundaries would blossom years later on the critically acclaimed MORIBUND album Oracolo Suicida, the conviction displayed – not to mention the utter hypnosis – across Black Misanthropic Elite would serve as an important foundation for one of Italian BM’s very best bands. Tracks 1-6 comprise the Black Misanthropic Elite portion of the album, while track 7 and 8 comprise Moon Anthem, altogether making for stirring spelunking through medieval depths.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

ProbCause to Join Lil Dicky on Prelude To Summer Tour

With his eclectic sound that jumps from hip-hop, to electronic, to RnB, and then back to a classic boom-bap gritty rap, Chicago rapper ProbCause is embarking on a national tour with rapper/comedian Lil Dicky this summer. The prolific MC will be joined by DJ/drummer Cofresi on all dates, including shows at SummerCamp Music Festival and Wakarusa Music Festival. “Cofresi is my drummer/producer and a huge part of what we are building. He plays on a hybrid drum/DJ setup which I haven’t seen any other group play, so we’ve built a really unique live setup together,” says ProbCause.

“Fans can definitely expect a lot of new music from my upcoming album which we will be dropping this summer as well as music from my WAVES EP. Anyone who has come to my shows in the past knows that I play a lot of music that I exclusively share at the live shows!”

Earlier this year, the Chicago rapper released an EP with Hologram Kizzie, fka Psalm One, as ZRO FOX. The project displays a range of hip-hop, trap, and wavy electro-spirited cuts, showing a musical chemistry that reaches new creative heights. “The EP offers plenty of thought-provoking rhymes and intense production for fans of alt-leaning hip-hop,” said Consequence of Sound in their premiere post. ProbCause is also gearing up for the release of new projects set to drop later this summer. Catch him on tour with Lil Dicky, dates and tickets here.

ProbCause is a prolific rapper and a painter too. Between performing at SXSW, North Coast, Costa Rica, and tour dates nation-wide, ProbCause is keeping busy and inspiring fellow students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. His sound, which jumps from hip-hop, to electronic, to RnB, and then back to a classic boom-bap gritty rap, helped get him signed to high-profile booking agency Paradigm. With stories that make you reminisce and a percussive delivery that highlights his versatile production skills, ProbCause is at the head of the pack of promising new Chicago artists.

official site | twitter | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp



Friday, May 22, 2015

Joi Noir Self-Titled CD Review

Asphodel is the first track that many well hear from Joi Noir, and it is a hell of a how do you do; the track is able to take up the goth, new romantic, and girl-rock (Bangles, Runaways) styles of the late seventies and the early eighties. Rather than merely looking back, there is a vitality that the band creates that makes each of the tracks on this self-titled album shine in the current era. Cake (The Queen is Dead) is the first single by the band, and it builds off of the work of Bauhaus and Three Imaginary Boys-era The Cure. The song tattoos its sultry melodies deep into the psyche of listeners, while the confident and intense vocals heard here utilize the Sisters of Mercy and 45 Grave as a blueprint.joinoir3

All My Life is one of the most fascinating tracks on this eponymous albums. Joi Noir is able to cultivate another slice of the same rock / punk / goth style with this track, but there are hints of later (Rites of Spring, Replacements, and even late-nineties AFI) bands that can be heard here. This cut provides the momentum that listeners need to complete this album; fans that want a catchy radio-friendly track can find it here, while those that require intricate and intense compositions will be floored by what they hear here.

All Day All Night concludes this title, and represents a rare example of a track that concludes the album nicely while showcasing the styles that the band can take on subsequent albums. For more information about this unique band, make it a point to visit the band’s domain or SoundCloud profile.

Top Tracks: Cake (The Queen is Dead), All Day All Night

Rating: 8.8/10

Joi Noir Self-Titled CD Review / 2015 Self / 10 Tracks / / / /


City Barbeque (Columbus, Ohio)

We visited the City Barbeque in the Polaris area (8491 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH) a few days back and had a stellar meal. The company has a number of distinct menu options to ensure that individuals have a meal that will far outstrip the offerings of any other fast-food or sit-down restaurant around.

Smoked sausage is an all-star on City Barbeque’s menu, having a complex spice blend used that ensures that every bite has a slightly different flavor profile. The turkey breast is a rare example of a turkey product that is juicy and moist throughout, while the beef brisket has considerable smokiness without losing any of the moisture of the meat. Our favorite had to be the pulled pork, having a solid balance of stringy and cohesive to ensure that City Barbeque’s sauces hold perfectly.


The different sides that we experienced were all solid efforts. The fresh cut fries were crispy without being too tough to bite, with only a small amount of seasoning to allow for individuals to gussy them up however they would like. The hush puppies were smaller than those found at other restaurants, meaning that there was actually a good amount of crunch without the hush puppies being mealy or a chore to eat. The baked beans utilized the City Barbeque sauce rather than coming with the overly sweet sauce that most packaged baked beans have, while the corn pudding represents the perfectly blend of sweet and savory.


The different barbeque sauces that City offers have distinct flavor profiles, meaning that the Brushfire sauce has a little bit of a fiery zing alongside a smaller amount of sweetness and smoky elements. The Texas toast looks to be fairly simple on the exterior, but there is a little bit of sweet and buttery that is matched nicely with a crunchy mouthfeel and filling body. The City Sampler is the perfect way to experience the full variety of what City Barbeque has to offer, including the Texas toast alongside 2 sides of one’s choice, turkey, sausage, pulled pork, and beef brisket.IMG_20150520_135108111

All together, two platters, two pieces of the Texas sheet cake, and two drinks eaten in the restaurant came to a few cents above $50. City Barbeque also offers pick-up and catering options for parties big and small. For a full listing of the products that are on the restaurant’s menu including their seasonal offerings), the stores nearest to you, and the fundraising opportunity that the restaurant provides.

City Barbeque (Columbus, Ohio) /

Kihei Kolsch (Maui Brewing Co.)

Kihei Kolsch is Maui Brewing Company’s take on a classic German style. The beer pours with a light yellow with a slight bit of haze to it. The head is fairly thick, possessing an off-white color and a considerable amount of lacing that works its way down the glass. While there are considerable grain flavors that are initially present in the Kihei Kolsch, the beer opens up nicely and will provide imbibers with sweeter elements, hops, and even a little bit of grain on subsequent sips. The beer is able to have a very alluring flavor profile to a wide segment of the drinking population while having enough in the way of twists and turns to make even the most experienced drinker happy.IMG_20150522_214641726

Kihei Kolsch would allow the flavors of sausage, burger, and popcorn to be highlighted while the beer can be drank in multiples without the individual feeling fatigued from the overall package. This Kolsch is one of the best in-style efforts that we have experienced, and would be a perfect introduction into more nuanced beers for those that have only had lagers or pale ales in the past.

For more information about Maui Brewing’s Kihei Kolsch and the brewery’s other year-round and seasonal efforts, their domain possesses considerable information. The company also maintains an active social media presence, with their Twitter providing the latest news about the food trucks that will be present at their facilities and their brewing calendar. Visit our Coconut Porter review for additional coverage of Maui’s beer offerings.

Rating: 8.2/10

Kihei Kolsch / 5.2% ABV / Maui Brewing Company / /


James Rawson Tristan & Isolde CD Review

Alfred is a catchy, hooky effort that begins James Rawson’s latest album, Tristan & Isolde. The track ebbs and flows, increasing and decreasing in speed to ensure that everyone listening in will be agog. Intermezzo may only extend to the minute and a half mark, but the deft composition showcase intricate intimacy; the different elements here combine to create something silky and alluring before the album moves into Dead Bones. Dead Bones furthers a dichotomy between human and inorganic; the shark differences that exist between these two sides make for a stark track that is reigned into a unified approach by Rawson’s talented hand.


Boys and Lotus Flowers links together the eighties New Romantic movement with the Britpop of the nineties to establish something that is current, vibrant, and will echo nicely around listeners’ minds long after Tristan & Isolde completes. Theme And Variations is an entire range of organic and electronic, past and present that really hammers home the wide array of styles and influences that comprise Rawson’s musical output.

Echoes in the Valley is a complex track that is warm and richly emotive with enough of a narrative present that listeners will be on the edges of their seat. The rich vocals of Rawson are reminiscent of OK Computer-era Radiohead, while the difficult time signatures that are presented here hearken back to the era of Massive Attack and Portishead.

Tristan & Isolde concludes with a powerful dynamic created by the penultimate and ultimate compositions, Mirkwood and Love Built a City. Taken together, the constituent elements on this album are as immersive as the original Wagner opera.

Top Tracks: Boys and Lotus Flowers, Theme And Variations

Rating: 8.6/10

James Rawson Tristan & Isolde CD Review / 2015 Independent Ear / 10 Tracks / / /

Thursday, May 21, 2015

John Tomaino Wanted Man Single Review

Wanted Man is a John Tomaino track that blends equal amounts rock, pop, and punk into something is wholly immersive and catchy. Each of the constituent elements of the track are able to shine on their own and as a unified effort. The energetic vocals of Tomaino will tattoo themselves deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in, while the jangly guitars provide the perfect contrast for the lyrics.


The percussion during the track fleshes out the composition into something fulfilling and deep; multiple listens will be needed to hear every twist and turn that Tomaino has inserted here. The cut will be something that music fans of all ages and a wide variety of styles will be able to appreciate. The quicker tempo of Wanted Man means that the track ends at a hair above the three-minute mark, but the depth of the composition makes the track occupy a much larger space.

There is no denying that what Tomaino does here is considerably different than the average fare that is currently garnering radio airplay; John’s unique abilities exhibited during this effort are a bane rather than a boon. There is a certain crossover appeal to Wanted Man, as the effort could easily be slotted into pop, top 40, rock, or alternative radio playlists and shine brightly.


Make it a point to visit Tomaino’s ReverbNation for samples of his music and add him on Facebook for the latest in information about the latest in news and tracks. Here’s to hoping that the rest of 2015 yields other Tomaino tracks that are as strong as Pain Relief and Wanted Man. Check out our review of Pain Relief from April.

Rating: 8.7/10

John Tomaino Wanted Man Single Review / 2015 Self / 1 Track / / /

Vertex IPA (Destihl)

Destihl has created an India Pale Ale in their Vertex IPA that is able to pop with a considerable amount of hop without overwhelming imbibers. The beer hides its 76 IBU well, pouring with a hazy dark-brown to orange and a nose that does not lean too far into the bitter side of things. When one takes their first sip of the Vertex IPA, citrus and apricot are common along with a strong hop twang at the backside of the quaff. There are smaller notes of grain and malt that can be discerned at the periphery, but this India Pale Ale is pretty straight-forward in the fruit / hop dichotomy. This duality ensures that the alcohol content is hidden perfectly, making the Vertex IPA into something that can easily be downed.lVertexLogo

With all of the session IPAs flooding the market, it has become an errand to find an IPA that is a hop bomb; Vertex is one of those beers that fans of the style will absolutely adore. For those that are just looking to put their toe into the pale ale waters, the flavors that are encapsulated here may be a mite too big and bold. This effort by Destihl is something that should be searched out and drank around bonfires, paired with beef, lamb, fish, and chicken (and cheese for vegetarians, / nuts for vegans). While Hoperation Overload is the brewery’s double/imperial IPA, I feel that the intensity of the hops here is even greater than HO; pick it up today.

For information about the full range of Destihl offerings, visit the brewery’s domain. News updates and events are found at the brewery’s Facebook. We have reviewed Destihl’s Counter Clockweisse and Abbey’s Single in the last year.

Rating: 9.3/10

Vertex IPA (Destihl) / 6.3% ABV / 76 IBU / Destihl Brewery / / /


The Peter Ulrich Collaboration releases Tempus Fugitives

April 21, 2015 marks the release of The Peter Ulrich Collaboration’s new CD Tempus Fugitives, the second in

a trilogy of albums. Helmed by Peter Ulrich, renowned former percussionist for the iconic Dead Can

Dance and contributor to the UK post-punk supergroup This Mortal Coil, Tempus Fugitives mixes folk rock, world

rock, art rock and psychedelic music with a world view that encompasses alternative history, fictional universes,

Steampunk, and Goth, and recalls the exquisitely crafted soundscapes of Dead Can Dance.

The music video for first single “Dark Daddy” is a computer

animated daydream through a dark forest that mirrors the

song’s haunting chorus: “I wrestle with your memory, and I struggle with this song… And my

thoughts grow wild, as I go from bad to worse.” “Dark Daddy” was released April 1 in the

U.S., and can be seen on YouTube at

The first Collaboration album, 2014’s The Painted Caravan, received overwhelmingly

positive reviews both in the US and UK. described it as “…a rich and song-

filled showcase,” while Modern Drummer called it a “…grand mix of folk and world music,”

and Popdose called the debut record “…riveting and intriguing.” Rob Steen of UK’s national

newspaper The Independent, described The Painted Caravan in Music Week as “…a

smorgasbord of music past, present and future, and a bona fide contender. A collaboration to

be cherished.”

Music from Tempus Fugitives and The Painted Caravan will

be performed at the Marlin Room of New York City’s Webster

Hall on Saturday June 20. The performance marks Ulrich’s

triumphant return to the live stage as a headliner,

accompanied by a mini-orchestra of superb vocalists and

musicians, and featuring more than a dozen instruments,

some fairly exotic. Additionally, the concert features a special

Steampunk-themed theatrical overlay set in an alternative

reality where characters as diverse as fabled lover Don Juan

and blues legend Robert Johnson attempt to flee the ravages

of time. Appearing on the bill with the Collaboration will be

popular harpist and singer Erin Hill as well as folk-punk

cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Porter Culture (Hops & Grain)



The beer pours with a dark brown coloration and a good amount of tannish head that laces its way down the glass. The nose of Porter Culture is slightly sweet with a hint of roasted malt, providing imbibers with an alluring introduction to the brew. The initial sip is a hint boozy with a silken smoothness that would not be out of place in a nut brown ale, while the beer takes on a variety of distinct flavors the further that one gets into a glass.hops-grain-porterculture

Porter Culture is a fulfilling beer that possesses enough in the way of complexity that individuals could easy polish off two or three cans and not receive the entire array of flavors that lurk underneath the surface. The dichotomy of hop and sweet that plays through Porter Culture allows imbibers to have diametrically opposed sides stand out and play nicely together. The hop taste that remains after each sip of the beer is enough to allow for one’s palette to be refreshed for subsequent quaffs. Fans of porters will easily lap this up, while the bitter side of things can easily be appreciate by those more into hop-heavy products.

For additional information about the full panoply of efforts that Hops & Grain offer, visit the company’s domain. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated regularly with information about their tap room, new product offerings, and tap take-overs.

Rating: 9.2/10

Porter Culture / Hops & Grain / 6.56% ABV / /

Migos Yrn The Album Releases 7/31

Migos have moved the release date to their debut LP YRN Tha Album to July 31st out on Quality Control Music. The album will feature production by DJ Mustard, Zaytoven, Honorable C Note, TM88 of 808Mafia, Murda (“Emmitt Smith”), De-Ko (“Hit Em,” “One Time”), and Cheeze Beatz (“Handsome & Wealthy”), plus an all-star list of collaborations. The group also shared the new video to their track “Migos Origin” from the album, a high-energy song that recounts Migos’ thrilling rise to fame and the creation of their signature flow.

The group’s debut clothing line ‘Yung Rich Nation‘ is still on track to drop on June 16th. The line is inspired by the 90s hip hop era when Versace and Iceberg dominated the culture. The Spring collection will include various styles of graphic T-shirts and cut & sew designs. The later Fall and Winter collections will expand to denim jeans, outerwear, fleece hoodies, crew necks, long sleeve tees and will be in stores on July 15th. The full line will be available at Tilly’s, CityGear, DTLR and Sneaker Villa. For more information, visit

Migos have also been nominated “Best New Group” for the BET Hip Hop Awards alongside A$AP Mob, Rich Gang, Young Money and others. The trio performed their high voltage “Fight Night” and also received nominations at last year’s BET Awards. This year’s show will take place on June 28th in Los Angeles, CA.




Sye Elaine Spence releases new single "Repeat,"

Sye Elaine Spence has released new single “Repeat” / “1964” today, after premiering the A-side at PureVolume and the B-side at PopMatters. Spence’s new material has scored her comparisons to Joanna Newsom, Björk and Nina Simone.

Spence’s simple, yet beautiful folk-inflected 2014 EP Bloom received praise at outlets from Essence to Pigeons & Planes and continues to captivate listeners.

In 2008, she began collaborating with artists and producers in New York City in efforts to begin a career as a professional songwriter. But in doing so, she discovered a passion for becoming an artist herself. She released a bevy of songs between 2010 and 2012, ranging from pop rock to soul. Gigging between New York and Atlanta, Spence took a brief step away from music at the end of 2012. “I felt like a hamster in a spinning wheel. I was writing songs, releasing them, making some small buzz and gigging but there was no true fulfillment or purpose behind it. I needed to step back to remember what it was that I was searching for. I needed to feel eight years old again.”

This break, which permeated personal realms, resulted in a move from New York to Atlanta and a chance meeting with folk multi-instrumentalist Michael Lesousky. It was with Lesousky that Spence returned to her roots as a writer and a poet. Collaborating for months, choosing scenic and serene locations to create, the two stumbled upon a simple, quiet sound that supported Spence’s simile laden lyrics and hushed vocals. Of the 10 songs written by the pair in spring 2013, four were brought to a quaint pond house in Athens, Ga., to be recorded.

The four-track set, Bloom, begins with its title track, featuring a softly plucked banjo as the sole accompaniment. This instrumental arrangement is constant throughout the EP, continuing into Spence’s cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” which recalls the similar GRAMMY-winning 2011 version released on Corinne Bailey Rae’s The Love EP. With a delivery that regularly hangs behind the beat, Spence’s take on the classic comes across as relaxed and romantic. In contrast, third track “You” feels more urgent, with the repeated line “I just wanna love you” growing in volume along with the eighth-note banjo countermelody as the song climaxes.

In addition to its lovestruck feel, Bloom evokes the sound of summertime, with light instrumentation and twee arrangements. While earlier tracks include references to fireflies and shorelines, closing track “Long Live The Summertime” is the most obvious contributor to the idea. Its lyrics are full to the brim with summery references, including barbecue, sweet tea and ice cream; as the song closes, a flock of birds tweet as they fly into the distance.

As evidenced in Bloom, and in her brand-new single “Repeat” / “1964,” Spence is a storyteller. With every pluck of the acoustic accompaniment, a truthful narrative of love and pain is exposed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Music Composition Treaty: The Journey of a Notice | Francisco Zornoza Díez

Bitonality is a form of composition to various shades creating a semicromátismo

and increasing chromatic harmony vertically and horizontally

It can be used in several ways: Eg making harmonic progressions two with two shades

C and G, using as a tonic harmonic spot two two two dominant and subdominant

Also it used by adding the sounds of the two keys making a harmonic progression

areas with altered harmonic.

In this example we will analyze and compose with various shades of orchestral form

for example on a chord C7M is divided into:

C E G + E G B two triads C and E: Ionian C7M

1 3 5 + 3 5 7M

C Ionian harmonizes with section ropes with a solid rhythmic accompaniment and E Phrygian

with the woodwind section with a melody and bitonality C-7M913 Doric Melodic

on the harp with accompaniment arpergiado

C_*_D_*__E_F_*_G_*_A_*_B_C : C7M Ionian

C_*_D_Eb_*_F_*_G_*_A_*_B_C : C-7M Doric Melodic

C_*_D_Eb_E_F_*_G_*_A_*_B_C : C7M99#1311 Bitonal

*** In this way we bitonality in the III ° C7M9

C7M9 for the chord is divided into different sections of the orchestra for example

string section C and E notes on stubbornly at a rate two

metal bars for wind section E and G notes as accompaniment

solid for the woodwind section B and D notes fragmented rhythmic accompaniment

forming to the three chord orchestral sections indicated C7M9

Ionian E7M bitonality on vibes as scale

C_*__D_*__E_F_*__G_*__A_*_B_C : C7M Ionian

*_C#_*_D#_E_*_F#_*_G#_A_*_B_* : E7M Ionian

C_C#_D_D#_E_F_F#_G_G#_A_*_B_C : C7M9b9#5b5#1311 Bitonal

*** In this example we have two Bitonalidades

For C7M913 chord we divide it into triads

C E G + G B D + A C E: C7M913

1 3 5 + 5 7M 9 + 6 1 3

C Ionian harmonizes section shape strings melodic line

G Mixolydian is replaced by G Ionian bitonality harmonizing with the metal section

as fragmented rhythm and A- Wind is replaced by bitonality A harmonizing Ionian

in woodwind melody shaped section

C_*__D_*_E_F_*__G_*__A_*_B_C : C7M Ionian

*_C#_D_*_E_*_F#_*_G#_A_*_B_* : A7M Ionian

C_C#_D_*_E_F_F#_G_G#_A_*_B_C : C7M9b95b5#13 Bitonal

C_*_D_*_E_F_*__G_*_A_*_B_C : C7M Ionian

C_*_D_*_E_*_F#_G_*_A_*_B_C : G7M Ionian

C_*_D_*_E_F_F#_G_*_A_*_B_C : C7M95b1311 Bitonal

C_*__D_*_E_F_*__G_*__A_*_B_C : C7M Ionian

*_C#_D_*_E_*_F#_*_G#_A_*_B_* : A7M Ionian

C_*__D_*_E_*_F#_G_*__A_*_B_C : G7M Ionian

C_C#_D_*_E_F_F#_G_G#_A_*_B_C : C7M9b95b5#1311 Bitonal

Movement Music Festival (5/23-5/25, Hart Plaza, Detroit)

The Movement Music Festival ( ) will take place over Memorial Day Weekend in downtown Detroit, Michigan, and will provide concert-goes with nearly 100 distinct acts, performers, and other attractions. Of particular note this year have to be Disclosure, !!!, Griz, Richie Hawtin, and Dog Blood (Skrillex + Boys Noize), but music will be going on over six stages throughout each of the festival’s three days. This year, Squarepusher, Danny Brown, and DJ Snoopadelic push the constraints of what the festival could be; the sheer amount of styles, genres, and influences that are represented by the different performers here is mind-blowing. The festival has more than enough in the way of food trucks and vendors to keep individuals interested even if one becomes weary of the intense beats and flows that will be present.

The sheer size of Hart Plaza means that there is a decent amount of space for all concert goers. The various stages will get a little hectic as the day rolls on, but one can easily find a place to sit without much in the way of a search. The ability to go watch acts at the Underground stage is a good way to avoid the sunlight during the cloudless days, while ample amounts of grassy areas exist for all attendees to scout out somewhere comfortable.


There are a variety of different ticket options for individuals that wish to attend – a 3-day general admission price is $150, while a single day ticket will run $75. For those that want a memorable experience, the VIP package runs $260 and contains a number of additional features. This means that there are vantage points that only VIPs can utilize, a cooled area, discounts on the drinks, a Movement t-shirt, and free massages. Regardless of whether one purchases a general admission or a VIP ticket, the time that they will have over the course of the Memorial Day weekend is simply incomparable.

One can purchase tickets from a number of stores around the Detroit area as well as from the Festival.  For more information about the latest news, check out the Festival’s Twitter or Facebook . Our previous Movement coverage is available here.



Paw Paw’s Peach (Back Forty Beer Co.)

Paw Paw’s Peach is an interesting effort by Alabama’s Back Forty Bee Company. The beer pours with a hazy gold/yellowish coloration and a decent amount of off-white head. There is a decidedly fruity, peachy nose to the beer that is alluring, while an initial sip provides a softer set of fruit notes than were originally indicated.

There is a greater depth of flavors present in Paw Paw’s Peach than in a great many fruit beers, with the peach presence bring thee effort into more of a Berliner Weisse / slightly sour format. The low ABV of this brew is great in that it is eminently sessionable – one could easily put a few back after a hard day or work or perched around a bonfire. Back Forty’s Paw Paw’s Peach is a beer that is extraordinarily complex, with additional sips providing an entirely different constellation of flavors that come forth at each point of the beer. The flavors may be tart, sweet, sour, grain-heavy or even a little hoppy, but the combination of these elements in Paw Paw’s Wheat create something that is incredibly special.Back-Forty-Paw-Paws-Peach-Wheat

For more information about Back Forty’s year-round and seasonal efforts, make it a point to visit their domain. The latest in news and updates can be located at the brewery’s Facebook or Twitter. We have covered their Truck Stop Honey Brown in late 2014.

Rating: 8.6/10



Paw Paw’s Peach / 4.5% ABV / Wheat Ale / Back Forty Beer Company / / /

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bullet For My Valentine Release Venom 8/14

Bullet For My Valentine today unveil plans to release their long-awaited, 5th studio album, VENOM, on August 14th via RCA Records. The band’s global domination begins today with the premiere of the album’s striking cover artwork and a stream of their first new song, “No Way Out.” which is available for instant download now with all pre-orders at


Listen now to “Now Way Out”:


A limited edition VENOM package will be available exclusively through Bullet For My Valentine’s web store. This bundle includes CD, vinyl and cassette versions of VENOM, as well as custom t-shirt, bracelet and necklace. All purchases will include a pre-sale code for early access to tickets for their 2016 headlining tour. CLICK HERE to pre-order now. Find complete album track listing below.


Over the course of their career, Bullet For My Valentine has sold millions of records, amassed a worldwide army of fans, garnered hundreds of millions of video/track streams, appeared on dozens of magazine covers and received mass critical praise for their highly-influential albums. Now, the band looks to transcend genres and trends with their game-changing album, VENOM.


Produced by Carl Bown and Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium) at Metropolis Studio in London, VENOM is an unrelenting, fierce step forward for Bullet For My Valentine. Their heaviest record to date sinks its teeth into listeners with a powerful delivery by vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck, ferocious riffs by guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget and rapid-fire rhythm courtesy of drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas. On VENOM the trio maintains their signature balance of heavy, coupled with surging melody, and pushes themselves to the next level.


“It’s pretty hard to sum up an entire record after spending so much time writing and recording it and all the blood, sweat and tears that have come with this one especially,” says frontman Matt Tuck. “It wasn’t easy revisiting some very dark places to come up with lyrical content for this one, but once I knew where it was heading and I was comfortable with letting certain things out – all hell broke loose. It’s easily the most aggressive record we’ve ever done and lyrically it will no doubt touch a nerve with a lot of people that listen to it. I cannot express enough how proud I am of it, and can’t wait for everyone out there to hear it too. We’ve reinvented who we are and are ready to take on the world once more.”

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ ></iframe>

Bullet For My Valentine’s progression of sound is evident on VENOM, presenting a harder delivery and a more complex song structure, as witnessed on the band’s crushing new track, “No Way Out.”


“To write this track I had to put myself into a very dark place, a place I hadn’t been to for a while mentally because of how my life is now, compared to what it was before the band exploded,” Tuck adds. “It is one of, if not the heaviest tracks we’ve ever recorded musically and lyrically. I’ve lived with it for a while now but still every time I hear it, it gives me chills. Hold on tight it’s a hell of a ride.”


In addition to the news of the upcoming record, Bullet For My Valentine has also announced they’ve recruited fellow Welsh musician Jamie Mathias to join the band as their new bass player and backup vocalist.


Bullet For My Valentine will head to South America in July for a headlining tour with support from Motionless In White before joining up with Slipknot and Lamb of God for this summer’s loudest North American tour. Tour dates are listed below and tickets are on sale now at


VENOM track listing:

  1. 1.   “V”

    “No Way Out”

    3. ”Army of Noise”

    4. “Worthless”

    5. “You Want A Battle? (Heres A War)”

    6. “Broken”

    7. “Venom”

    8. “Harder the Heart”

    9.  “Skin”

    10. “Hell or High Water”

    11. “Pariah”


Deluxe edition also includes:

  1. “Playing God”

  2. “Run For Your Life”

  3. “In Loving Memory”

  4. “Raising Hell”





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Alesso - "Sweet Escape"

Nearing the release of his debut album FOREVER, Alesso dropped his brand new track “Sweet Escape” ft. Sirena this past weekend on Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 show. It’s a sweeping multi-layered pop track rooted in progressive house that showcases the producer’s dynamic sonic evolution. The companion video will be dropping this Friday. FOREVER is out next week 5/26 via Def Jam Recordings.

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

The track represents the perfect blend of melodic and hard, representing an effort that will be played in clubs from Pittsburgh to Milan throughou the waning spring months and well into the spring and fall.


Tiesto drops "CLUBLIFE VOL 4: New York City"

Tiësto surprises the dance music world with today’s release of his new mix album, CLUBLIFE Vol 4: New York City. This release follows on the heels of three critically acclaimed editions in the series inspired by Las Vegas, Miami and Stockholm, respectively.


The Grammy Award-winning dance music titan surprised the world as he announced on his socials this morning the release of CLUBLIFE Vol 4: New York City through series of video messages as he was flying over New York City in a helicopter. 


The fourth installment in Tiësto’s exciting CLUBLIFE series is inspired by New York City – one of the world’s greatest cities and a place instrumental to the development of dance music culture as we know it.


“I launched my Clublife series with the idea of creating a mix album inspired by cities that love dance music. The series started with Las Vegas, the home of my Hakkasan residency, and then followed with volumes inspired by Miami and Stockholm. Now, it’s time to show respect to the city that never sleeps – New York.  This is a very special city for so many reasons and it’s true that whatever you desire is at your fingertips – great culture, fashion, food, and entertainment. New York City has been home to some of the biggest moments in dance music. From the days of Studio 54 and Paradise Garage to the Limelight, Tunnel and Twilo, and now with Marquee, Lavo, Pacha, Space and Provocateur,  New York City has always been at the center of whatever’s happening in dance music. The current club scene is thriving and on any given night there’s a world class DJ in town. It’s hard not to be inspired by this great city and I’m happy to dedicate the latest installment in my CLUBLIFE series to the place where the lights shine brightest,” Tiësto says.


Tiesto’s own original productions, edits and remixes are a staple of all CLUBLIFE compilations, and those are driving force behind this instalment. Included here are brand new Tiësto songs “Butterflies” and “Change Your World”, Tiësto & The Disco Fries “Chant ” and Tiësto & Dallas K “Show Me”, edits including Bobby Puma “Someone Somewhere (Tiësto Edit)”, Wee-O “Fighting For feat. Morgan Karr (Tiësto Edit)”, Firebeatz “Sky High (Tiësto Edit)” and MOTi “House Of Now (Tiësto Edit)” and the exclusive Tiesto vs Twoloud remix of Dotan’s “Home”


CLUBLIFE Vol 4: New York City also showcases some of Tiësto’s current favorite tracks as well as emerging talent from his Musical Freedom label.  Exclusives include “Lucid” from Miami’s A&G and “Alpha” by local New York area DJ/producers Zaxx vs. Riggi & Piros. These tracks are paired with recent Musical Freedom hits from MOTI, Dzeko & Torres and Alvaro & Jetfire. Rounding out the mix album are two of dance music’s current smashes – Tiësto & KSHMR “Secrets ” and Martin Garrix & Tiësto “The Only Way Is Up ” – both of which rocketed straight to number one on the Beatport Main Chart.


Tiësto will be supporting the album throughout the spring and summer months with live dates across the world.





1)MOTi – Valencia (Intro Edit / John Christian Remix)

2)Tiësto & KSHMR – Secrets  –

3)Dzeko & Torres, Maestro Harrell – For You feat. Delora

4)Martin Garrix & Tiësto – The Only Way Is Up

5)Bobby Puma – Someone Somewhere (Tiësto Edit)*

6)Tiësto – Butterflies*

7)Tiësto & The Disco Fries – Chant*

8)Tiësto – Change Your World*

9)A&G – Lucid*

10)KSHMR – Kashmir

11)Dzeko & Torres – Air feat. Delaney

12)Dotan – Home (Tiësto vs. Twoloud Remix)*

13)Wee-O – Fighting For feat. Morgan Karr (Tiësto Edit)*

14)ALVARO & Jetfire – Guest List

15)Tiësto & Dallas K – Show Me*

16)Firebeatz – Sky High (Tiësto Edit)*

17)MOTi – House Of Now (Tiësto Edit)*

18)Zaxx vs. Riggi & Piros – Alpha*


Buy it here:





May 23 – 24 – EDC NY – East Rutherford, NJ

May 24 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

May 25 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

May 28 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

May 30 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 6 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 7 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 14 – Spring Awakening – Chicago, IL

June 19 – 21 – EDC Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

June 19 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 21 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

June 25 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 26 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

June 27 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

July 2 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

July 3 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

July 5 – Beach Club – Montreal, PQ

July 8 – Balaton Sound Festival – Balaton, Hungary

July 9 – Electric Love Festival – Salzburg, Austria

July 11 – EDC UK – London, UK

July 18 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

July 19 – Global Dance – Denver, CO

July 19 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

July 23 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

July 24 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

July 26 – Tomorrowland – Boom, Belgium

August 5 – Smukfest – Skanderborg, Denmark

August 6 – Parnu Beach – Estonia

August 8 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 9 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

August 13 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 14 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 15 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

August 20 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 21 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 22 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

August 27 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 28 – Hakkasan Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

August 29 – Wet Republic – Las Vegas, NV

August 30 – Creamfields – Liverpool, UK


*Dates subject to change. Additional dates and venues to be announced.






Musical Freedom:



Saturday, May 16, 2015

Medicated Mitch Heavily Sedated CD Review

Medicated Mitch has just released a full-length album, Heavily Sedated. It is the rare example of an album that bangs from beginning to end. All Star Weekend blends together a catchy flow and an airy backing beat that will dig itself deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. There is a unique sound that Medicated Mitch establishes with this track, but is done in such a way that could easily receive radio play on any sort of rap station.


Kill the Summer is a victory lap track for Medicated Mitch; the swagger and braggacio that is exhibited here is something that will be heard blaring out of car stereos throughout the spring and the summer. Work (She Twerking) features A-Clasik and keeps the momentum high. This is a track that does not allow listeners to take a breath; the instrumentation and the flow presented during this effort will have fans speeding through this orgiastic effort.


Take a Sip (Featuring Dahila The Poet) is a track that saddles R&B and rap styles, using strings that are reminiscent of Pretty Ricky or R. Kelly while Medicated Mitch takes a suave approach. This is still done with an ear for the streets; this rapper still has a hard-hitting style even as he bares his heart. The inclusion of Dahila The Poet during the track allows for a different dynamic to take place; hints of Lil Kim and Diamond can be discerned from her flow here. Medicated Mitch keeps active on social media, while there are samples from Heavily Sedated available on his SoundCloud and Spotify. Heavily Sedated is available from iTunes and Spotify; check out this album for a look into what is up and coming in Detroit.

Top Tracks: All Star Weekend, Kill the Summer, Take a Sip (Featuring Dahila The Poet)

Rating: 8.7/10

Medicated Mitch Heavily Sedated CD Review / 2015 Hard Head Entertainment / / /

Friday, May 15, 2015

FUNimation Receives U.S. Rights To "The Boy And The Beast" (Mamoru Hosoda)

FUNimation Entertainment announced today its acquisition of U.S. rights to Mamoru Hosoda’s new Japanese animated film “The Boy and The Beast.”  As part of its agreement with Gaumont International, FUNimation has secured exclusive rights to theatrical, digital and home video distribution of the film.

“We’re excited to bring The Boy and The Beast to audiences across the United States,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and founder of FUNimation. “Mamoru Hosoda is a masterful director and has made Japanese animated film accessible to everyone.”


FUNimation has distributed two prior Hosoda films in the U.S. including the critically acclaimed and award-winning “Wolf Children” in 2013 and “Summer Wars” in 2010.

“We are looking forward to working with Gaumont International and plan to release ‘The Boy and The Beast’ to theaters beginning in late 2015,” said Mike DuBoise, EVP and COO of FUNimation. “We’re confident that critics and moviegoers will quickly agree that this is an Oscar worthy film.”

As the North American leader in the distribution of animated content from Japan, FUNimation’s acquisition of “The Boy and The Beast” exemplifies the company’s strategy announced in December 2014 — to bring to theaters its extensive library of content and future releases through the creation of a new theatrical events and distribution division based in New York City.

Look for “The Boy and The Beast” in select theaters in late 2015 and nationwide in early 2016.

About FUNimation® Entertainment

FUNimation® Entertainment is the leading anime company in North America. FUNimation has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands. They manage a full spectrum of rights for most of their brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, Internet, and home video sales and distribution. For more information about FUNimation Entertainment and its brands, visit