Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sweet As Pacific Ale (GoodLife Brewing)

Sweet As Pacific Ale, GoodLife Brewing’s newest effort, is a beer that a wide swath of imbibers can appreciate. The beer pours with a maple syrup/cider coloration and a small amount of whitish head that laces its way down a beer glass. The beer has a nose that feels equally balanced between straw, grass, and hops, while an initial sip yields tangerine and orange flavors with hints of more tart fruits (raspberries and blackberries).



The malt flavors remain constant through Sweet As, ensuring that there is a harmony of flavors and a complexity to the beer that ensures that one will want to crack another Sweet As after their first (or third) have been finished. The beer is not linear in that there are different paths that are revealed to individuals. The fruit flavors move into hefeweizen-like territory at points, while other drinks will allow a more intense set of hop notes to be dominant. Taken all together, these unique qualities make Sweet As into a beer that should be searched out by anyone that is a fan of pale ales or of thirst-quenching products.

Check out our Descender IPA review for our thoughts about another GoodLife effort; the company’s domain has a full complement of information about their year-round and seasonal brews, while their Facebook and Twitter are kept up to date regarding events and the wide amount of locales in which GoodLife’s beers are pictured.

Rating: 8.7/10

Sweet As Pacific Ale / 6% ABV / 18 IBU / / / /