Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pop-Up Session IPA (Boulevard Brewing)

Boulevard’s Pop-Up Session IPA is a rare example of a session IPA that still remains a hop-forward flavor while dialing back the alcohol content. At 4.3%, Pop-Up is refreshing and will do admirably as an effort that one continues to come back to during bonfires, after long, grueling chores, and as an introduction for those individuals that wish to take the plunge into more hoppy beers. Pop-Up possesses a slightly-sweet nose that is mysterious, without providing potential imbibers with much information about the flavors that will ultimately follow. The beer pours with a yellow-orange coloration and a bubbly, off-white head that provides a slight lacing down a glass.beer_211207

The effort links together grass, grain, and hop into something that will go down smooth while possessing just enough in the way of hops at the back end to refresh one’s palette. As Pop-Up continues to warm, the beer is able to take up a heavier hop personality. There is a silkiness that remains here, making it incredibly easy to drain one (or six) of these. Pop-Up Session IPA is available year-round in bottles and cans and represents one of the best session IPAs that we have experienced.

For information about Boulevard’s year-round and seasonal efforts, visit their domain. We’ve reviewed other Boulevard efforts in the past – an early review in beer section discussed their Pilsner, their Saison-Brett was one of the best beers of 2014, while their Unfiltered Wheat Beer was a nicely-balanced brew.

Rating: 8.4/10