Saturday, May 16, 2015

Medicated Mitch Heavily Sedated CD Review

Medicated Mitch has just released a full-length album, Heavily Sedated. It is the rare example of an album that bangs from beginning to end. All Star Weekend blends together a catchy flow and an airy backing beat that will dig itself deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. There is a unique sound that Medicated Mitch establishes with this track, but is done in such a way that could easily receive radio play on any sort of rap station.


Kill the Summer is a victory lap track for Medicated Mitch; the swagger and braggacio that is exhibited here is something that will be heard blaring out of car stereos throughout the spring and the summer. Work (She Twerking) features A-Clasik and keeps the momentum high. This is a track that does not allow listeners to take a breath; the instrumentation and the flow presented during this effort will have fans speeding through this orgiastic effort.


Take a Sip (Featuring Dahila The Poet) is a track that saddles R&B and rap styles, using strings that are reminiscent of Pretty Ricky or R. Kelly while Medicated Mitch takes a suave approach. This is still done with an ear for the streets; this rapper still has a hard-hitting style even as he bares his heart. The inclusion of Dahila The Poet during the track allows for a different dynamic to take place; hints of Lil Kim and Diamond can be discerned from her flow here. Medicated Mitch keeps active on social media, while there are samples from Heavily Sedated available on his SoundCloud and Spotify. Heavily Sedated is available from iTunes and Spotify; check out this album for a look into what is up and coming in Detroit.

Top Tracks: All Star Weekend, Kill the Summer, Take a Sip (Featuring Dahila The Poet)

Rating: 8.7/10

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