Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration releases Tempus Fugitives

April 21, 2015 marks the release of The Peter Ulrich Collaboration’s new CD Tempus Fugitives, the second in

a trilogy of albums. Helmed by Peter Ulrich, renowned former percussionist for the iconic Dead Can

Dance and contributor to the UK post-punk supergroup This Mortal Coil, Tempus Fugitives mixes folk rock, world

rock, art rock and psychedelic music with a world view that encompasses alternative history, fictional universes,

Steampunk, and Goth, and recalls the exquisitely crafted soundscapes of Dead Can Dance.

The music video for first single “Dark Daddy” is a computer

animated daydream through a dark forest that mirrors the

song’s haunting chorus: “I wrestle with your memory, and I struggle with this song… And my

thoughts grow wild, as I go from bad to worse.” “Dark Daddy” was released April 1 in the

U.S., and can be seen on YouTube at

The first Collaboration album, 2014’s The Painted Caravan, received overwhelmingly

positive reviews both in the US and UK. described it as “…a rich and song-

filled showcase,” while Modern Drummer called it a “…grand mix of folk and world music,”

and Popdose called the debut record “…riveting and intriguing.” Rob Steen of UK’s national

newspaper The Independent, described The Painted Caravan in Music Week as “…a

smorgasbord of music past, present and future, and a bona fide contender. A collaboration to

be cherished.”

Music from Tempus Fugitives and The Painted Caravan will

be performed at the Marlin Room of New York City’s Webster

Hall on Saturday June 20. The performance marks Ulrich’s

triumphant return to the live stage as a headliner,

accompanied by a mini-orchestra of superb vocalists and

musicians, and featuring more than a dozen instruments,

some fairly exotic. Additionally, the concert features a special

Steampunk-themed theatrical overlay set in an alternative

reality where characters as diverse as fabled lover Don Juan

and blues legend Robert Johnson attempt to flee the ravages

of time. Appearing on the bill with the Collaboration will be

popular harpist and singer Erin Hill as well as folk-punk

cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk.