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Lorelei kicks off East Coast tour

Today DC-based trio Lorelei hit the road for a series of East Coast show with Dead Leaf Echo. To celebrate, the band has put together a video for “Hole Punch,” a highlight from their Enterprising Sidewalks release.


The video was made by Lorelei’s Matt Dingee and long-time collaborator Dan Searing, former member of Slumberland Records recording artists Whorl and The Saturday People. Watch the video over at BrooklynVegan. Full tour dates below.


About Lorelei:


First-wave Slumberland Records band Lorelei are the kind of group who value deliberation and well-thought-out musical statements over the quick fix. In their 90s heyday, the Washington, DC based three-piece (Matt Dingee on guitar, Stephen Gardner on bass and Davis White on drums) earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most unique bands around, with a very distinctive blend of post-rock dynamics, sneakily melodic song-writing and ear-blasting guitar noise. Finding kinship with bands as disparate as Whorl, The Swirlies, Laika, Bailter Space and Lilys, Lorelei’s records are as subtle and multi-layered and their live show is aggressive and memorably powerful.

In Fall 2012 Lorelei released  the album “Enterprising Sidewalks” which picked right up where they left off, serving up ten gorgeously complex exercises in pummeling rhythms and melodic abstraction. Produced by the band with Ben Bailes (Chessie), with additional recording by Archie Moore (Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine) and mixing by Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Moose, Laika), Enterprising Sidewalks is a deep and intricately-produced listen. Tunes like “Hammer Meets Tongs” and “Sorry For The Patience” are as full rich with rhythmic twists and melodic intrigue as their very best material, and Matt’s guitar attack is as varied as ever, ranging from ringing harmonics to shredding feedback and back, often within the same verse.

With “Enterprising Sidewalks” still da ling listeners, the band is gearing up for a series of east coast shows with their pals Dead Leaf Echo, and have put together a rather nifty video for album highlight “Hole Punch” to celebrate. “Hole Punch” is the first music video by Lorelei’s Matt Dingee and long-time collaborator Dan Searing, former member of Slumberland Records recording artists Whorl and The Saturday People. Inspired by the DIY aesthetic of many Slumberland artists, the video shows the influence of the writings of Jacques Derrida on photography, William Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s cut up technique and the tools of the late 20th century office space.



3/01 Baltimore, MD – Club K  w/ Dead Leaf Echo & Bad Liquor Pond 

3/02 Washington, DC – Velvet Lounge w/Dead Leaf Echo & Royal Shoals 

4/05 Washington DC – Comet Ping Pong w/Sea Lions and Golden Grrrls





Enterprising Sidewalks


Street Date: Aug. 14, 2012


1. Hammer Meets Tongs

2. Majority Stakes

3. Wound Up

4. Let Go Of Our Ego

5. Three Interlocking Screens

6. Outside Through The Keyhole

7. Dismissal Conversation

8.  Hole Punch

9.  Sorry For The Patience

10. Measured In Fingers





Label -

Lorelei kicks off East Coast tour


The audio onslaught continues with the WHO ARE YOU? EP, the latest release from world-renowned Russian producer PROXY out now on Dim Mak Records in North America and on Turbo Recordings internationally. The WHO ARE YOU? EP continues the saga of PROXY’s MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series, his two-part debut album out now, and features the title track along with remixes from bu ing producers/DJs Pilo, Attaque, Trumpdisco and The Sneekers.

The EP kicks off with PROXY’s “Who Are You (770EQ)” from MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES PART II.   Earlier this month, PROXY teamed up with MTV Hive to premiere the WHO ARE YOU? EP in full. Says Steven Aguiar of the track, “Here, Proxy’s up-tempo title track is carried by an alternating kick-snare and an adrenali ing low-end chomp, the female sample in between drops reinforcing the song’s bad-ass attitude.”

Los AngelesPILO continues the chaos with his remix, bringing a deep bass barrage of hard house, while Essex-based producer Attaque slices through a vast concrete jungle with his reworked version. Australian duo Trumpdisco goes full throttle on their electro-smashing revision and Lithuanian electronic music duo The Sneekers closes out the EP with their space odyssey-inspired take on the track.

Earlier this year, PROXY released the MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series in two parts to critical acclaim. The album, a dark reflection of PROXY’s grim and oppressive world, harnesses the spirit of pure electronic music culture and showcases the prolific underground dance floor-c ar‘s wide-ranging body of work. The MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series is the product of an artist who forged a sound in complete isolation with visa problems leading him to entrench himself in the middle of nowhere in his native Russia, continuing in the U.K. rave tradition of his Essex-spawned idols, The Prodigy. The disparate pieces of MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES converge into a monolithic nation-statement, one worthy of one of the most talented producers of his generation.

The complete track listing for the WHO ARE YOU? EP is as follows:

  1. Who Are You? (770 EQ)

  2. Who Are You? (Pilo Remix)

  3. Who Are You? (Attaque Remix)

  4. Who Are You? (Trumpdisco Remix)

  5. Who Are You? (The Sneekers Remix)

The WHO ARE YOU? EP is available now at iTunes ( and Beatport ( xFHs8).

MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES PART II is available now at iTunes ( and Beatport (

MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES PART I is available now at iTunes ( and Beatport ( 


Tribulation - The Formulas of Death

Sweden’s TRIBULATION return to active service after working diligently on their sophomore album and follow-up to 2007′s praised and heralded debut album The Horror. Expanding their sound entirely beyond the gnarly and vicious death metal that was heard on The Horror, the new The Formulas Of Death sees a much broader and expansive soundscape introduced, favouring atmosphere and evocative instrumental elements to contribute to a very different picture to that of its predecessor. Comparisons have been already made between the progression MORBID ANGEL made between ‘Altars of Madness and Blessed Are the Sick and closer to home for TRIBULATION, the progression from TIAMAT’s Sumerian Cry to The Astral Sleep. TRIBULATION’s The Formulas Of Death is an ambitious project for these still-young Swedes, which will undoubtedly take time to sink in to be fully appreciated. NOTE: Invictus Productions will be handling the album’s release in Europe and the UK, while The Ajna Offensive will be handling its North American release (release date TBA).

Tribulation - The Formulas of Death

THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS: New Quote Snippets from Kerry King and Philip Anselmo Released

THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS, written by NYC music scene veterans Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins, is set to be released on April 9, 2013. Touted as being “the most opinionated compendium ever written concerning Heavy Metal”, THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS is comprised of 208 jam-packed pages representing all that is glorious across the world of Heavy Metal. The book features do ens of never-before-seen photographs from iconic East Coast photographer Frank White.


The foreword for THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS comes from one of the most respected names in the genre, Slayer guitarist extraordinaire Kerry King, with a candid and passionate afterword from Pantera/Down frontman Philip Anselmo.


“This book will appeal to metalheads because it’s what they love. They’ll get to laugh at the industry and at themselves. Any information is good information, and metal kids want it.” – Kerry King (Slayer)


“I am an unabashed heavy metal fan, and I know as well as anyone, that metal fans can be an extremely loyal lot. But we are a very critical lot too. With each new movement, a new, defiant, outspoken, and sovereign audience is born. Music is older than all of us, so its history is ours to writhe in and absorb.” – Philip Anselmo (Pantera/Down)


There are numerous other contributions from key metal luminaries and industry personnel like:


Scott Ian (Anthrax)

Gary Holt (Exodus)

Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly)

Katon W. DePena (Hirax)

John Gallagher (Raven)

Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault/SOD)

Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show)

Jon & Marsha a ula (Megaforce Records)

Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)

Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica Producer)

ILL BILL (Heavy Metal Kings/La Coka Nostra)

MC Serch (3rd Bass)

Richard Christy (Charred Walls of the Damned/The Howard Stern Show)

Monte Conner (Roadrunner Records/Nuclear Blast Records)

Borivoj Krgin (

Shaun Glass (Soil/Dirge Within)

Betsy Weiss (Bitch)



Presented in the form of do ens of factual, random and often outrageous lists, THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS dares to call many out for being the worst instead of being the best. It points out the triumphs, as well as the miserable failures concerning metal, from a diehard fan’s point-of-view.


TMBML leaves no stone unturned, often blurring the lines separating fact and hilarity. You want to know about album covers that feature goats on them? What Motorhead icon Lemmy’s warts might tell you if they could speak? The achievements Iron Maiden would never have reached had their original vocalist Paul Dianno remained in the band? Well then, this book is for you.

THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS: New Quote Snippets from Kerry King and Philip Anselmo Released

Bath Salt Zombies DVD Review


Bath Salt ombies is a classic ombie film that will perform admirably in party or film buff circles. The cast unites to make a tale that is classic and contemporary (the bath salt epidemic) fashions. The film is given additional replay value through the inclusion of an ama ing soundtrack, featuring cuts from Antiseen, The Meatmen, The Murder Junkies, and The Dwarves.

After a government ban on bath salts block many users from their supply, it becomes the duty of cookers and chemists to find a solution. With an ama ing discovery, it seems like dealers and users can feel free of the government’s chokehold. What no one would expect is that the specific formulation of bath salts end up turning those turned on into ombies. The need to stay high ensures that getting these individuals off of the stuff will be the hardest thing one will ever do in life.

The film blends humor and drama perfectly, with the backdrop of New York City and the choice of utili ing bath salts as the reason for the ombie epidemic making this much more realistic than other films in the genre. Bath Salt ombies can be purchased at well-stocked online retailers and physical stores alike. If you are a fan of ombie movies (or films focusing on drug use) in the slightest, Bath Salt ombies will represent a solid addition to your library.  Keep an eye out for the director, Dustin Wayde Mills (2011’s Puppet Monster Massacre) and the titles that ey will release in the years and decades to come.

Rating: 7.8/10

Bath Salt ombies DVD Review / 2013 MVD / 90 Minutes /

Bath Salt ombies DVD Review


Atlantic Records recording artist Brett Eldredge will open for Taylor Swift when she kicks off her RED Tour with two sold-out shows in Omaha, NE on March 13 and 14. Eldredge will join Swift for one stadium date and 18 arena dates through May.  His current Top 40 hit single, “Don’t Ya,” is the lead single off his eagerly-awaited debut album due out later this year.


“Taylor Swift has such a massively successful career because she is an authentic artist through and through.  There is really nothing she can’t do,” said Eldredge. “I’m incredibly honored to be included on her tour and beyond excited to be able to share my music with all of her fans.” He will be featured on “The RED Tour” for 19 dates which also include acclaimed British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.


Taylor Swift’s “The RED Tour” dates with Brett Eldredge:


March 13-14              Omaha, NE

March 18-19              St. Louis, MO

March 22                   Charlotte, NC

March 23                   Columbia, SC

April 10                      Miami, FL

April 11-12                 Orlando, FL

April 18-19                 Atlanta, GA

April 20                      Tampa, FL

April 25                      Cleveland, OH

April 26                      Indianapolis, IN

April 27                      Lexington, KY

May 4                         Detroit, MI

May 11-12                 Washington, DC

May 16                       Houston, TX


For further details and a complete list of upcoming tour dates please visit For a complete list of all dates on The RED Tour, please visit


Brett Eldredge has always felt the passion to perform and with his Atlantic Records’ debut album slated to be released this year, and his infectious new single “Don’t Ya” making an impact at radio now, this Illinois native is poised to breakout. Whether impressing audiences with his powerhouse vocals or displaying his unique sense of humor on Twitter, Eldredge’s contagious energy continues to inspire his rapidly-increasing fan base.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Father John Misty Updated Tour Dates

Father John Misty has extended his 2013 tour schedule in support of his critically acclaimed album, Fear Fun. The trek begins May 3rd in Tucson, A at The Rialto Theatre and currently ends July 27th in Newport, RI at the Newport Folk Fest.  Additionally, there are a few festival performances to mention at this time: the previously announced Coachella Music and Arts Festival weekends on April 14th and 21st; Sasquatch on Memorial Day Weekend; And Bonnaroo on June 13th. A full list of tour dates can be found below.

We’re also very eager to remind you that Father John Misty will perform Fear Fun standout “I’m Writing A Novel” later this evening on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC (Wednesday, February 27th at 11:35pm ET/10:35pm CT).

Fear Fun has made 2012 an exceptional year for Father John Misty. The album and its lead-off track, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” earned placement on the Village Voice “Pa & Jop” critics poll (#14 album and #33 single). This is in addition to year-end notices from Paste (#2 album), GQ (“Rock ‘N Roller of the Year”), Aquarium Drunkard,  AOL Spinner, MP4, BBC Music, SPIN, Filter, Under The Radar, Uncut, and swept readers polls from the likes of Pitchfork, NPR and Stereogum. In addition to this evening’s Tonight Show performance, Father John Misty has also performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, From The Basement, and Last Call with Carson Daly.

What people are saying about Father John Misty:

“A mischievously warm collection of folky-indie rock bliss.” [#2/The Must List] – Entertainment Weekly

“A captivating listen” [8/10] – Magnet

“Tillman varies things up on Fear Fun, reveals an adventurous palette, and makes what may be his best album to date.” –  Pitchfork

“The record delights in this back-and-forth between light and dark, possibly a sonic manifestation of the City of Angels itself. As he’s working on a novel (“’Cause it’s never been done before,” Misty quips), his life erupts into a bluesy fever dream, name-checking the similar-minded Neil Young meltdown record On The Beach.” [8/10] – Prefix

“Casting himself as Father John Misty, a Laurel Canyon transplant equally repelled and fascinated by the self-centered sprawl of LA, his Fear Fun is a country-leaning, wise-cracking masterwork.” [8/10] –NME

“It is a thing of madcap, mushroom-inspired Laurel Canyon genius, all done with a 1970s soft-rock smile.” [5/5] – The Independent

“It’s clear from the start with the gorgeous opener, “Funtimes in Babylon”, that Tillman’s is a singular talent, and, thankfully, one that won’t require much encouragement: “Look out Hollywood, here I come.” [8/10] – Under The Radar

“Tillman soaks up the sounds, smells, and free-floating strangeness of his environment, and revels in its humanity.” – The Onion AV

Tour Dates

Apr. 14 & 21 – Indio, CA – Coachella

May 03 – Tucson, A – Rialto Theatre

May 04 – Phoenix, A – The Crescent Ballroom *

May 06 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater *

May 07 – Austin, TX – Emo’s East *

May 08 – Houston, TX – Fit gerald’s Upstairs *

May 09 – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks *

May 10 – Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works *

May 11 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade – Heaven Stage *

May 13 – Knoxville, TN – Bijou Theater *

May 14 – Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel *

May 15 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle *

May 16 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club *

May 17 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s *

May 19 – Columbus, OH – Wexner Center for the Arts *

May 20 – Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom *

May 21 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue *

May 25 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom

May 24-28 – George, WA – Sasquatch Festival

Jun. 08 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer

Jun. 09 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar**

Jun. 11 – Cincinnati, OH – 20th Century Theater**

Jun. 12 – Louisville, KY – Headliners Music Hall**

Jun. 13 – Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo

Jun. 14 – St. Louis, MO – The Firebird**

Jun. 15 – Columbia, MO – Blue Note**

Jun. 16 – Lawrence, KS – Granada**

Jun. 18 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre

Jun. 19 – Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge

Jun. 21 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore +

Jun. 22 – Pomona, CA – The Glass House +

Jul. 27 – Newport, RI – Newport Folk Festival

* w/ Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

+ w/ White Fence

** w/ Pure Bathing Culture

Father John Misty Updated Tour Dates

Twelve Singles in One Year

Swedish musician Jens Wennberg is releasing twelve singles during 2013. In January he released the first single called Brick by Brick, and the second one called No Regrets gets released today.

Both Brick by Brick and No Regrets are recorded and produced by Stefan Sundström who has worked with such artists as Grammy award winning indie queen Veronika Maggio, and Sweden’s answer to Bob Dylan, the legendary and beloved Ulf Lundell. On drums Jens borrowed Patrik Heikinpieti, drummer in one of Sweden’s finest rock bands, Mando Diao. Daniel Böckerman from the swedish underground band The Groovies plays bass. Jens himself does the vocals and plays guitar.

Jens Wennberg has since 2007 released two EP’s and one full length album. Welcome to 1984 (2007), Music Not Approved by The Government of Sweden (2008), Number 3 (2010). He’s been on one US-tour, played in Germany and rocked out all over Sweden since then.

The official video. No Regrets will be available through iTunes, Spotify, Ama on and more.


High-def images 
Video  - No Regrets
Mp3 – No Regrets

Previous single:

Video Brick by Brick
Mp3 – Brick by Brick

Twelve Singles in One Year


German thrashers DEW-SCENTED have been confirmed as direct support for the almighty TESTAMENT on their upcoming European tour! The two-week tour will kick off on March 16 in Reggio Emilia, Italy and will also feature support from Bleed From Within. As a result of the tour, DEW-SCENTED have postponed their previously announced shows throughout France with No Return. The band commented, “We apologi e for any inconvenience this might produce and will be hopefully announcing re-scheduled dates for later this year very soon. However, we will still be appearing at Chaulnes Metal Fest 2013 since this show doesn’t clash with the other newly added dates. See you there”.

DEW-SCENTED have also finished tracking some new studio recordings for a very special anniversary release, due out this spring. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

In addition to the Testament tour, DEW-SCENTED have also confirmed their participation in the Full Metal Cruise, a week-long voyage also featuring acts such as Kreator, Heaven Shall Burn, Firewind, Sabaton, Gamma Ray and Doro. The cruise will depart on May 5th from Hamburg and will make stops in Southampton (UK), Le Havre (France) and Amsterdam before returning to Hamburg on May 12. For further details and ticket information, visit:

Catch DEW-SCENTED live at one of their dates here:

3/16         Reggiolo, IT – Tempo Rock Club #

3/17         Nuremberg, DE – Rockfabrik #

3/18         Dresden, DE – Schlachthof #

3/20         Stuttgart, DE – LKA Longhorn #

3/21         Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof #

3/22         Hamburg, DE – Docks #

3/23         Koln, DE – Live Music Hall #

3/26         Prague, CR- Nova Chmelnice #

3/27         Krakow, PL – Studio Clun #

3/28         Berlin, DE – Huxley’s Neue Welt #

3/30         Chaulnes, FR – Chaulnes Metalfest 2013

3/31         Paris,FR  - La Machine #

4/5           Paderborn, DE – Metal Inferno Festival @ Kulturwerkstatt

4/6           Neuss, DE – Battles Festival @ Pier 1

4/7           Den Haag, NL – Trojan Metal Fest

5/5-5/12   Hamburg, DE – Full Metal Cruise 2013

6/7           Hauptmannsgrunn, DE – Chronical Moshers Open Air

7/25         Munich, DE – Backstage Halle – Free & Easy Festival

7/26         Magdeburg, DE – Rock Unter Den Eichen Open Air

7/27         Obersinn, DE – Eisenwahn Festival

8/1 – 8/3   Wacken,DE – Wacken Open Air 2013

# with Testament


OTHERWISE Continues Touring

After just wrapping up dates with Stone Sour and Papa Roach, Sin City’s rock breakout OTHERWISE are pleased to announce that they will continue on the road with Papa Roach for an extended round of tour dates.  OTHERWISE will join Papa Roach and Escape The Fate on the “Eleven Seven Music Presents The Connection Tour,” created by Eleven Seven Music and A2IM (American Association of Independent Music).  A tour preview can be seen here.


The run starts on April 16th in Miami, FL and with the purchase of a ticket to any dates, fans will receive a free Eleven Seven Music album sampler featuring tracks from OTHERWISE, Papa Roach, Escape The Fate, Drowning Pool, Hellyeah and The Blackout.  The sampler track listing can be seen below and the sampler is also available for purchase on iTunes for $6.99 for fans not attending one of the shows.


OTHERWISE is touring in continued support of their debut album, TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES.  Released last year, the release landed at #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and has sold nearly 35,000 units to date making it the top debut rock album of 2012.  The band’s current single, “I Don’t Apologi e (1000 Pictures)” is currently #15 at Active Rock radio and the music video for the track can be seen here.  The album also features the band’s previous breakout single “Soldiers” which has sold nearly 100,000 singles to date.  “Soldiers” was the first song by an unsigned artist to ever occupy the #1 spot on the Sirius Octane Channel and the music video can be seen here.


In addition to the newly announced dates, OTHERWISE has already been confirmed for a number of radio festivals including Fort Rock Festival, 98 Rock Fest – South Carolina, Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville, 98 Rock Fest – South Carolina, Carolina Rebellion, Rock On The Range and Rock Fest 2013.  They have select dates with Pop Evil and well as will be headlining with Gemini Syndrome and Girl On Fire.  A full list of dates can be seen below.


Tour Dates:

02/28/13 – Midland, TX @ Blue Max

03/02/13 – El Paso, TX @ Speaking The Rock Ent Center (w/ Hellyeah)

03/03/13 – Scottsdale, A @ Pub Rock Live

03/05/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy

03/07/13 – Seattle, WA @ El Cora on (w/ Girl on Fire)

03/09/13 – Bismarck, ND @ O.N.E.

03/10/13 – Minot, ND @ The ‘O’ Regional Bar & Nightclub

03/12/13 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater (w/ Gemini Syndrome, Girl on Fire)

03/13/13 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep (w/ Gemini Syndrome, Girl on Fire)

03/15/13 – Spring Lake Park, MN @ POV’s

03/16/13 – Rhinelander, WI @ Elbo Room Lounge

03/17/13 – Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock (w/ Gemini Syndrome, Girl on Fire)

03/19/13 – Fort Smith, AR @ Longhorn Saloon (w/ Pop Evil)

03/21/13 – Houma, LA @ The City Club (w/ Pop Evil)

03/22/13 – Hattiesburg, MS @ Brewsky’s (w/ Pop Evil)

03/23/13 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues – Peacock Room (w/ Pop Evil)

03/25/13 – Joplin, MO @ Kitchen Pass (w/ Pop Evil)

03/26/13 – Merrian, KS @ Aftershock Bar and Grill (w/ Pop Evil)

03/27/13 – Springfield, IL @ Boondocks (w/ Pop Evil)

03/28/13 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Show (w/ Pop Evil)

03/29/13 – Traverse City, MI @ Ground ero (w/ Pop Evil)

03/30/13 – South Bend, IN @ Club Fever (w/ Pop Evil)

04/14/13 – Fort Myers, FL @ JetBlue Park – Fort Rock Music Festival

04/16/13 – Miami, FL @ Revolution (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

04/17/13 – Panama Beach City, FL @ Club Lavela (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

04/26/13 – Tampa, FL @ Tampa Bay Times Forum – 98 Rock Fest – Tampa

04/27/13 – Jacksonville, FL @ Metropolitan Park - Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville

04/28/13 – Ladson, SC @ Ladson County Fairgrounds - 98 Rock Fest – South Carolina

05/01/13 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

05/03/13 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live – FM99 Lunatic Luau 13

05/04/13 – Concord, NC @ Rocky City Campground - Carolina Rebellion

05/08/13 – South Bend, IN @ Club Fever (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

05/14/13 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

05/15/13 – Libertyville, IL @ Austin’s (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

05/19/13 – Columbus, OH @ Columbus Crew Stadium – Rock on the Range

05/22/13 – Fargo, ND @ The Venue (w/ Papa Roach, Escape The Fate)

07/21/13 – Cadott, WI – Rock Fest 2013


For more information on OTHERWISE, please visit:

OTHERWISE Continues Touring

Dada Trash Collage's Album Out Now

Dada Trash Collage started in 2009 as the experimental electronic pop music of William Freed. Since that time they have self-released 7 full-length records, 3 EPs, a 45 min film, and have been recogni ed by publications ranging from the smallest of underground music blogs, to NME, and the Village Voice.

Originally trained as a bassist, William Freed spent 7 years in ja bands, toured internationally as part of a Madrigal Choir, and another 5 as an orchestral double bassist, debuting his first orchestra piece for double bass, cello, viola, first, and second violin before the age of 17. It was those early years in ja and soul that informed the direction of his newest effort as Dada Trash Collage, the 6 song Can’t Pause People EP. With tastes of inspiration from the early years of Miles Davis, and sonic experiments of Stevie Wonder, to the Neo-soul movement of the 90′s, and modern Avant-Garde, Can’t Pause People is 25 minutes of analog synths, intricate beats, soulful harmonies, and passionate vocals.

Can’t Pause People EP

Release Date: February 26, 2013

1. Up And Down

2. Comes Out Right

3. Shaking This Boat

4. Do My Worst

5. Desire To Be

6. Can’t Pause People

Release Show

March 5, 2013

Dada Trash Collage w/ Run DMT

The Silent Barn

Brooklyn, NY

Dada Trash Collage's Album Out Now


                           Tomorrow evening on Feb 28th, 2013 beginning at 7pm, Peter Simon’s retrospective photo exhibit Reggae Bloodlines ‘Lens of A Generation’ will debut at Puls8 night club in Kingston, Jamaica.  Simon’s installation of powerful portraits of Jamaican culture from the early 1970s to present day include prominent reggae artists of each respective era. Plans for additional exhibits in the United States are underway in New York City, NY and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

The opening coincides with a new venture between Simon and New York-based record label VP Records. The reggae powerhouse will have access to Simon’s historic catalog of Jamaican-themed images to incorporate into their musical collections and related merchandise — including an exclusive line of t-shirts. VP Records is preparing for the summertime release of Reggae Bloodlines – The Natty Dread Era, a multi-disc compilation inspired by Peter Simon’s 1977 book Reggae Bloodlines: In Search of the Music and Culture of Jamaica. The acclaimed book, photographed by Simon and written by Stephen Davis, chronicles the reggae scene of the 1970s. It features many of Jamaica’s key players during this pivotal era — including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Toots Hibbert, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Big Youth, Joe Higgs and Fred Locks.

“The show will be a celebration of Peter and his life’s work” says Patricia Chin, the co-founder of VP Records. “Peter is a longtime friend and supporter of the music and we’re proud to be working with him on this new venture,” she continues. Ms. Chin is expected to make remarks at tomorrow night’s opening in Kingston.

Peter Simon also expressed his enthusiasm on collaborating with VP. “I’m very excited to see my work incorporated into the various forms that are planned and look forward to a whole new audience being exposed to these images,” he states.

Throughout his career, Simon has published multiple books on Jamaica and is one of the significant contributors who helped spread the culture worldwide. For more info on Peter Simon visit


Weeds The Final Season DVD Review

What a long strange trip it’s been over the past eight season for Nancy Botwin and clan. From a young suburban widow and mother of two selling weed in her upper middle class neighborhood to pay the bills, to the wife of a Mexican politician/drug lord and back to a widow selling weed, the protagonist of the dark comedy Weeds was numbingly stupid with her decisions, but it made for great TV. The eighth and final season of the sometimes wobbily series ended pretty satisfyingly, with Botwin and a few more hangers on settling in suburban CT to start over one more time. The hour-long, future-set finale ended up tying up all loose ends nicely. Highly addictive up to the end.



Weeds The Final Season DVD Review


Weeds – The Final Season/3 DVDs/379 mins./LionsGate/2013


Weeds The Final Season DVD Review

Allagash Dubbel Reserve Review


The malty flavor of the Dubbel Reserve is moderated nicely by the 7% ABV. This dark beer has hints of chocolate and coffee as a nutty flavor concludes the experience. The lack of carbonation in the Dubbel Reserve is absolutely perfect, as there is a smoothness that ensures that a bottle will be drained with the utmost quickness. With all of these facets considered, one would do better to experience rather than merely drink the Dubbel Reserve. Make sure to purchase additional bottles of the Dubbel Reserve to condition in the bottle; additional sides and flavors will reveal themselves as the beer continues to age.

The body of the Dubbel Reserve is utterly complex, revealing a different set of notes with each subsequent sip. Where other beers in the dubbel tradition are unable to moderate the alcohol content or the big body required to bear these nuances, the Dubbel Reserve is a testament to moderation. One would easily be able to eat a wide array of cheeses or meats when drinking this beer. I feel that it may threaten to overpower a chicken or fish dish, but given the right prodding (a spicy or similarly bold flavoring), that any meat paired with the Dubbel Reserve would shine. The inimitable flavor, strong head, and overall experience makes the Dubbel Reserve into a must have; the beer can be purchased in a 12 or 24 ounce bottle. Check out the Allagash website or their Facebook for more information regarding their slate of 2013 beers and events that they may be having.

Rating: 9.4/10

Allagash Dubbel Reserve (7.0% ABV) / www.allagash.com2_95130750_3

Allagash Dubbel Reserve Review

Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters DVD Review


This DVD has five episodes – Muddy Matters, Thomas and the Garbage Train, Don’t Bother Victor!, Whiff’s Wish, and Thomas Toots the Crows (Buzzy Bees is the bonus episode here). Each of the episodes will provide viewers with a moral while keeping them engaged. Muddy Matters has James transport sheep for a feature in the newspaper. The moral of this story is to always follow directions properly, as James is unable to do what Farmer McColl asks of eir. Thomas Toots The Crows has Thomas scare away the titular bird from eating Farmer McColl’s seeds, until Thomas follows a wayward pair down the track. This episode continues the trend put forth in Muddy Matters – do as one is told, and there should be no reason to worry about what one may think.

The specific episodes captured on Muddy Matters have a run time of 58 minutes when taken together, but I would contend that the inclusion of these featurettes will have children clamoring to play this release. The bonus inclusions on Muddy Matters further increase the DVD’s value. This means that there is a video included with which to sing (Go Go Thomas! Karaoke), the Guess Who? puzzle, and the Muddy Sheep Roundup game on Muddy Matters.

Online retailers have copies of Muddy Matters available for purchase for a hair under $10. If your child likes Thomas & Friends, there should be no reason why this could not be a birthday or everyday gift. Thomas & Friends will have a number of titles released this year, so keep an eye on store shelves to keep up to date. Thomas & Friends continues to truck along with fresh stories that will always keep children focused in.

Rating: 8.2/10

Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters (DVD) / 2013 Lyons / Hit Ent / 58 Minutes /51dd9b0IT+L._SY300_

Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters DVD Review

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today acclaimed Los Angeles-based punk band The Bronx teams up with the iconic erotic website <> to premiere its new video, “Youth Wasted.” The clip features three dancers – Steve (“The Hammer”), Jim (“Double Gunz”) and Mike (“The Meat Wagon”) – who take it off while The Bronx turns in a ferocious performance of “Youth Wasted,” the first single from The Bronx (IV). You can check out the video, which was directed by Sam Macon (Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles), now Taking their relationship a step further, Steve, Jim and Mike opened for The Bronx at a recent record release show in LA. hailed “Youth Wasted” as “a brand-new rock anthem…with a full-frontal attack that lands between the Foo Fighters’ alternative assault and The Black Keys’ bluesy swagger” while Rolling Stone said: “the Bronx refuses to relent, unleashing hook after earworm hook on tracks like adolescent anthem ‘Youth Wasted,’ the powerfully subdued ‘Torches’ and scorched-earth closer ‘Last Revelation.’” “[The Bronx] are coming to kick the planet’s collective ass,” said Alternative Press, which awarded the new album four stars, calling it “their most infectious record to date.”


The Bronx (IV) was released earlier this month by White Drugs/ATO Records in the U.S., PIAS in the U.K./Europe and Shock Records in Australia/New Zealand. The band, which wraps up its U.K. tour this Thursday, February 27, will tour Australia in the spring and perform at Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival, which will take place on Detroit’s Belle Isle June 8-9. The Bronxwill announce additional U.S. dates soon.


With its blistering live performances and series of eponymously titled full-length albums, The Bronx – comprisingMatt Caughthran, Joby J. Ford, Jorma Vik, Brad Magers and Ken Mochikoshi Horne – has, in its 10-year history, redefined what punk means.After 2008′s The Bronx III, the band members released two self-titled mariachi albums as Mariachi El Bronx and toured widely under both names. Mariachi El Bronx will join Flogging Molly and Donots on the 9th Annual Green 17 U.S. tour, which kicks off March 9. See below for itinerary.




The Bronx – U.K. Dates


2/25 – Exeter, UK @ Cavern – SOLD OUT

2/26 – Southend-On-Sea, UK @ Chinnery’s

2/27 – York, UK @ The Duchess

4/24 – Sydney, AU – Annandale Hotel – SOLD OUT
4/25 – Sydney, AU – Annandale Hotel – SOLD OUT
4/26 – Sydney, AU – Annandale Hotel – SOLD OUT

4/27 – Maitland, AU – Groovin’ The Moo Festival – SOLD OUT

4/28 – Canberra, AU – Groovin’ The Moo Festival

5/1 – Melbourne, AU – Corner Hotel
5/2 – Adelaide, AU – Fowler’s Live

5/4 – Bendigo Vic, AU – Groovin’ The Moo Festival – SOLD OUT

5/5 – Townsville Qld, AU – Groovin’ The Moo Festival

5/7 – Brisbane, AU – The Hi Fi
5/10 – Perth, AU – Capitol

5/11 – Bunbury, AU – Groovin’ The Moo Festival

6/8-9 – Detroit, MI – Belle Isle – Orion Music + More Festival


IN THE SILENCE: Sensory To Release Album

Sensory Records this week confirms the upcoming release of A Fair Dream Gone Mad, the sprawling debut full-length from Sacramento, California-based dark/progressive quartet, IN THE SILENCE.


Founded in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Josh Burke, the talented crew of musicians forming IN THE SILENCE had an instantaneous chemistry, which saw the outfit playing area shows almost immediately. Musically comparable to the emotional output of Katatonia, Porcupine Tree and Opeth but boasting a more progressive nature than said acts, IN THE SILENCE surges with incredibly moving riffs and otherworldly atmospheres, boasting a huge mid-tone clean vocal performance atop a thunderous display of technical metal percussion.


After tracking several demo songs, the band settled into hometown Fat Cat Recording Studios and recorded their debut album A Fair Dream Gone Mad with producer Jack “Jay” Trammell. The record’s forty-five minute lifespan possesses massive, pristine production, even further magnifying IN THE SILENCE’s skilled approach. The band released the album themselves, and when the initial run of 120 digitpaks sold out right away, the issued a 300-run eco-sleeves pressing. The album immediately reached journalists at popular metal webzines worldwide, including who called it, “A startlingly mature album that belies the band’s relative inexperience and fresh-face… certainly one of the more alluring dark/atmospheric albums to hit in 2012,” and, issuing in part, “…nothing short of remarkable. The beautiful yet haunting atmosphere, intricate songwriting and talented musicianship displayed throughout this album will leave you spellbound. This may well just be one of the best debut albums of the year. A must for all fans of progressive metal.”


Sensory Records, a division of progressive linchpin The Laser’s Edge, will give A Fair Dream Gone Mad the proper distribution and attention it deserves, having penned a striking digipak version of the album, as well as high-quality digital download, for official worldwide release on April 9th, 2013.



IN THE SILENCE also recently signed with Intromental Management who will be breaking them out on tours and festival appearances throughout North America in 2013. Already confirmed is a performance at the massive annual ProgPower USA XIV festival in Atlanta, Georgia, where they’ll share the stage with Circle II Circle, Rhapsody, Wolverine, Soilwork, Shadow Gallery, Wolf, Circus Maximus, Armored Saint and more. Stay tuned for additional imminent tour plans to be announced in the coming days.


Review copies of A Fair Dream Gone Mad and interviews with IN THE SILENCE are available now. In North America contact



Josh Burke: vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Nate Higgins: lead and rhythm guitars

Dennis Davis: bass

Niko Panagopoulos: drums


A Fair Dream Gone Mad Track Listing:

1. Ever Closer

2. 17 Shades

3. Serenity

4. Beneath These Falling Leaves

5. Close to Me

6. Endless Sea

7. All the Pieces

8. Your Reward

Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Amazingly, the team behind HBO’s brilliant Game of Thrones managed to make the second season as thrilling as the first. The Stark family – the closest thing this series had to the Cleavers – is scattered across the territories with their patriarch now dead, and their frenemies the Lannisters are a little scattered as well, with war between kingdoms sending some off to fight. Meanwhile the creepy, little, evil boy King Joffrey Baratheon sits on a throne (you know that kid is going to meet a satisfyingly gruesome death at some point before the series’ conclusion). Though there are brilliant performances throughout, Peter Dinklage’s portrayal of Tyrion Lannister continues to be simply sublime. Who knew a pseudo-mid-evil fantasy drama could be some damn entertaining?

Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season/5 DVDs/550 mins./HBO Studios/2013
510CdRRcVpL._SL500_AA300_Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season (DVD Review)


Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Girls: The Complete First Season Combo Set Review


Girls perfectly blends comedy and drama in an always intense and compelling show. The first season of the show comprised 6 episodes, fictional retellings of Lena Dunham’s life in New York City. The cast clicks with Dunham perfectly, showcasing the ennui, brief victories, and overall unwieldiness of the second decade of life.  I feel that the show’s presence on HBO allows Girls to be less restrained than it would be on network TV. The added freedom afforded to it makes it a much stronger show. Take an episode like All Adventurous Women Do, which showcases the prevalence of HPV in the lives of the post-college dating population. Shoshanna’s storyline about being a virgin represents a glue that holds together these initial episodes, and eir backstory feels fleshed out in a way that would happen on few other shows.

The video quality of this DVD set is perfect, mirroring the quality of the initial transmission. The DVD set is rounded out with a crisp audio track, ensuring that every line of dialogue and response can be discerned.

Girls is one of the hottest shows that HBO has released in the last few years, and this DVD set represents a vital purchase for anyone that would like to get into the show. This DVD set captures the first season of the show, providing viewers with a cheap (online retailers have this release for less than $23) way to catchy up before the second season ends on March 17th. Keep up to date with the show as it completes the second and begins its third season; HBO’s latest hit will continue to turn heads and gain viewers.

Rating: 8.9/10

Girls: The Complete First Season (Combo Set) / 2013 HBO Home Video / 390 Minutes /

Girls: The Complete First Season Combo Set Review

Detroit: An American Autopsy By Charlie LeDuff (Book)


Detroit: An American Autopsy is a not only a fantastically addictive read about how corruption and incompetence is killing the once majestic city of Detroit (ok majestic may be a stretch), but also manages to showcase a fearless, ballsy style of reporting that is almost nearly extinct as well thanks to the new face journalism, partisan to a fault and concerned about little more than click-ability.

LeDuff’s life story alone would have been interesting enough of the sole subject: working class Detroit kid who escaped a dead end life and ends up at the New York Times, only to tell his clueless editors to screw as he goes back to his native city, wife and kid in tow, to take a job at the dying mid-sized city daily the Detroit News. And LeDuff does share quite a bit of his tragic, yet still hopeful family story, from his mother doing everything she can to keep her kids straight, to his sister’s descent into drugs, prostitution and her ultimate demise. But it’s just part of the larger story of the profile of his native city heading into a death spiral. Among the real characters in this deeply compelling book are the corrupt former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the equally, yet much more comically, corrupt former city council member Monica Conyers (wife of U.S. Congressman John Conyers), and a group of dedicated firefighters undergoing the Sisyphean task of trying to keep the city from burning to the ground.

LeDuff’s ballsy, take no prisoner style of confrontational reporting made him a few friends (mostly families of murder victims and beat cops and firefighters fed up with the corruption) and a slew of enemies, including some inside his own paper. Detroit: An American Autopsy not only chronicle a town likely taking its last gasps of air, but also exposes a style of reporting that is quickly fading as well. It’s sad on both accounts.

Detroit: An American Autopsy By Charlie LeDuff/Hardcover/304 pages/Penguin Press/2013

Detroit: An American Autopsy By Charlie LeDuff (Book)


Cold Cave is the creative rebirth of acclaimed musician and writer Wesley Eisold.
Cutting his teeth in underground bands American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) and Some Girls, Eisold’s body of work has truly effected a generation of listeners. Through constant cross-pollination Eisold has gained mass appeal, influencing underground and popular culture with his ever evolving artistic vision.
With an already prolific number of releases, Cold Cave has become a name synonymous with the contemporary resurgence of Darkwave and Synth Pop sub-genres. Propelling Cold Cave to perform at world class museums The Getty and the Guggenheim, as well as performances with legends Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, among others.
Oceans With No End EP is the latest offering from Cold Cave; a two song industrial indulgence that picks up where A Little Death To Laugh EP (Heartworm, 2012) left off. Title track “Oceans With No End” uses upbeat electronics to create a melodious wash for Eisold’s pensive vocals to tread within. While B-side “People Are Poison” plods forth with an angry swagger in direct juxtaposition to the title track’s driving urgency. Together they are a blindingly beautiful example of morose music at its very best.
Cold Cave Website:
Cold Cave on Facebook:
Cold Cave on Twitter:


WHITECHAPEL "The Somatic Defilement" re-issue

Whitechapel’s debut full-length album, The Somatic Defilement, is the album that firmly planted the band on an upward trajectory that has carried the band to the upper echelons of modern death metal. The band has taken The Somatic Defilement and placed it in the capable hands of Audiohammer Studios producer Mark Lewis for a complete re-mix, along with a re-master by Alan Douches. The results are staggering and give The Somatic Defilement a modern luster up to the standards of the band’s most recent recordings. Fans can listen and pre-order now at

The Somatic Defilement, originally released in 2007, is a concept album about Jack the Ripper’s infamous murders of prostitutes in East London’s Whitechapel district. This 2013 re-release sees the band tasking producer Mark Lewis to painstakingly bring the six year old recording to today’s standard.

The band’s latest effort, the self-titled album that dropped on June 19 in North America, debuted at #47 on the Top 200 Chart, #10 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, #3 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Current), #2 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Core Stores) and #64 on the Top Digital Album Chart.

Whitechapel was one of the most well received albums of 2012, with critical acclaim from some of the most respected music outlets including The New York Times, Alternative Press, Metal Hammer. The album also claimed bragging rights as the iTunes UK Metal Album of the Year for 2012!

“They build unforgiving walls of riff, and unpleasant ones too. Pleasure’s not the point, though. There is a militaristic certainty to Whitechapel’s work, which activates the true thrills of masochism.” New York Times

“The band’s best album yet by a wide margin.” 4/5, Alternative Press Magazine

“Bolder and smarter than previous efforts and with flashes of subtle invention peppering their trademark onslaught of fat, hellish grooves and adrenalized blasting, Whitechapel positions its creators as worthy heirs to Chaos AD-era Sepultura’s cross pollinating throne, albeit with a massive, jarring does of 21st century death metal adding additional sonic bulk and braggadocio.” Metal Hammer – 8/10

“When metal historians look back at the era of deathcore, one band that will undoubtedly stand out from the rest is Whitechapel. On top of being one of the biggest acts in the scene, and also having probably helped sculpt the genre, the Tennessee six-piece are one of the few acts really giving the oft-dismissed sub-genre a stamp of credibility – and their new, self-titled release promises to further solidify that.”

WHITECHAPEL’s video for their song “I, Dementia” can be viewed HERE. The video was shot by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye as part of the Scion AV Project.

For More Information Please Visit:

WHITECHAPEL "The Somatic Defilement" re-issue

Dial 7's NYC limo services

Ever since she was a little girl, my daughter Mariah has been the life of the party. As an honor-roll student involved in several extra-curricular activities, she has made a lot of friends throughout the years. It was no surprise that when her senior prom rolled around last spring, she and her high-school posse had plans to ride together in style—all 15 of them! That’s when I reached out to Dial 7 for NYC limo service.

Mariah had worked hard in school, so I wanted reward her efforts. Plus, her father and I wanted to make sure she and her friends got to enjoy this one-in-a-lifetime celebration together. We read several positive online reviews about NYC limo service from Dial 7 and decided to schedule limo service for her special night. Her father and I knew Dial 7 would be the best choice, as they offer stretch Hummer® limos that can seat up to 20 passengers. Mariah and the friends she grew up with would be able to arrive at prom in one group.

On the evening of prom, our limo driver arrived 15 minutes early so he could talk with my husband and I. I learned that all the drivers at Dial 7 have many years of experience, know all the city routes, and always make safety their top concern. After talking to Dan the driver, my husband and I knew that Mariah and her friends were in good hands.

I peeked inside the limo before the group headed out and was impressed by how clean and fancy it was! The stretch Hummer we ordered was equipped with tinted windows, AC, a great sound system, lights, ice bins, and a TV addition. My husband and I knew we had made the right choice with Dial 7, sending our daughter off to this momentous occasion in style.

Mariah and her friends arrived at prom on time and danced the night away. Afterward, Dan was already waiting at the entrance when it was time for the group to pile in at the end of a memorable night. We were happy with the services Dial 7 provided and were relieved at just how affordable their rates are. Plus, we learned that they offer 24/7 rides, which means we will be giving them a call should we ever need any kind of transportation service in the future.

Dial 7's NYC limo services

RARE MONK Sleep/Attack Album

Rare Monk’s brand new album Sleep/Attack is available now on Bandcamp via a unique “Pay What You Can” model to ensure that Rare Monk’s biggest fans can experience their music.

Building on the success of their Death by Proxy EP, their new album Sleep/Attack is an upbeat and ambitious album that takes inspiration from such diverse concepts as the enormity of the universe to the danger of imbuing dreams with too much power.

Rare Monk is currently touring nationwide in support of their album, including several showcases in Austin during the South by Southwest music festival.

Sleep/Attack is available now.

2/26 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall (Moon Room)
2/27 Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
2/28 Chicago @ Quenchers
3/1 Columbus, OH @ Hounddog’s
3/2 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
3/3 Boston, MA @ PA’s Lounge
3/4 Manhattan @ Bowery Electric
3/5 Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery
3/7 Washington, D.C. @ Velvet Lounge
3/8 Raleigh, N.C. @ The Pour House
3/10 Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
3/13 Austin, Texas @ The Grackle @ 2:00 pm (SXSW)
3/14 Austin, TX @ Fado’s @ 11:00 pm (SXSW)
3/15 Austin, TX @ Royal House @ 8:00 pm (SXSW)
3/16 Austin, TX @ The Lodge @ 8:15 pm (SXSW)
3/18 Tempe, AZ @ Long Wongs for PHX SXSW
3/19 Los Angeles @ Silverlake Lounge
3/20 Fresno, CA @ Fulton 55


RARE MONK Sleep/Attack Album

Binary Options

There are a large number of different binary options trading websites that are available, but few of them provide individuals with the information that they need. There is just so much in the way of information that can be gleaned from these sorts of websites, and the continual updates present on this site ensures that no one individual will be left behind. I would strongly suggest that you check out the website in question, bookmark it, and tell them what else that you would like to see. If you are able to focus properly on what they are providing, then you will be able to come and get a considerable benefit. I personally like the design of the website; it just feels as if I could find anything that it would have for us. Make sure that you are able to get the information that they place online on this website, as it will provide individuals with the leg up that they need to become a success in binary trading. It does so in such a way that even those individuals that are not the best at the internet will be able to do. Thanks so much for reading this post.

Binary Options

KMFDM 2013 Tour

With today’s release of KUNST, their 18th studio album, the legendary industrial pioneers KMFDM are ready to unleash their “Ultra Heavy Beat” live for their upcoming US tour. With nearly three decades of historic, groundbreaking musical mayhem behind them, they’re kicking off their tour on March 8th in Portland, OR and circling the States till the end of March (tour dates below).

Released on seminal label Metropolis Records, KUNST has already been receiving rave reviews. COMA Music Magazine praises, “Kunst is another exceptional album from … a must have album.” Sputnik Music chimes, “Industrial dance music as boisterous as one could want it.” ReGen Magazine adds, “KUNST is the quintessential KMFDM album, living up to its title in presenting all of the elements that have aided in the band’s longevity: excellent production, tight performances, and a lyrically dynamic blend of sociopolitical diatribes and pseudo-humorous self reference… always marching to the beat of its own drum with KUNST being as straightforward and in-your-face as ever.” OurVinyl sums it up best:”Beg for more, we will!”
KUNST album art (by BRUTE!)
Click for hi-res

German for “ART”, KUNST is fitting for a band that has spent three decades conceptualizing its own brand of art war against the establishment. Bombastic musical graffiti, the album shows the band making another indelible mark on the walls of society. Kicking things off with the snarky title track, the signature KMFDM sound busts down the doors with an instant payoff for long-term fans and newbies alike, seamlessly blending their anarchic signature sound/themes with elements of punk, industrial and EBM. From the steady build of “Ave Maria” to the relentless “Animal Out ” to their show of solidarity for the jailed Russian punk band, Pussy Riot, with the song of the same name, KUNST exposes the underbelly of society’s shortcomings.

KUNST is the passageway into the very abyss, the unknown depth of a staple we took for granted over the years, commonly known as KMFDM. It has been released on February 26, 2013 on Metropolis Records.

Mar 08 Star Theater Portland, OR
Mar 09 The Independent San Francisco, CA
Mar 10 The Fonda Theatre Hollywood, CA
Mar 11 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA
Mar 12 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ
Mar 14 Backstage Live San Antonio, TX
Mar 15 Trees Dallas, TX
Mar 16 Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge, LA
Mar 17 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
Mar 18 State Theatre Falls Church, VA
Mar 19 Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
Mar 20 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Mar 21 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Mar 22 Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale, PA
Mar 23 House of Blues Chicago Chicago, IL
Mar 24 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
Mar 25 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
Mar 26 The Waiting Room Lounge Omaha, NE
Mar 27 The Summit Music Hall Denver, CO
Mar 28 The Depot Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 29 Knitting Factory Boise, ID
Mar 30 Showbox SODO Seattle, WA

# # #

KMFDM 2013 Tour

D-Stunner Preworkout Review





Betancourt has just released a pre-workout, D-Stunner. D-Stunner provides those whom take it the energy that they need to properly complete they workout, along with the focus needed to add additional reps, sets, exercises, or personal records. D-Stunner is distinct from the rest of pre-workouts on the market due to the inclusion of tried and true compounds like Beta-alanine, Creatine monohydrate, L-carnitine and Quercertin with two formulations of B-Phenylethylamine (HCl and REV-PEA). The energy component of D-Stunner comes with the presence of Theobromine, Caffine, and the aforementioned B-Phenylethlamine. D-Stunner comes in watermelon and grape flavors, which provide a strong flavor profile to hide active ingredients without being overwhelming. The miscibility of D-Stunner is great, as placing a fair share of water and shaking the mixture creates something that is not gritty, resembling more of a Kool-aid than anything.

The come-up on the D-Stunner is moderated, providing early energy that opens up into a laser-like focus when the workout begins. There is no jitteriness to the energy provided by D-Stunner; one will be able to tackle intricate or difficult actions without any loss in focus. Whether one is running or powerlifting, the D-Stunner will allow the taker to put forth a solid workout. The additional pump given through the inclusion of GlycoCarn allows greater amount of blood flow; this has the effect of keeping energy levels high while increasing oxygen uptake. Simply put, this is a well thought through that individuals should purchase the next time their normal pre-workout runs low.

Betancourt has released a number of different products that one can supplement with; make sure to check out their website for new products, specials, and test out D-Stunner if you would like to check out the latest word in pre-workouts. Tell us what you think about D-Stunner and the rest of Betancourts’ releases.

Rating: 9.2/10

D-Stunner / Betancourt Nutrition /

D-Stunner Preworkout Review

Isaac Delusion Stream 'Early Morning' EP

Isaac Delusion, a Parisian group with a pop-laced electronic sound are set to release a stunning new EP tomorrow on Cracki Records, Early Morning. The whole EP can be heard now on Noisey, who write the band “perfectly defines the contours of airy indie-electro, elevating it to something far more nuanced and deeply therapeutic…it easily gets our vote for best thing I heard this week.”

Daytrotter describes a gorgeous recent session with them: “An Isaac Delusion song wastes no time sinking itself into your skin…You’re taken away to a place that looks and feels nothing like what you’re used to seeing or feeling. It’s something of a full transformation into this place that’s pulsating.”

Check out their new video for “Supernova,” a whimsical clip bursting with color. The band will be playing a few select shows in New York, Los Angeles and more before heading to Austin for this year’s SXSW, with a full schedule to follow.


03.01.13 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
03.04.13 – Bardot – Los Angeles, CA @
03.12.13 – The Echo – Neon Gold Popshop – Los Angeles, CA !
03.13.13-03.16.13 – SXSW – Austin, TX

# with Hess Is More
* with Doe Paoro
! with CHVRCHES & MØ
@ with Sinkane

Isaac Delusion Stream 'Early Morning' EP

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! announces rescheduled headline run

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is excited to announce the reschedule of their North American headline tour. The “Pardon My French” Tour is set to kick off in Dekalb, IL with routing throughout the U.S., featuring support from label mates  For All Those SleepingUpon This Dawning, and friends City Lights.


After rescheduling a string of previously announced headline dates, the Paris, France five-piece will be pulling out all the stops, coming off a massive routing with A Day To Remember, with a set list bolstering fan favorites and new unheard tracks from their forthcoming album, set for release this Spring.


The band is currently in Australia alongside big names such as Metallica, Blink 182, and Linkin Park, as part of the Soundwave Festival, and will return to the U.S. with a slot on the South By So What Festival in Dallas, TX.


“We are so stoked to play our first headline tour in the States,” explains lead singer Bertrand Poncet. “We just want this tour to be a giant party every night, it’s gonna be punk rock with intimate venues and no barriers. People can expect craziness, tons of stage dives, it’s gonna be wild!”




CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! - Bertrand Poncet (Vocals), Paul Wilson (Guitar/Back Vocals), Éric Poncet (Guitar), Mathias Rigal (Bass) and Jonathan Donnaës (Drums) – was formed in Paris, France with one goal in mind – to make friends all over the world, through their euphoric blend of punk beats and hardcore breakdowns. Determined to spread the word of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! across the globe, the band has toured incessantly, and has received press support from Alternative Press, AMP Magazine, Purevolume, Substream Magazine, and Absolutepunk. Now seasoned road warriors, the Paris, France pop-punk group ignited mosh pits nationwide on the Vans Warped Tour 2012, and have shared the stage with the likes of Attack! Attack!, Chelsea Grin, blessthefall, Motionless In White, and The Word Alive. Armed with a solid tour schedule and a power-packed album, these five friends are ready to take on the planet.



“The Road To South By So What Tour” w/ Handguns, State Champs, and City Lights

3.11 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue

3.13 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

3.14 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad

3.16 – Grand Prairie, TX @ QuikTrip Park

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! announces rescheduled headline run

Monday, February 25, 2013

MODERAT - NEW ALBUM "II" out August 2nd, 2013

Moderat, the Berlin based electronic supergroup formed by Apparat & Modeselektor, happily announce their highly anticipated 2nd studio album „II“ to be released on August 2nd worldwide via Monkeytown Records.

Alongside standard CD and single LP formats (MTR035), Moderat will release „II“ in an exclusive Deluxe Edition 2xCD and 2xLP vinyl (MTR036) for fans and collectors. The Monkeytown Records webshop will exclusively offer a limited edition colour vinyl version of the Deluxe Edition 2xLP vinyl (MTR036).

Quote Moderat:

“Moderat are Gernot, Szary and Sascha.

We have known each other for 12 years now, and during that time we haven’t really changed that much: We are still three guys mostly talking about hihats and tape machines while hanging out in the studio.

Moderat as a fusion of Modeselektor and Apparat is a mutual path that hasn’t been and will never been easy. Well, it’s simply more than “just” making music together. It is, again and again, an experiment of exploring our similarities and differences and to interlace them to something new and exciting.

MODERAT - NEW ALBUM "II" out August 2nd, 2013


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Twice As Nice REMIXES Ghost Loft's SECONDS

Ghost Loft is back this week with a REMIX of his buzzed about single “Seconds” from LA-based/Australian Born production duo, Twice As Nice. Blah Blah Blah Science exclusively premiered this killer track and Ghost Loft is offering it up for free download and/or stream.
Ghost Loft’s breathtaking single and video for the original track of “Seconds” premiered exclusively through Pigeons & Planes. The site raved about the track: “The production has a bounce to it, but it’s a dark bounce, and with the Burial-type vocals on the chorus, the track takes on a cold tone despite the handclaps and hummable melody. In 2013, there’s certainly a place for gloomy-but-catchy pop, and Ghost Loft is doing it right.”
“The slow and sensual r&b track with a hip-hop background rhythm is enhanced by directors Daniel Iglesias Jr & Zack Sekuler ‘Ends’ which I think capture quite effectively the soothing love relationship between Choi and his distant lover,” says Crack In The Road of the song and video.
“Seconds” is on the rise.  The single spent three consecutive days at #1 on Hype Machine’s Popular Charts.  In addition, tastemaker Mark Ronson included “Seconds” in his latest FABRICLIVE MIX.
LA-based Danny Choi, the visionary behind Ghost Lost has remixed for rising acts, The Neighbourhood (“Let It Go” remix featured on Pigeons & Planes) & Icky Blossoms (“Heat Lightning” remix featured on The Fader).