Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bath Salt Zombies DVD Review


Bath Salt ombies is a classic ombie film that will perform admirably in party or film buff circles. The cast unites to make a tale that is classic and contemporary (the bath salt epidemic) fashions. The film is given additional replay value through the inclusion of an ama ing soundtrack, featuring cuts from Antiseen, The Meatmen, The Murder Junkies, and The Dwarves.

After a government ban on bath salts block many users from their supply, it becomes the duty of cookers and chemists to find a solution. With an ama ing discovery, it seems like dealers and users can feel free of the government’s chokehold. What no one would expect is that the specific formulation of bath salts end up turning those turned on into ombies. The need to stay high ensures that getting these individuals off of the stuff will be the hardest thing one will ever do in life.

The film blends humor and drama perfectly, with the backdrop of New York City and the choice of utili ing bath salts as the reason for the ombie epidemic making this much more realistic than other films in the genre. Bath Salt ombies can be purchased at well-stocked online retailers and physical stores alike. If you are a fan of ombie movies (or films focusing on drug use) in the slightest, Bath Salt ombies will represent a solid addition to your library.  Keep an eye out for the director, Dustin Wayde Mills (2011’s Puppet Monster Massacre) and the titles that ey will release in the years and decades to come.

Rating: 7.8/10

Bath Salt ombies DVD Review / 2013 MVD / 90 Minutes /

Bath Salt ombies DVD Review

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