Monday, February 11, 2013

A.S. Exile CD Review

Do what you want is the introductory track to Exile, and it builds off the work of Queensryche and The Scorpion. There is an eye to current music, with the vocals achieving Maroon 5 levels of allure. A.S. provides listeners with a track that will immediately draw them in; the eponymous track follows and spins the act into a new romantic (Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths) meets emotive rock (Fuel, Soundgarden) groove. Do what you want and builds a considerable amount of momentum. All elements of the band, be they the drums, guitars, or vocals, unite to create something greater than its constituent elements.

Time and Fast keep the pace high as the band settles into the Probable Cause, which has a darker and more brooding feel than the average track on Exile. It is this orchestral-heavy arrangement that resonates loudly throughout the rest of the album. Probable Cause is an effort that could easily be on rock and pop rotation given.  Why The Hell Not? Is the penultimate track on Exile, representing another bold shift in A.S.’s style. While there is cohesion to each track on this album, I feel that listeners will continually be surprised at what is next.

Exile ends with an acoustic version of Reasonable Doubts. A.S. is talented enough to provide their fans with two versions that are distinct enough to be considered two different tracks. The nuance of the instrumental arrangements really shines through when listeners put on the acoustic version, while the electric version provides ample polish. Exile is one of the best albums that we have reviewed so far in 2013; here’s to hoping that A.S. rides a wave of success with this release.

Top Tracks: Do what you want, Reasonable Doubts (acoustic)

Rating: 8.9/10


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A.S. Exile CD Review

A.S. Exile CD Review

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