Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heyerdahl first USA live shows:

03/08: New York, NY @ Pianos – 9pm
03/09: New York, NY  @ Braund Sound Studios (RSVP only)
03/13: Austin, TX – Red Eye Transit/Brilliance – Bungalow @4pm RSVP
03/14: Austin, TX – Beautiful Buzzz & DeliRadio  – Brew Exchange @noon RSVP
03/15: Austin, TX  - Red Eye Transit/Brilliance – Hi Hat / @ 4pm RSVP
03/16: Austin, TX – FILTER/ØYA/MN – Cedar Street @ 11:40am RSVP
03/16: Austin, TX –  SXSW Official Showcase – Empire Control Room @ 8pm RSVP

Free To Share:
“Mirage” video HERE and HERE
“Mirage” HERE
“Shadows” HERE

Thor Brenne from Bodø, Norway directed the stunning “Mirage” video. The nature, the story, the narrator speaking in Sami, the actors he chose match beautifully to his magical hometown and turned this all into a picture perfect, heartwarming setting for the song. You can see it on MTVu HERE, on Vimeo HERE and Youtube HERE.

Searching for inspiration through change, HEYERDAHL left their hometown confines of Oslo to record an album. They rented a lighthouse in Stadt on the west coast of Norway and set up a temporary studio overlooking the vast ocean. Accustomed to life in the city, the winter storm of 2011 hit with hurricane force winds and as the massive waves crashed against the windows of the lighthouse this change had begun to take hold.

Isolated in unfamiliar surroundings and intense weather conditions, they began to reflect on Norway before it’s rise in wealth, and regional folklore regarding the ocean, storms, shipwrecks, widows, ghosts, love and companionship began to seep into the lyrics and sounds. Feeling as explorers themselves, they took their name from the great Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

Heyerdahl first USA live shows:

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