Tuesday, February 26, 2013

D-Stunner Preworkout Review





Betancourt has just released a pre-workout, D-Stunner. D-Stunner provides those whom take it the energy that they need to properly complete they workout, along with the focus needed to add additional reps, sets, exercises, or personal records. D-Stunner is distinct from the rest of pre-workouts on the market due to the inclusion of tried and true compounds like Beta-alanine, Creatine monohydrate, L-carnitine and Quercertin with two formulations of B-Phenylethylamine (HCl and REV-PEA). The energy component of D-Stunner comes with the presence of Theobromine, Caffine, and the aforementioned B-Phenylethlamine. D-Stunner comes in watermelon and grape flavors, which provide a strong flavor profile to hide active ingredients without being overwhelming. The miscibility of D-Stunner is great, as placing a fair share of water and shaking the mixture creates something that is not gritty, resembling more of a Kool-aid than anything.

The come-up on the D-Stunner is moderated, providing early energy that opens up into a laser-like focus when the workout begins. There is no jitteriness to the energy provided by D-Stunner; one will be able to tackle intricate or difficult actions without any loss in focus. Whether one is running or powerlifting, the D-Stunner will allow the taker to put forth a solid workout. The additional pump given through the inclusion of GlycoCarn allows greater amount of blood flow; this has the effect of keeping energy levels high while increasing oxygen uptake. Simply put, this is a well thought through that individuals should purchase the next time their normal pre-workout runs low.

Betancourt has released a number of different products that one can supplement with; make sure to check out their website for new products, specials, and test out D-Stunner if you would like to check out the latest word in pre-workouts. Tell us what you think about D-Stunner and the rest of Betancourts’ releases.

Rating: 9.2/10

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D-Stunner Preworkout Review

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