Friday, February 22, 2013

The Unclean New Album The Eagle

Ohio-based trio THE UNCLEAN has this month self-released their sophomore full-length album, in the process unleashing some of the most classic but contemporary, polluted but pristine rock n’ roll the underground has to offer.

Known for trolling Akron’s dive-bars and tattoo shops, the members of THE UNCLEAN collective pulled their resources together in 2007. Hailing from predominantly sludge/doom-scene acts including Rue, Fistula, Sofa King Killer, with this act the members crank out solid, no-frills, riff-heavy, blues-based rock anthems. With influences and comparisons tracing to classic acts like ZZ Top, Humble Pie, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, the band self-released their debut album No Excuse Necessary in the Fall of 2008, and have since honed their soulful tunes even further on-stage regionally alongside other hard-working local and touring acts.

At the end of 2012 the trio shacked-up in the studio to lay down the thunder that would culminate into their second full-length. The drums were recorded at Studio Time in Akron, Ohio (former Black Keys studio) by Jason Tarulli (current mastermind behind Black Keys live sound), and the rest of the album written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by the band in their own Unclean Studio. Now completed and available to the public once again in totally D.I.Y. fashion, THE UNCLEAN proudly offer their most honest and lively material yet with The Eagle. Boasting nearly forty minutes of ballsy, bluesy, beer-swilling anthems about good times and bad, guitarist/vocalist Bremmy (ex-Sofa King Killer, Honkeytonk Damnation), bassist Burns (ex-Rue, Nailblack, Fistula, Sofa King Killer), and drummer Frank The Tank (ex- Search Block) play it straight from hip, loud and in your face.

After releasing The Eagle this month digitally via all the usual online suspects (iTunes, Spotify, EMusic, Google Play and more), THE UNCLEAN will drop a CD version in the coming months alongside regional shows and sporadic touring in support of the record. Stay tuned for further info in the coming weeks.

The Unclean New Album The Eagle

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