Monday, February 25, 2013

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Review


The Peter Pan Diamond Edition is the definitive version of this Disney classic; the company has placed a great amount of additional features into this release. The stellar documentary that graced the DVD edition of Peter Pan has been re-issued, while there is a full 15 minutes of deleted scenes and songs pulled directly from the vault. The You Can Fly: The Making of Peter Pan showcases the different world in which the film was created, while The Peter Pan That Almost Was gives viewers some sense of the changes that were ultimately decided again. The featurettes also include a set of trailers for upcoming Disney releases; The Little Mermaid 3D looks absolutely alluring, Mulan II portends a number of changes to the status quo established by the initial film while an additional Tinker Bell title is also coming down the pipeline.

The amount of clarity that is present in this Blu-Ray edition is absolutely astounding, especially considering the title was originally released in 1953. This is noticed in the richness of skin tones as well as the dialogue and songs; listeners will be able to discern each utterance as clear as day. The inclusion of lossless audio will appease audiophiles and will hopefully establish a blueprint for future re-releases and remastered titles.

Make sure to purchase a copy of the Peter Pan Diamond Edition at any well-stocked video store or online retailer; I believe that one will find quite a deal if they can search a number of places. Disney has a number of solid releases that will be released in the remainder of 2013; check out their website today.

Rating: 9.1/10

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack / 2013 Walt Disney / 77 Minutes /

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Review

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