Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lullaby North Speak in Tongues CD Review






Fire(Part 2) is a free-form jazz that simultaneously touches upon an entire range of styles from the fifties out to the eighties. The constituent elements of Lullaby North are talented enough to weave a cogent narrative through this introduction to the band, resulting in a set of listeners that will be utterly enamored. Words for hire begins with a vocal narration before touching upon nineties alternative rock. There is a certain Hayden meets B-52s / REM sound that leads nicely into Lo que la marea trajo de vuelta. While the composition may make it over the six-minute mark, Lullaby North creates enough twists and turns to keep listeners attentive.


The production during this track provides a retro feel to the instrumentation, allowing the band to work in a sixties mode. Hints of dust-swept psychedelic rock and Spanish-influenced guitar gradually give away to a chaotic set of time-signatures and horns. When the vocals are added into the mix, Lo que la marea trajo de vuelta shifts to another constellation of influences and styles. Ten thousand worries is the final track on Speak in Tongues, allowing Lullaby North ample opportunity to experiment. While there is a certain finality to this track, the band provides listeners with some potential clues in regards to the trajectory of the band.


Speak in Tounges is a fulfilling album that touches upon a variety of genre. Where many albums exist only to further a few singles, every effort on this release is stellar. Check out Lullaby North’s website for more information about the band and any additional recordings or


Top Tracks: Words for hire, Ten thousand worries


Rating: 9.1/10


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