Monday, August 5, 2013

Cedar Point Amusement Park Review



We are able to have a tremendous day last week when we were invited to stop by Cedar Point. The temperature and sun was perfect, ensuring that we could stay out for a long time. We were able to get to the park around noon and found a spot without any hassle. After a few minute walk to the front gates, we got into line on Ocean Motion. When one considers the proximity of the Ocean Motion to the gates, the line went by very quickly. After this initial ride, we stopped by one of the two Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosks to test out one of the hundred flavor combination that the machine can spit out.

GateKeeper is the latest attraction and Cedar Point, and presents riders with a tremendous thrill. The record-setting rollercoaster had a surprisingly small line for all the hubbub. The entire GateKeeper experience is absolutely amazing, from the initial few seconds until the rollercoaster reaches its high of 67 miles per hour. Raptor still performs admirably in light of the GateKeeper, propelling riders to a maximum speed of around 60 mph.

After attendees want to wind down from their day of rides, Cedar Point has one of the most stunning properties in their park. Hotel Breakers is a Cedar Point institution, opening its doors in 1905. The rooms have been kept up to current standards, providing those that attend with considerable luxury and park-front lodging for a reasonable price.

Single day adult passes for Cedar Point can be purchased for $44.99, while junior/senior passes are $29.99. For those individuals that are looking to have additional fun, a Ride & Slide pass (which allows entry into Soak City) can be purchased for $82.99 for adults and $45.99 for the junior and seniors. For a full day of fun, no matter whether one is young or old, Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the world.



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