Saturday, August 31, 2013

Philips Pocket Memo Review


Interested individuals that wish to have the ultimate fidelity in their recordings would do well to purchase a Philips Pocket Memo; the $500 price point ensures that important meetings, calls, and thoughts can be archived and kept for eternity. The sheer amount of functionality that the Pocket Memo possesses makes it a must-buy for students, doctors, lawyers, and administrators alike. Philips has ensured that despite all of these inclusions, the Pocket Memo is something that is unobtrusive and is tremendously portable.

I believe that the write-protection options present (Philips SpeechExec) in the Philips Pocket Memo allows for an increase in a productivity with a sharp decrease in corporate espionage. The individual as well as the business can reap the rewards of these security functions, while the value of the Pocket Memo increases with its form. The Pocket Memo is ergonomic and intuitive to use, meaning that even the older age-skewing employee will be able to successfully operate the device. The memory present in this dictation recorder is enough to archive months, if not years, of regular meetings. Furthermore, each recording is archived in an easy to access fashion; one will not need to root around their recordings for a specific day’s worth of files. Finally, the dock allows the device to stay pristine and well charged, an additional carrying sack means that the Pocket Memo will not be damaged in a suitcase, pocket, or car.

Visit the Philips website and see whether the Pocket Memo is the best purchase. With a sharp design, incredible clarity in recording, and a battery that far outstrips similar instruments, I feel that the Pocket Memo is perfect for business and personal use alike; it is the gold standard of recording devices.

Rating: 10/10
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