Sunday, March 22, 2015

Denny Diamond Diamond Mountain / Holly Holly Review

Denny Diamond is an emotive and impassioned performer that is able to reach a considerable range while holding listeners’ hands from the beginning to the end of his latest track, Diamond Mountain. The track ebbs and flows to keep listeners firmly planted on the edges of their seats. The narrative that is weaved through Diamond Mountain is compelling and represents one of the many ways that a listeners can enjoy Denny’s music. The instrumentation may work in a supporting role during a considerable portion of the track, but is able to engulf the track with ground-shaking percussion and guitar.



Diamond Mountain has been chosen for inclusion in the upcoming documentary Play Me based on this epic composition, and listeners will be able to understand why at the end of the tracks’ nigh-six minute run time.

Holly Holly is a Neil Diamond cover and is given another lease on life by the sheer amount of effort Denny has placed into his rendition. Rather than be a paint by the numbers affair, Denny Diamond is able to straddle the line between homage and wholly unique effort. Fans of Neil Diamond’s original will have more than enough to sink their teeth into, while listeners clamoring for something that provides some insight into Denny’s persona can glean it.

The production of the track is solid, ensuring that listeners can slip into the effort easily. The instrumentation on Holly Holly is the perfect blend of pizzazz and timeless rock arrangements. The richness and fullness of the instrumentation during this single pushes Denny’s vocals to an entirely new plateau. By infusing this vitality and refreshing a classic in such a fashion, Denny’s ability as a performer is confirmed – he has a larger than life voice that fans will want to hear.

Make sure to visit Denny’s website for tour dates, biographical information, and the ability to check out Diamond Mountain and a bevy of other efforts by this natural performer.

Rating: 8.6/10

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