Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ransom Price My Kidnap Money CD Review

Radar Contact Lost has tremendous momentum from its onset, created through a wall of fuzz and a set of vocals that take up hints of Screeching Weasel and Green Day. The production is professional enough to let each constituent element of Ransom Price shine, but close and comfy enough to lend an honest and earnest air to the 10 tracks on My Kidnap Money. Fire Escape has a solid guitar/drum dynamic that brings the band into an Unwritten Law / Welt sound.


The vocals are able to build upon the work of Rise Against and Strike Anywhere to make the composition something that is current, contemporary, and drawing upon a rich history that long-time listeners of emotive rock and punk can appreciate.

Enough is Enough has a slower opening that rapidly kicks into higher gear; Ransom Price is able to create something that links together Crimpshrine, The Menzingers, and Cheap Girls. The tracks are all vital to My Kidnap Money as they provide listeners with hints into Mike Ransom’s psyche while having an incredibly catchy, never say die spirit. Another Day concludes My Kidnap Money in a fast and furious style; this track will whip listeners into skanking, circle pits, and moshing. While not aurally similar to Smash-era Offspring, I feel that this is a spiritual successor to Dexter’s calls to arms. The track provides a great end to a solid introduction to Ransom Price; the album itself has considerable replay value.

Make sure to check samples from My Kidnap Money on Unable Records’ website, and visit Ransom Price’s social media services for the latest in information about the band, live dates, and further updates from this vibrant pop-punk act.

Top Tracks: Radar Contact Lost, Fire Escape, Enough is Enough

Rating: 8.8/10

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