Sunday, March 29, 2015

Evaemon Discovering Atlantis Review

Discovering Atlantis is an album that takes on a variety of styles and showcases Evaemon as a performer that is talented enough to make everything work together. Pillars Of Hercules / The Gate introduces listeners to the complex instrumentation and darkly emotive electronic music of Evaemon, all while a cogent narrative is being weaved through the composition.


The dissonance and fuzz that surrounds the various elements of the track is skillfully controlled, allowing Evaemon to move into Positive Vibes with a high amount of momentum. While there are not traditional vocals present as a considerable portion of Discovering Atlantis, the trip that Evaemon will take listeners on is as well thought-out and as complex as any theme album.

One of our favorite tracks on Discovering Atlantis is Paradox By Janelle (A Castaway); the stretched-out and echoing vocals that soar above the twinkling arrangements make for a must-listen that will bounce around listeners’ ears long after the album has ceased spinning. Dream Painted Blue breaks the trend of musicians putting their weakest efforts in the latter half of the album. The funk of this track unites the emotive pop-rock of Fall Out Boy, eighties dance, nineties R&B and creates something that is wholly Evaemon. The array of styles and approaches that are taken during this release are substantial, but Evaemon’s talent as a performer creates a story that deserves an encore. Visit Evaemon’s Soundcloud for samples of the music on Discovering Atlantis, and add him on Facebook for the latest in information about this performer. One can download the Discovering Atlantis mixtape from Datpiff; keep an ear firmly to the ground as this debt is one of the best of the year so far.

Top Tracks: Pillars Of Hercules / The Gate, Paradox By Janelle (A Castaway)

Rating: 9.0/10

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