Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Siberia v3 Prism Gaming Headset

SteelSeries has just released a follow-up to their ubiquitous Prism headset, making a number of upgrades that make the v3 Prism into a wholly different beast.  The fidelity of music is replicated with tremendous clarity throughout a wide variety of genres. Bass-heavy EDM and rap are able to suss out the more subtle nuances of the production, while listeners of folk and gospel will be able to hear each constituent element of the arrangement. The crispness of the audio is increased considerably through the newly redesigned ear cups. A switch to memory foam creates a tighter connection between the headset and ear.

The switches on the outer shell make it easy to mute the microphone, which allows for smooth chatting on gaming or diction software. The mounting of the microphone is similarly easy as it possesses great flexibility and mobility (the mic can be retracted into the head set when not in use).ADfIupl

The headset can be programmed to display a variety of colors, easily customizable after familiarizing oneself with the Engine 3 software. The USB connection cable is standard and is lengthy enough (1.2 meters) to have a little bit of slack when moving around.

The Siberia v3 Prism is available from a wide variety of stores (online and brick and mortar) and will cost around $140-170 for a pair; the SteelSeries website contains information and specifications for each device in their Siberia line. The v3 Prism headsets come with a one-year replacement guarantee.

Rating: 9.0/10

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