Thursday, March 12, 2015

Conviction Pale Ale

Conviction Pale Ale is what BridgePort fans chose when tasked with a decision between three different beers last year during the brewery’s thirtieth anniversary. The beer pours with a dark yellow to orange coloration and a small (but persistent) white head. There is a sweet nose that is followed up by a slight hop bitterness. The first sip will provide imbibers with a decent amount of grain, smaller amounts of coriander and orange peel, and a hint of Crystal hops at the end.lConvictionBottle

Conviction is an eminently drinkable pale ale and slots in perfectly as a palette-refresher for those eating chicken, pork, or steak dishes. Pairing the Conviction with a sharp cheese or Mexican fare will make both the dish and the brew shine. The beer is solid from beginning to end, and represents a solid addition to the BridgePort line. This effort is strongly recommended for those that want to move from macro efforts to more nuanced micro ones; while there are assertive flavors here, I feel that one can discern the various nuances of Conviction over the course of two or three bottles. For more information about the brewery, their year-round and seasonal efforts, and menu offerings at their brewpub, visit BridgePort’s domain or social networking services.

Rating: 8.7/10

Conviction Pale Ale / BridgePort Brewing / 5.2% ABV / / /