Monday, March 23, 2015

Zion Antoni: A Man of the Streets

To be successful for any length of time, an individual needs to become proficient in a wide variety of skills. The specific aims and desires of Zion Antoni have had him go through a wide variety of roles in his ascent. Not content to be a known man in one field, Zion has his fingers on the pulses of music, politics, and media. Particularly fascinating was Zion’s text concerning the relationship that the police have with members of urban communities; there is a real lack of literature in this field that takes an alternative viewpoint to the police.zionantonispeaks sticker

Antoni released The Asia EP in early February. This two-track release expands on Fish, Zion’s 2014 release. The Asia EP is a transcontinental experience that ties together the streets of New York City and the rich and various cultures of the Asian continent. The Asia EP portends good things for Zion’s record label, The Urban Cry, LLC; if the compositions are indicative of what will follow from the company, listeners should keep their ears firmly on the ground. The Urban Cry, LLC is Zion’s company and has a number of distinct facets; this desire to do new things and taske bold changes in direction is exemplified well during this new release. The range of approaches, influences, and styles that are interspersed during the EP’s runtime showcase the immense experience of Antoni, who has worked for well over a decade to change the world.

The Zion Antoni Speaks ( website has additional information about Antoni’s biography, samples of Zion’s writing, a full listing of his events, and the ways to get in contact with Zion. He can also be reached through a variety of social media services. Samples of The Asia EP and Fion are able to be streamed at Antoni’s Bandcamp.

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