Saturday, March 21, 2015

Silver Seal Keyboard

The sheer amount of bacteria and dirt that find their homes in a keyboard is astonishing, and the issues when one has a pet or a child only become compounded. For the vast majority of keyboards, one has to go through the tedium of kicking through individual keys or running q-tips through the device for hours. However, there are some serious health concerns that one runs up against in healthcare situations for those utilizing traditional keyboards.


Seal Shield’s Silver Seal keyboard can be washed in the dishwasher without going belly up or having any problems the next time that one plugs it into their computer. This is done through the company’s unique Seal Cap which will block all moisture from getting into the gold-plated USB port. This connection will take a little force but will provide all the peace of mind one would want when sticking a piece of electronics into the wash. The Silver Seal Keyboard also has a limited time warranty, but the rugged design quality ensures that individuals will be able to use the Silver Seal Keyboard for years after the initial purchase. The keys are large enough to be comfortably used by younger and older users alike, while the laser etched keycaps mean that there will be little fading or wearing off even after extreme amounts of use.

Make sure to visit the Seal Shield website for additional information about their keyboard. This keyboard would be a perfect purchase for those with sensitive immune systems or would be concerned about the potential health concerns from using the same keyboard over extended periods. Seal Shield also offers mice, tv remotes, and air purification devices in addition to the variety of keyboards that they sell.

The keyboard retails for around $60 and can be purchased from the company themselves, or from a variety of other online retailers.

Rating: 9.6/10

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