Saturday, March 28, 2015

Joe Holywood Casa Blue

Trust Me is a track from Casa Blue, Joe Holywood’s new EP that ties together fifties and sixties crooners, seventies country, and a full compliment of The Smiths to create something wholly unique. Over the course of two and a half minutes, Holywood is able to create a track that will stick with listeners long after Casa Blue has ceased to spin. Take It All In is a high-water mark for Casa Blue, as the soft touch created by the synthesizer and guitars allows Holywood’s vocals to properly shine.


There is considerable range exhibited on this track, with the twists and turns taken during the four-plus minutes of Take It All In providing the EP with the momentum that it needs to end strongly. The Golden Boys has Holywood’s vocals pulling double-duty in that they weave a cogent and coherent narrative while adding something substantive to the overall instrumental dynamic. Of particular note during this composition has to be the rapidly increasing tempo that builds until that moment when the instrumentation drops out. This allows listeners to be draw back to Joe’s inimitable voice.

The six tracks on Casa Blue showcase different sides to this eclectic performer, giving listeners a story that is much more fulfilling than a great many albums that are currently on the market. Make it a point to visit Holywood’s Facebook for additional information about the performer, samples from Casa Blue, and the latest in news.

The EP can be bought from Holywood’s Bandcamp for $5 AUD; here’s to hoping that Holywood is able to build and expand in the years to come; imagine Casa Blue as the musical (and serious) equivalent of Danger 5 and you will have a good idea about what to expect on the variety of tracks here.

Top Tracks: Take It All In, The Golden Boys

Rating: 8.6/10

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