Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CommonUnion59 Heartbeat Serenade CD Review

CommonUnion59’s Heartbeat Serenade begins with It’s Alright. The track does well in providing a proper introduction for fans, all while the act holds a number of cards close to their chest. There is a dynamic that is created between the two sets of vocals that stand separately from most music played on the radio, while the set of influences that can be discerned during this track ranges the gamut from Joan Osbourne to Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks to Garbage.



The production during Heartbeat Serenade makes the journey to heavy rotation nearly a sure thing. From Where We Are is a slow burn of a track, with the arrangements creating a strong backing for Laura’s vocals. The track is deceptively simple in that there are contemplative guitar lines, careful drum lines, and an overall feeling of goodwill that will stick with listeners long after the disc has ceased to spin.

Catch The Wind is a track that will impress fans of a wide swath of style. There is a sixties singer-songwriter style (Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez) that is immediately present, but hints of Cher and Stevie Nicks come to the fore at points. Heartbeat Serenade is a tremendously solid album that has its constituent elements create something special. Not Dead Inside has a slower tempo than the typical album track, but the care taken to coordinate the male and female vocals make this into a late-disc gem, replete with Eric Johnson-quality guitar lines. Make it a point to visit CommonUnion59’s website for additional information about the act, samples from Heartbeat Serenade, and the latest in news from this fun two-piece band.

Top Tracks: From Where We Are, Catch The Wind

Rating: 8.9/10