Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Frequency – The Frequency EP Review



Contamination is a high-energy assault that still has enough in the way of hooky arrangements and alluring vocals to make a play for heavy rock rotation. An absolutely sickening guitar line tears up the track and allows for The Frequency to provide a wholly different sound for the second half of the track.

10287149_758848507468159_1583940003_nI feel that the production is what is needed to unite all these elements into something that will have listeners on the edges of their seats from the beginning to the end of the EP. Steal The World has the same frenetic energy that Contamination possesses, while immediately kicking things into high gear with supersonic vocals and punchy drum work. When the rest of The Frequency enters into the equation, what results is something that any fan of rock music can appreciate. There are nods to alternative bands, Rush, and Jane’s Addiction all discernable as the band continues to forge its own way boldly forward.

Every Time I See Your Face is a much more deliberate effort that links together acts as disparate as Polar Bear Club and Guns ‘N’ Roses; the hard edge that the band has honed over the course of an EP means that listeners will be bruised and bloody by the time that the effort concludes. Check out The Frequency’s Facebook for additional news about the band or their YouTube for lives versions of their music. We were particularly fond of their cover of the Kansas classic, Carry On Wayward Son. Here’s to hoping that the band can continue to lay down the furious and perfectly thought-out compositions that were The Frequency’s hallmark throughout this EP.

Top Tracks: Every Time I See Your Face, Steal The World

Rating: 8.6/10

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