Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DownTown Mystic Turn Around and Go Single Review

The hard rock style that DownTown Mystic create on their latest single, Turn Around and Go touches upon the seventies, eighties, and nineties. There is a vibrancy to this composition that will have fans of a wide stripe of genres bouncing their heads to the track. By having such an eclectic set of influences fueling the song, DownTown Mystic are able to speak directly to listeners of any related style. The production on Turn Around and Go makes this an easy choice for rock rotation as the vocals, guitars, and drums are able to shine alone and as a cohesive unit. While the track’s easy-going sound can be enjoyed easily, additional listens will provide fans with some insight about the sheer depth and intricacies that have been placed deep into the DNA of Turn Around and Go.

The slightly gritty vocals of Robert during Turn Around and Go hearken back to the days of REO Speedwagon and Bruce Springsteen, even as the more layered dynamic of guitars and drums take on a R.E.M. meets Dishwalla approach. It is the charisma of Allen’s vocals that make this track a success, with lyrics and arrangements that will be bouncing around listeners’ heads well after the song has ceased to spin. Make sure to visit DownTown Mystic’s website for the latest in information about the band, DownTown Mystic’s store, and videos culled from the act’s career. Keep an ear firmly to the ground concerning the new DTM album. If Turn Around and Go is any indication of the overall sound of this release, it will be DownTown Mystic’s best album to date. Check out our previous coverage here and here.

Rating: 8.9/10

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