Friday, April 18, 2014

Three State Famous Suburban Street Trash EP Review

Low Life is dark and gritty rock that would shine as brightly in the seventies as it does now. The track has a number of bold and brash elements – vocals, drums, and guitars all vie for dominance – but the constituent elements are able to gel into something fun and hard-hitting. I particularly like Three State Famous’ ability to just stop the instrumental side of things and allow the vocals to just slam listeners. With a high amount of momentum, the band moves into Sleeping In Forever. This cut begins slowly but has the band gradually speed things up. The ability of Three State Famous to slide into a “Beth”-like orbit before things get heavier showcases their skill as a band. There is a hooky quality to Sleeping In Forever that will keep listeners singing along. The inclusion of a guitar solo during this track is innovative, breaking the ballad style in a way to breathe additional life into the form.


No Love Lost allows Three State Famous to spin out in another direction – there is a hint of funk, soul, and even reggae that can be discerned here. While the band firmly plants themselves into the rock style, there is an approachable quality that ensures that any fan of good music will be able to find something that they appreciate here. The guitars kick into high gear, while the vocals are absolutely supersonic – the band is operating on all cylinders.

Make sure to pick up the Suburban Street Trash EP from the band – it is one of the best pure rock discs that we have had the chance to review this year. With a late-disc salvo of Make It Out Alive, the band shows fans that they simply do not know when to quit.

Top Tracks: Low Life, Sleeping In Forever

Rating: 8.7/10

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