Monday, April 14, 2014

Since the last time we had met with DownTown Mystic, much has changed. The band has gone through considerable successes (reaching the Top 25 on the Euro/Americana charts) in Europe, and Sony Music spreading their Standing Still album throughout the continent. Jingle Punks had slated their music to be played on US cable & network television, ensuring that millions of viewers were familiar with DownTown Mystic through programs like American Pickers (History Channel) and The Voice (NBC).

The band has had their fair share of incompetent promoters and other roadblocks to their success, never once stopping. The beginning of 2012 brought more success for the band, as international label The Orchard distributed DownTown Mystic’s music far and wide. As tracks began to be written for a new album, DownTown Mystic was able to release individual singles in 2013 to tremendous acclaim. GlobalRadioPromo was the company that was tapped by DownTown Mystic, ensuring that those in the know (radio and print and online publications) were able to have the newest cuts in their hands. In April, No Exceptions was the initial single released under this deal, while Lost & Found (June) and Way To Know (August) followed soon after.

October marked the release of DownTown Mystic’s latest (and self-titled) album and reached the Top 50 on the Americana Music Association Radio Charts. November rolls around and so does another single – In The Cold. In The Cold further sparked interest in the eponymous DownTown Mystic title and allowed DownTown Mystic to re-cut the Way to Know single in February of 2014. What initially had been a coup for the band became a phenomenon with this re-release, reaching a high of #1 on the Roots Music Report. The hybrid album/single model has worked to considerable impact for DownTown Mystic, ensuring that the widest swath of fans were able to listen to this eclectic blend of alt country, pop, and rock. Check out for yourself exactly what the hubbub has been about at DownTown Mystic’s website ( ) and see them live whenever they make it to your neck of the woods.