Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sacred Earth Inyan CD Review

Sacred Earth has created one of the most cohesive meditative albums that we have heard this year. Each of the disc’s first five tracks range in length from eight to ten minutes, and provide a wide array of distinct influences along with considerable twists and turns over the course of the sixty-plus minute run time.RM0903_Bhakti_mini


What listeners will begin to understand as they forge their way through Inya and Hey Ma Durga is the worldly approach taken by the members of Sacred Earth, Australians Jethro and Prem Williams. The triad of tracks that follow this extended introduction, Guru Charana, Devakinanda, and Jai Mai, represent a half-hour deviation into timeless styles, granted a new lease on life by the inclusion of numerous instruments from all across the world. This means that the tracks on Inyan are studded with Shakuhachi (a type of Japanese flute), Irish whistles (Tin & Low), acoustic guitar, and inimitable vocal stylings.

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After listeners take this miniature journey, the album ends with three shorter (sub-six minute) efforts: Call to the Divine, The Gift, and Evening Devotion. These tracks provide quick expositions into other styles and influences, while further contributing to the considerable cohesion generated by the initial two-thirds of the album. Listeners that are cleaning the house or finishing chores will be able to be taken off on Sacred Earth’s journey, while those can get into a tremendously beneficial mindset should they contemplate or meditate while Inyan is playing.

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Top Tracks: Guru Charanam, Call to the Divine

Rating: 8.7/10