Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tommy Roumanas Interview

1) Hello, Tommy. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Tommy Roumanas and I am a singer/songwriter and musician signed as a solo artist to Pacific Records in Canada.


2) Which genres and performers most influenced you during the creation of this album?

My main influences are Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan to name a few. Being born and raised

on what is called “classic rock” these days, I think that’s where my interests lie. I love

Springsteen’s and Dylan’s way of writing stories and conveying emotion, with Bruce being able

to rock the crowd and Bob being able to humble them, I wanted to find my own median. I do not

want to write like them; rather I want to write like me with influences by them.

3) Briefly describe for us the process of initially writing She Keeps Me (Rockin’) and committing it to a recording. How did the process differ from Hard Rain?

Writing “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” was fun. The song started out as an acoustic tune, much

slower in tempo. One day I woke up and just rocked it out. It sounded great so I went with it.

When the song was finished I brought it to my label mate Lynne Taylor Donovan to have a listen

to and she loved it. When I played the song I could hear the harmonies write themselves, so we

decided to take it to the studio. Differing from Hard Rain, I got the privilege to have Lynne Taylor

Donovan not only sit in on and be part of the production but she also sang on the track. It was

awesome to see her work and listen to her sing.

4) How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started?

Since the first song I wrote for Lynne Taylor Donovan “Sugar Lake”, my style has been evolving

constantly. With my first release “Hard Rain” I had the opportunity to work with many

talented performers and producers that taught me so much. All these people including my

producer Bobby Gablehouse of Big Audio Productions have helped me along the way to create

my new single ”She Keeps Me (Rockin’)”. The real challenge is to create and modify while still maintaining a way to be recognizable. In the end its gonna be whatever my soul bleeds at that moment.

5) What are your most memorable experiences as a performer, either live or in the studio?

My favorite memory playing live would have to be Canada Day 2013. Downtown in my

hometown I played a few songs by the lake at sunset. As I played, a little girl, couldn’t have been

more than 4 years old, got up and started dancing across the courtyard. As she did her mother

started dancing with her and a few of her little friends joined in. It was cool to see a mother and

child just dancing to some rock and roll music.

In the studio I would have to say the part where me and my producer sit down for a session and

all we do is go over the track, jam a little, listen to music and try to create something new from

whatever else is out there and whatever else I have done. When you get in the studio and the

creativity starts flowing, it really is the best feeling in the world.

6) What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

For the rest of 2014 I will be working on my social media presence, my live presence and writing

like a mad man. There is always something more to learn. I am in the process of talking about

my next single after She Keeps Me ”Rockin”. I have it written and now am in the process of

talking about dates to be back in the studio. This will be later in 2014.

7) What has provided more of your fans – Facebook / Instragram / Twitter or traditional word of mouth?

So far, Facebook has really been the best way for me to reach fans. Twitter is secondary as of yet. Still learning the whole hashtag thing! But I will be focusing more on this in the upcoming months so it will be a great way of keeping in touch with me.

8) How can listeners contact you and find your music?

Contact me at my website through comments, on my Facebook page through messages,

or twitter as well. I am open for comments and questions and love to hear from anyone,

especially when they dig the music! My songs are on all the sites but most people get them from iTunes or CDBaby.

9) Do you have any thoughts for our readers at NeuFutur?

This has already been such an amazing ride and it has not even begun to peak. Keep an ear out

for me because I will be back and I aim to please.